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Saturn in Scorpio

Please note – this Saturn in Scorpio article is being posted to coincide with the Full Moon in Scorpio.

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Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn in Scorpio

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Saturn is in Scorpio until the end of 2014…


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


Keywords: It’s your responsibility to … look after your cash!

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your solar joint finances zone, limited partnerships offering you the chance to rebuild your financial life and make important financial commitments. Joint finances might sound like an odd phrase, but it’s the umbrella term used in astrology to talk about the 8th house which covers salaries, taxes, inheritances and mortgages, as well as any other joint financial arrangements you can think of (eg in a romantic or business partnership). If the thought of complicated joint financial matters makes you want to run into a corner to hide away, this is the year to face your fears. Accepting responsibility for your cash life is one of the main lessons you have facing you now, and learning to talk to anyone – from your boss to your bank manager – about dollars and cents, pounds and pence.

If a fear of taking responsibility of your finances is holding you back, this is a good time to rework those fears. Where do they come from? Do you leave bills unopened because you’re scared you can’t pay them, for example! Open them! Examine how you feel about cash and your cash management now. Confident? And if not, ask yourself why not.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


Keywords: It’s your responsibility to love responsibly…

How’s your love life? You’ve had Saturn in your love zone for a while now. Yes, Saturn is the one of the more-difficult-to-deal-with planets, but he teaches lessons and lessons are what helps us to evolve, no? But let’s also be astro-frank. Does your relationship feel turgid, confining, restrictive or controlling? If you can answer yes to any of these, Saturn moving into your opposite sign could easily see that relationship off. If that’s the case, you might be scared to let go of the relationship, even though you know it’s for the best. On the one hand, clinging on won’t help matters, while on the other, it ain’t over til it’s over. But Saturn isn’t just a big demolishing machine. If your relationship is strong and good, his presence in your solar love zone could be what you need to make a commitment to your beloved, because Saturn is all about doing the distance. He is also responsibilities and now as he goes across the part of your skies which is opposite your Sun, you may feel you are being asked to grow up. Is that a bad thing? Of course, staying young and carefree has its place, but Saturn asks us to at least allow the adult part of us some quality time most days. He sometimes will throw obstacles and hurdles in our way. These come in the form of challenges, self-doubt or fear. For many of you this year, that will be about issues in your love life. If you feel that there’s not enough love to go around, hang in there. If you’re in a relationship that is being tested, think cooly and logically, but not coldly. What you are creating now could be something enduring and strong. Saturn won’t teach you lessons you don’t need to learn and the problems he causes will highlight flaws that need to be given some attention. He can, and sometimes does, cause people to be a little inhibited though, so guard against that. This is a good time to tap into your drive to succeed, so don’t sequester yourself away more than you need to.

And finally, for a bit of astro-cliché…Saturn in your love zone this year could see some of you falling in love with your boss, lecturer, a policeman/woman, a judge or a historian or someone much older or younger than you. All very Saturnian figures!


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


Keywords: It’s your responsibility to be…a good worker

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. As of this week, is hanging out where he’s going to be asking you what you can do for others, as well as for yourself. In this part of your chart, he’s not too long away from being opposite your Sun, which is when you will be tested in various ways. That won’t happen until next year, but in the lead up, now is a good time to start making sure that you have a long list of good daily routines in place, so that you feel like life is in order. It’s a good idea now not to scatter your energies. If you can start to take a more serious approach to your wellbeing, you’ll be in the cosmic vibe. For some, there will be lessons about responsibility now. ‘Are you willing shoulder your burden?’ sounds like a heavy question. If you share your burden with someone else—be that a business or romantic partner—you might be asked to carry a little more than you consider your share. No one would suggest you act like a load-carrying animal, but if you can take on a little more responsibility now, you could reap the rewards of your hard work later. Saturn also has lessons to teach you about your wellbeing now. This is not the time to allow gloomy thoughts to deplete your vitality. Health is a serious business and if you can get serious about doing all you can to boost yours, go for it. You are laying foundations for the future with every healthy act! There really is a need to go slowly and steadily towards challenges, without overly exerting yourself. With Saturn in this part of the chart, you could feel as though the lessons you need to learn are hard to assimilate. There’s no rush. All in good time. If you feel discouraged about rising to meet the challenges, pace yourself. You’ll get there in the end. Some of you not happy in your job are going to feel less like taking risks than usual this year, especially where your daily work is concerned. That’s fine, but only if you resolve not to be grim about your work. Saturn in this part of your chart asks you to work hard, for best results. Make the changes you need so that you are in a position to do just that and you could be quietly patting yourself on the back later.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


Keywords: It’s your responsibility to…get serious about having fun!

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This new cycle will see Saturn make a harmonious aspect to your Sun. This is most auspicious. Saturn is not the most feelgood planet of them all, he’s not the first planet you think of when you contemplate good times, parties and/or hot sex, and yet when he’s working in your favour, he rocks. In a harmonious trine to your Sun as he is this year, Saturn not only bolsters you, he helps you get your life running like a well oiled machine, like a train which runs on time, and like a plan which works out well. Without breaking your back, you are able to make great strides forward now. Saturn is the builder of the zodiac and you have him working in your favour now, helping you build structures you‘ll be able to rely on. In fact, much of the work you put in now is preparation for when Saturn opposes your Sun in a few years time. Between now and then, put in place the structures which will help you withstand future tests and challenges, because that is what Saturn is about. He sets us up, tries and tests us and gives us a report card. This year could also see you building your reputation, which could also stand you in good stead in the future.

You also need to know that Saturn is in the part of your chart related to leisure and pleasure, kids, creativity and romance. His presence here could mean that the fun and games you enjoyed in the past become a channel for learning now. What was once a hobby could become a job. Love affairs which were light and bright could become more serious and require some restructuring as the year plays out. One caution—Saturn in this part of your chart suggests that now is not the time to gamble or speculate financially. Saturn doesn’t like risks, especially here in your horoscope. If you are the creative type, this could be the year your hard work produces results. You might bring your work together to mount an exhibition, for example. If you’re a writer, this could be the year you finish your Magnus opus. Whatever you do that’s connected to creativity, take a disciplined approach for best results.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


Take responsibility on the home front for best results …

No matter how old you are, no matter how long you’ve been living away from home, or whether you’re a grandchild or you have grandchildren or both, one of the major issues for you with Saturn’s arrival in your fourth house is independence. And while you’re working on that aspect of your life, see also, inner stability. These are the major life lessons on offer to you from the Cosmos now. Accept them gracefully and you will prosper.

You are being given a big opportunity to take a deep breath and look inwards. It’s time to think about your roots and where you come from, as well as where you belong.

For some of you, reminders from the past will come creeping out of the woodwork and some childhood fears will be addressed. OK, as you sit here reading this, that might sound a little scary. But why do you think that people around the world pay psychiatrists and the like to listen while they talk about their childhood? There’s a simple reason—because it can unlock fears. If you can see where your fears come from you will be better equipped to deal with them. We all have stuff that we base our emotions on. What happened to you as a child that holds you back now? Saturn’s move through your fourth house gives you a chance to rebuild ‘broken emotions’.

For folk who have already faced their childhood fears, there are other lessons in store. Being more grown up when dealing with your family is one possibility for growth here. No matter how old you are, it’s time to act maturely where your nearest and (hopefully) dearest are concerned. Responsibilities of the family kind are coming your way. For some, this can mean having a child while for others it can mean simply sorting out your family home—physically rebuilding or fixing that leaky roof, for example.

Your parents could help you if you’re still talking to them. If you’re not talking to them you may well have the chance to work things out with them during the next few years. You have a chance to make your dreams come true where family is concerned now but the energies you are working with are demanding and won’t give you much for free.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


It’s your responsibility to communicate your message clearly …

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your communications zone. Put that together and of course it means there are lessons about communications coming your way. This relates to what you say and how you say it, and also covers the way you think as well as the way you listen. Let’s begin with that last one.

Learning how to listen is a very important lesson this year. It’s not that you’re necessarily not a good listener, but listening to the information you’re receiving in a constructive and mature way is an excellent goal this year. If you think you’re way too old to have to worry about maturity, perhaps your lesson this year is of a different nature. Perhaps you need to loosen up your ways of communicating. There is no denying that Saturn is a restrictive planet so for some of you, this year’s lesson will be about finding the inner strength to speak up for yourself. Others will need to learn how to handle the new responsibilities they are given—and that will include learning how to be a boss. If you find yourself at loggerheads with various kinds of authority this year—from parents to teachers to corporate execs—you may be getting lessons about how to communicate with ‘superiors’ in a constructive way. This is also a good year to streamline your thought processes and to look at ways to order your ideas. However, also check to see that you are not immovable in your ways of thinking—avoid rigid thinking now. So what good are all these lessons about communications which Saturn is handing out? This is the end of a three-year cycle and this period is about preparing for the next cycle when you will start to move out of your local environment and into a wider sphere. The one thing you should do this year is keep your spirits up. Saturn in your mind zone can sometimes lead to sombre and serious thoughts. Look for the levity in all your situations and be honest with yourself if you know your mind is filled more with fear than facts.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


It’s your responsibility to look at how you handle your cash …

Saturn is now hanging out in the part of your chart governing money. What this means is that over the next two and a half years, most of your biggest lessons will have $$$ signs on them (or pounds signs, or euros marks, depending on where in the world you live..!)

How will this manifest? There are always many, many possible ways. It could be, for example, that you learn a good lesson this year about impulse buying. Perhaps you buy something too quickly and without double checking all the facts and figures and you live to regret it. Or … a far more enjoyable possibility … perhaps you DON’T buy something on impulse this year and you realise later that you did 100 per cent the right thing. Saturn is not a planet given to impulse shopping. In fact, he asks us all to get down and studious. In your cash zone, he’s suggesting you reign in your impulses to go and beat the plastic fantastic a little bit. Instead, use this year to set up the financial systems that are going to work well for you in the years to come.

Another main lesson for you this year is about being long sighted, not short sighted. I don’t mean literally of course. But Saturn is a planet who likes to be allowed to take his time. As well as being in the cash zone of your solar chart, he’s in the part which governs what you value and cherish. So this year, as well as being given lessons about ‘what really matters to you’ you will be asked to look at what you truly value. Once you have that worked out, you can proceed to act upon it.

There is a lesson in not being parsimonious this year too. Don’t be tight with your cash on either yourself or anyone else. I’m not saying go out and spend wildly, but I am saying avoid the temptation to adopt a poverty mentality. There is enough of what you truly value to go around and all you need to do is work towards it.

The good news is that you have a very sober and realistic attitude towards money and what you value and cherish this year. The lesson is learning to value that sober attitude. It might not seem like the world’s most fun angle towards life, but this year a little seriousness will go a long way.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


It’s your responsibility to be assertive…

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your image zone, so there are lessons to be learned about how you present yourself now. It’s also likely that this is not your most sociable period ever – you are probably quite at home with the idea of keeping to yourself. You don’t have to be a hermit, but you might find that a little introspection goes a long way.

As Saturn goes through your solar 1st house, fear will become a problem only if you let it. Why are you afraid of being hurt? Think about it. In the past, what has hurt you? Could you have avoided any of those hurts by either keeping your eyes wide open or at least turning your gaze inwards on yourself. If you can come to the realisation that you really have nothing to fear except fear itself, as the saying goes, you will be maximizing the lessons Saturn is offering you now.

You also have a chance to make people take you more seriously now. But do be careful that this cycle doesn’t leave you acting at all dour or stern. Just because people are now seeing you as more ‘grown up’ doesn’t mean you can’t be as charming as you like. If you do use this year to think about how you’re coming across and how that is or isn’t helping you achieve your aims, you will emerge far more self-assertive and self-assured. If you make a concerted effort to come across as responsible and self-controlled this year, you will go far. Taking a more realistic approach to life doesn’t have to be dull, but it can produce substantial benefits.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


It’s your responsibility to be…

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your 12th Solar house. If hippy dippy stuff puts you off, just stop reading now and turn the page—you don’t want to know and that’s OK. Just take this message with you for now — this Saturn cycle is all about expanding your mind and not being afraid or threatened by its dark corners. If you’re not bothered by hippy dippy stuff read on. Saturn in the 12th house is a heavy duty transit but one to relish and make the most of because there is such an enormous ability to grow through it. As well as being a cosmic teacher, Saturn’s the grim-faced fellow with a watch who ticks you off for not keeping up, or for being late. So what’s so hippy about that? Hold on. The 12th house is where your most sensitive, delicate and private self dwells. So Saturn passing through your 12th Solar house this year means that you could be forgiven for living with a slightly, perhaps subconscious, sense of doom. Remember, living as though something good might not happen, or even pessimistically, is ultimately a time waster. So one of your main lessons this year is to enjoy the moment for what it is, without worrying about the future. And here comes the dippy bit. One of the ways to make the most of this transit is to realise that we are not really alone, even though it sometimes feels like it. In new age circles it’s said that we are all connected to life everywhere and getting a sense of this is one of your challenges for the year. Make the most of it. The world might be crazy, and our brains might be vast and sometimes even a little freaky, but realising we are all connected, will enable you to live with your new acceptance of yourself.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


It’s your responsibility to be…a good friend

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your solar 11th house, which is the part of your solar chart which rules friends and the networks you belong to, as well as the part of your chart where you keep your hopes and dreams. This can have various effects. One is that although you know that you need your friends, it’s slightly awkward to reach out to them now. It’s the times that we tend to feel awkward about something when the best lessons are on offer. It is highly possible this year that many of the greatest lessons you get come from your friends, whether you have a large group or just a select few around you. There could be a slight fear that you’re being judged by your friends and while that may or may not be true, if you do as you say, and live up to your responsibilities, your report card can only be glowing, no? One of the great things about a true friend is that he or she can tell you the truth and you both know this is not about egos but about forging stronger bonds. Friends can push buttons, especially if you are single and your social group forms most of the company you keep. They help us grow in the areas we need to and this year that goes double for you

Many of you will want to go it alone this year, and that’s not a bad thing, as long as you don’t isolate yourself and get lonely. Try not to judge others too harshly this year and remember that just because a friend transgresses what you think is right, doesn’t mean the entire friendship has to come to a grinding halt. One of your biggest Saturn lessons now is about reaching out and dropping your barriers with people you know you can trust. Adopt ‘forgiveness’ as one of your keywords for friendship in this Saturn cycle, and don’t let fear stop you from forming new friendships if they waft past you. They could help you build very firm foundations for the future and could turn out to be the relationships that last and last.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


Keywords: It’s your responsibility to be …a good worker

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your solar work zone offering you the chance to define and build your working life, if you know that you need to. What many of you will need to do in order to bring a new order to their professional lives is to overcome any niggling fear of failure. Saturn can indeed bring fear and if he does, he challenges you to rise above that fear. Are there aspects of your public and professional life which do have you worried? If that’s the case, Saturn’s objective is to remind you that it’s hard work which brings rewards. This is an excellent time to seek the support and counsel of your co-workers, especially those who are older or somehow superior to you. If you can follow the lead of experts now, you will have risen to Saturn’s challenge. This is a year when you realise that you only need to take one step at a time in order to climb the career ladder. And one where you realise that it’s the effort you put into your work which bring the rewards you crave. But don’t be duped into working just to maintain a lifestyle. Though you love the finer things in life – and know that many of these have a high price tag – try and look to your work for professional satisfaction as well as financial rewards.

Being responsible might be a burden, but it’s the best way forward now, so don’t be shy to slave away at work. You will be rewarded for your labours. Eventually. This is a year to sow seeds. And between all this hard work and ‘sowing’, here’s one last thing to attempt in now; no matter how hard you work and no matter how long it takes to reap the rewards you’re chasing, try to enjoy your work as much as you can. If you face the daily grind grimly, the year will drag. Instead, this if this as an investment year which will pay big dividends in years to come, if you can just put your nose to the grindstone.


Today, Saturn is still in Scorpio, where he will stay until the end of the year – here’s a reminder of what that means for you!


Keywords: It’s your responsibility to be …expand your horizons

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. In this current cycle, Saturn will make or has already made a harmonious aspect to your Sun. Saturn should help you clear obstacles now and to get your ambitions in order, if that’s what you want. It’s about being organised and getting things down. In your solar 9th house, Saturn is asking you to begin to see the world through new eyes – your own. You are clearer and clearer on the rules of the game of life and can see widely and well. This transit is also important because of what comes next. If you put in the hard work now, Saturn should help you reap the rewards later. However, we’re talking about long term commitment rather than instant gratification. It’s important now not to mistrust anything which you don’t understand, just because you don’t understand it. The 9th house is about your world view and Saturn might tempt you to limit that. Which is how you come back to looking at the world through your own eyes rather than someone else’s. Broaden your own vision. The 9th house is also about travel and study, so for many of you, a long awaited trip could materialise. Others will start a course of study which could last a long time or lay strong foundations for the future. You work on your philosophies this year and it’s important to remain flexible here. Don’t let your views paint you into a corner. If you change your mind, don’t be afraid to admit it. For others still, this will be a year when you get in touch with your religious side, for others with your metaphysical side. Don’t get too esoteric though. You are laying down important tracks which you’ll use to travel to the future. Keep things real. If you put in the ground work now, and stay mature and responsible, you’ll look back on this as a year when you made investments which took time to pay off, (and I don’t just mean financially). Keep your mind wide open for opportunities to rebuild your philosophies on life, so that they are in tune with where you want to go in the real world.

Lynn Bell writes about “Change (Uranus) and Resistance (Saturn)”

Most of us resist change, not everywhere, not all the time, but the force of the familiar, of our habit nature, has a hold on our lives, and our comfort. There are changes we long for, we dream of, we exult in; and even in these, there is an undertow of caution and regret. A child leaves home, and a parent may feel both delight and loss. A hated job ends, tipping us into freedom and profound distress.

These are times of change and we are resisting.

Changes have rippled through our world since September of 2008, with the near collapse of the financial system, and the continuing aftershocks. A major planetary cycle came into effect at that time , one that continues even now, and will culminate this summer. Every forty-five years, as Saturn and Uranus face off in the sky, our foundations are shaken, our polarity reversed. Change and the resistance to change are the hallmarks of these times, We know things cannot stay the same, that the system is broken, but no one agrees on how to fix it. It is the same in our own lives.

Right now, the archetypal battle between stasis and change is being waged all about us, Even in tonightâEUR(TM)s sky the full moon speaks of complete letting go, or holding on for dear life. Issues are painted in extremes, the collective tug of war between purists and progressives are reflected in the exaggerations of the media, in the hyperbole of politics.

We have had hope and fear, elation and discouragement, paranoia and provocation.

This Mercury retrograde time, which runs right now from April 18th to May 11th, is often a trickster season, when our expectations are revealed to be just that, where our illusions of control are mocked by disruptions of many kinds. Here, the ripple-on effects of last weekâEUR(TM)s volcanic travel disruptions are everywhere, a dayâEUR(TM)s travel becomes a week away, appointments missed, connections slipped, and others mysteriously brought together. These regular retrograde times remind us things are not often the way we imagine them to be. Right now they punctuate the much larger shifts happening within and around us.

The structures that have held the world together are in need of repair, replacement and sometimes demolition. Not with copies of the old, but with new configurations.

Mythologically, the Titan Saturn, rose up against a repressive Uranus and seized control of the cosmos. The battle between old and new is archetypal and recurrent. Cycles return, and they are similar, but never the same. Sometimes it ends in repression, and often, the next time, it comes with devastation. The break out of the sixties, when this cycle was fueled by an even more potent configuration, began with tremendous resistance. People were beaten and jailed, burned and spit upon. Elders were called pigs, soldiers were baby-killers. Young people were shot, and the list goes on. The echoes of that time are clearly audible in todayâEUR(TM)s fractured dialogue.

How is the fault line running in each of us? What is being broken up, released, set free? which of these forces will end up on top? The pulse of resistance and change strengthens and fades, tightens and intensifies. There will be a period of breakthough and grace, the emergence of a new direction. and then in midsummer, one of the most important alignments seen in many years.

Caroline Myss and I are offering a workshop to guide us through this sginificant passage. We would love to have you with us.:

Navigating Cosmic Change in our Everyday Life. Click here for details.

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