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Do you feel a change a’coming?

Creation and Destruction

By Lynn Bell May 21, 2010

You can see leading astrologer Lynn Bell in Australia in the next few months.

Sometimes the frontier between creation and destruction is hard to distinguish. Astronomers tell us that the powerful gaseous explosions of dying supernovae may also give rise to seedling stars. In India, the god Shiva dances the world into being, then sets it on fire, and dances in the flames. Are we dancing on a funeral pyre or conjuring the light of a new world? [Read more…]

Lynn Bell writes about “Change (Uranus) and Resistance (Saturn)”

Most of us resist change, not everywhere, not all the time, but the force of the familiar, of our habit nature, has a hold on our lives, and our comfort. There are changes we long for, we dream of, we exult in; and even in these, there is an undertow of caution and regret. A child leaves home, and a parent may feel both delight and loss. A hated job ends, tipping us into freedom and profound distress.

These are times of change and we are resisting.

Changes have rippled through our world since September of 2008, with the near collapse of the financial system, and the continuing aftershocks. A major planetary cycle came into effect at that time , one that continues even now, and will culminate this summer. Every forty-five years, as Saturn and Uranus face off in the sky, our foundations are shaken, our polarity reversed. Change and the resistance to change are the hallmarks of these times, We know things cannot stay the same, that the system is broken, but no one agrees on how to fix it. It is the same in our own lives.

Right now, the archetypal battle between stasis and change is being waged all about us, Even in tonightâEUR(TM)s sky the full moon speaks of complete letting go, or holding on for dear life. Issues are painted in extremes, the collective tug of war between purists and progressives are reflected in the exaggerations of the media, in the hyperbole of politics.

We have had hope and fear, elation and discouragement, paranoia and provocation.

This Mercury retrograde time, which runs right now from April 18th to May 11th, is often a trickster season, when our expectations are revealed to be just that, where our illusions of control are mocked by disruptions of many kinds. Here, the ripple-on effects of last weekâEUR(TM)s volcanic travel disruptions are everywhere, a dayâEUR(TM)s travel becomes a week away, appointments missed, connections slipped, and others mysteriously brought together. These regular retrograde times remind us things are not often the way we imagine them to be. Right now they punctuate the much larger shifts happening within and around us.

The structures that have held the world together are in need of repair, replacement and sometimes demolition. Not with copies of the old, but with new configurations.

Mythologically, the Titan Saturn, rose up against a repressive Uranus and seized control of the cosmos. The battle between old and new is archetypal and recurrent. Cycles return, and they are similar, but never the same. Sometimes it ends in repression, and often, the next time, it comes with devastation. The break out of the sixties, when this cycle was fueled by an even more potent configuration, began with tremendous resistance. People were beaten and jailed, burned and spit upon. Elders were called pigs, soldiers were baby-killers. Young people were shot, and the list goes on. The echoes of that time are clearly audible in todayâEUR(TM)s fractured dialogue.

How is the fault line running in each of us? What is being broken up, released, set free? which of these forces will end up on top? The pulse of resistance and change strengthens and fades, tightens and intensifies. There will be a period of breakthough and grace, the emergence of a new direction. and then in midsummer, one of the most important alignments seen in many years.

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