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Rainbow Kids

Is your child also your teacher?

Was your child born after 2000? Is he or she extremely kind, for example consoling you when youâEUR(TM)re upset or other kids when they’re sad? Would you describe your child as ‘super-happy’, open-hearted and unconditionally loving?

If so, it could be that your child is whatâEUR(TM)s know as a âEURoeRainbow ChildâEUR.

According to many New Age teachers, including people as well known as Doreen Virtue, Rainbow Children are an incredible new breed of little ones here to educate the rest of us. About what? About how to be better humans beings!

Australian metaphysics teacher Marina Rose, who runs the DNA Theta Healing School in California says: âEURoeThese kids can walk into a room and cheer people up. TheyâEUR(TM)re wise and intuitive. If something tough happens to them, they bounce back. TheyâEUR(TM)re not victims. We have a lot to learn from them about life.âEUR

Rainbow Children can also be recognised because theyâEUR(TM)re so enthusiastic, they love singing at the top of their voice and adore colours. They often donâEUR(TM)t talk in proper sentences until 3 or 4 âEUR” some say because they donâEUR(TM)t need to, their telepathic powers are so advanced!

ItâEUR(TM)s said that Rainbow Children are here to usher in the New Age, due to begin in 2012, when we humans will realise that our thoughts shape our lives much more than ever suspected. Once we realise this, weâEUR(TM)ll use our thoughts more productively.

Says Marina. âEURoeThese children are fantastic at manifesting. When they want something, they get it. If you have a Rainbow Child, listen to what they tell you. TheyâEUR(TM)re teachers. Also listen to their requests âEUR” they want to live without limitations and theyâEUR(TM)ll teach you how to release your limitations and inhibitions.âEUR Wow!

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