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How to get Into The Vortex

From Jeanette Maw of The Good Vibe Blog.

If you’re a fan on Abraham and Jerry and Esther Hicks, you’re going to love Jeanette’s blog! Just click here.

Everything we hear from Abraham (the most popular source for law of attraction guidance) lately is “Get into your vortex.” “Get into your vortex.”

Because the vortex is where everything that we want is. (For new readers, the Vortex is like the heart of the Law Of Attraction).

So it often leaves a person wondering,okay – how do I get in there again?

The answer is simple: Feel good. Be happy. Find a good reason to smile. Relax and enjoy. Get inspired.

I’m finding that super easy to accomplish by just answering a vortex-inspiring question or two.

Here are some of my favorites:

What’s so great about this moment?
Wouldn’t it be nice if … ?
What do I love most about him/her?
What’s the good news?
What’s right about this?
What went my way today?
What did I do a great job of today?
Let’s test it out now, shall we?

Pick a question, any question (from above), or make up your own similarly vortex-inspiring question. (Share it with us if you do, please!)

Spend a minute or two answering it and see if you don’t find a noticeable improvement in how you feel!

That’s how simple it is to practice vibration management.

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JEANETTE MAW writes The Good Vibe Blog – I highly recommend you check it out!

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