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Obsessed, much?

The energies are quite intense at the moment, and a Mercury/Pluto square is surely a lot to do with it.

Have you been feeling like you’re driving yourself crazy with the wheels of your mind? If so, thank Mercury and Pluto who are at odds. (See the Wednesday Moon Meditation for more info, if you missed it.)

The thing to remember this week if you find yourself getting all over-heated is that whenever Pluto is involved, crises can be healing.

Think about where you have been doing your own head in and try to see where that is pushing you to be a better person. Transformation is in the air.

If you have been slightly obsessed with someone, look at why. What is it about them that has you so fascinated?

Are you perhaps under-rating yourself, and putting them on a pedastal? If so it means for sure that you have slipped out of unity consciousness and are living from your ego.

And when we live from our ego, we go nowhere fast! If any of this rings true, try to come back to balance. Who said the tough angles between the planets can’t be useful?

Pluto in the Birthchart

Two Full Days of Astrology in Sydney with the Internationally Acclaimed LYNN BELL

The Twice Born or The Living Dead?

Pluto in the Birthchart

October 23rd & 24th, 2010

Wherever Pluto is found in the natal chart we are asked to go through a profound
change at some point in our lives. Our willingness to go as far as we can in the
house where Pluto is found has much to do with how alive we feel, as well as how
potent we can become.

Sometimes we become stuck or frozen here, and the result is a deadening of
certain aspects of the psyche that can slowly affect other planets connected to
Pluto in the birth chart. This can manifest through the body or through particularly
difficult impasses in the outer world. Pluto’s gift is to bring us fully alive, but in a
way that is often incomprehensible to our ‘earlier’ selves.

What are the keys to unlocking this often unknown, mysterious part of the chart?
How do we bring these pieces of ourselves back to life?

This is a year of a rare planetary alignment, and Pluto is a major player in the
Cardinal Cross which is occurring. Throughout PlutoâEUR(TM)s passage in Capricorn, it
works with Saturn the ruler of Capricorn. The Cardinal Cross forming involving both
Pluto and Saturn will heighten the effect of their association.

On the second day of the seminar we will also look at how this planetary
configuration affects the major transformational processes of our current times.

$280 per person
Includes Morning & Afternoon Teas
(or $250 with Early Bird Discount if paid by 20/9/10)

For further information and/or registration go to
http://www.sydneyastrologyschool.com/workshops.htm or contact Geoff Marx directly on info@sydneyastrologyschool.com or by mobile on 0423 583 414

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