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What does lucky Jupiter in Pisces mean for your sign?


If you already think of yourself as a fairly spiritual type, your engagement with All Things Mystical is about to go off the scale as Jupiter starts a 12 month visit to your House of All Things Cosmic. Jupiter is the planet that expands things and in this part of your chart, heâEUR(TM)s going to raise the intuition levels of each and every Aries, so that even the most cynical and disbelieving canâEUR(TM)t help but wonder if there isnâEUR(TM)t something in this âEURoespookyâEUR stuff. You have a chance to learn oh-so much about the spiritual side of life if youâEUR(TM)re so inclined, starting this week.

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Even if you think you already have enough friends, JupiterâEUR(TM)s move this week back into your 11th House of Friends (for the first time in 12 years) means your about to expand your social circle. And that will suit you fine, because under this transit, youâEUR(TM)re very likely to feel very sociable – in the mood to meet new people and to consolidate existing friendships. For many Taureans, because of other factors in your chart, the people you meet now could just as easily be from far flung countries as close to home. And the best thing of all âEUR” the people you meet in the coming 12 months can help make your dreams come true.

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This week marks the beginning of a 12 months visit by the lucky planet Jupiter to your Career Zone. In other words, if you were hoping the Gods and Goddesses would get on your side when it comes to forging ahead with your ambitions, your prayers have just been answered! A consistent effort over the next 12 months should bring tangible results. Geminis who have to travel for work now should find it extra enjoyable. One word of warning: Jupiter can be a bit arrogant âEUR” be sure you donâEUR(TM)t come across like that to colleagues and clients, if you want to make the most of this lucky Jupiter cycle!

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If youâEUR(TM)re already feeling a growing yearning to do some travelling or studying, then youâEUR(TM)re already feeling the presence of Jupiter who moves back into your 9th House this week for the first time in 12 years. For others, itâEUR(TM)s going to be all about teaching and/or getting published. The 9th House is the part of your chart where you see the wider world (as opposed to focusing on your own backyard). Jupiter is the expansive planet. Put them together and over the coming year, you have a great chance to broaden your understanding of the world over the next 12 months. ItâEUR(TM)s like your understanding of life is expanding.

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As Jupiter goes through your 8th House over the next 12 months, youâEUR(TM)re going to be in a position to benefit from other peopleâEUR(TM)s resources. That might sound rather dry but it could actually work out quite well for you. if thereâEUR(TM)s something you want to do, thereâEUR(TM)s a very good chance someone else is going to be in a position to help you make it happen. For some, itâEUR(TM)s going to be as blunt as getting an inheritance. For others, it will be a twist of the âEURoeother peopleâEUR(TM)s resourcesâEUR theme. This transit can also herald a time of spiritual regeneration. If that sounds like something you need, seek and you will find!

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Rejoice and be glad! The planet of good luck and good times, Jupiter, starts his once-every-12-year visit to your Love Zone this week and if you think that sounds promising, youâEUR(TM)re darned right it is! Jupiter here is a fine indicator of marriage, actually âEUR” so if you think youâEUR(TM)re headed that way, watch out, you could be walking up the aisle before 2010 is done! Jupiter here will also give singles more options. And all over, Jupiter in this part of your chart is going to bring some much-needed levity into your life. Just donâEUR(TM)t get over blown expectations about love âEUR” an easy trap to fall into! Stay realistic.

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So, with Saturn in your sign, youâEUR(TM)re already nose to the grindstone trying to get all your many duties done to the best of your ability. Now along comes Jupiter into your 6th House of Service and youâEUR(TM)re going to find the Universe sending you even more reasons why you should care less about what you can do for yourself and more about what you can do for others. No I am not kidding. Hey, this is all part of a pretty short-term cycle, so try to embrace it as best you can. At least Jupiter here will make your daily grind more fun.

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Do you feel lucky? You probably do, and if you donâEUR(TM)t yet, then perhaps you need to ask yourself if youâEUR(TM)re not counting your blessings enough? Not to preach to you âEUR” of course, what some Scorps are going through right now is enough to explode their brains. However, Jupiter is now arriving in your 5th House, the part of your chart where you tend to feel lucky enough to take some risks. If youâEUR(TM)re about to take one, you have Jupiter on your side, but donâEUR(TM)t over-estimate his ability to help! This 12-month transit will also bring you extra luck re kids, romances and/or creativity. Plus itâEUR(TM)ll be easier to express yourself.

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Just say Ommmm. OK, youâEUR(TM)re not necessarily about to turn into a meditating, yoga-doing person, but over the coming 12 months, as Jupiter moves through your 4th House youâEUR(TM)re actually far more likely than you have been in years to find that wonderful thing they call inner peace. It wonâEUR(TM)t come by itself though, so set up things in your life which you know are more likely to bring you calm. Jupiter here is also very good news for your family and home on just about every level you can think of. Anything to do with home has a lucky feel to it for 2010, thanks to JupiterâEUR(TM)s presence.

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Oh glory be! Just when you thought you were going to explode from the pressure of having intense and dare-we-say paranoid Pluto in your sign, here comes Jupiter into your 3rd House of the Mind. Jupiter is the happiest-go-luckiest of all the planets. Having him in your Mind Zone is like putting a lovely effervescent table in your waters âEUR” heâEUR(TM)s going to lighten things up no end! YouâEUR(TM)re going to find it easier to get in touch with your more tolerant and understanding side, when you need it most. This is also very good for Cappies who have to do a lot of communicating in their work.

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So Jupiter leaves Aquarius this week. Is that bad, bad terrible news? Not at all. For one thing, it means you can lower your expectations about how AMAZING life is meant to be now that you have (had) the luckiest of all the planets in your sign. I wasnâEUR(TM)t writing for wetv.com 12 months ago when Jupiter moved into your sign, but if I had been you would have read my caution that we need beware of Jupiter who promises so much but doesnâEUR(TM)t always deliver any more that chances. Jupiter was like having Lady Luck on your side. Now heâEUR(TM)s gone. So where does that leave you? On an even playing field, with all your talents and assets intact. Ie: in a good place.

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Now might be a good moment to read the Aquarius forecast. The luckiest planet Jupiter moves into your sign this week for a 12 month stay and thereâEUR(TM)s no doubt that this is good news. Having Jupiter in your sign is a lucky thing âEUR” if something has to go either way, itâEUR(TM)s more likely to go your favour while JupiterâEUR(TM)s about. But beware. Jupiter can breed complacency. We get into a âEURoe everything’s gonna be fineâEUR state of mind and while thereâEUR(TM)s a lot to be said for that, we still have to do the work, if we want the results and rewards Jupiter can bring. Take note!

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