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A couple of hours with Jonathan Cainer

Jonathan CainerToday I was lucky enough to spend some time with the inimitable Jonathan Cainer, arguably the number one “public” astrologer in the world. I like to think of him as a bit of a mentor (whether he’s happy with that role or not, I don’t know!) It’s not that he’s so much older than me, but he is certainly a ground-breaker when it comes to writing astrology in newspapers and magazines. I have read him pretty constantly, be it his dailies or weeklies, for something scary like two decades.

One of the things we talked about today was astrology and the Law of Attraction. It’s a subject very near to my heart (I’ve even given the odd talk on it, and will give another one very soon). It’s quite odd because when you’re an astrology student, you test astrology and you see it works. Things happen when they’re meant to. Saturn goes over your Sun and you can be sure you have lessons coming at you left, right and centre/life’s not exactly a picnic/etc.

And then there is the Law of Attraction which also clearly works. If you have tested it, you will know this for yourself. As the Abraham-Hicks folks say, it works whether you want it to or not. In other words, thoughts become things, so choose the good ones (as Mike Dooley says).

So Jonathan and I discussed the slightly odd bedfellows of astrology and the Law of Attraction. He’s an expert at both, being an astrologer and also the author of a book called Cosmic Ordering, which is all about the Law of Attraction by another name. And something he said made a great deal of sense to me. In a nutshell, what he said made me think that astrology is a marvellous tool for life… in the Third Dimension.

If you can manage to get yourself into the Fourth Dimension, it may no longer apply, which is where the Law of Attraction comes in. This theory or idea is astounding to me because it also fits with what I have learned from books like this about the dimensions.

It also fits with feelings I had at a very high vibration ashram in India in 2005, where I strongly felt (though I couldn’t say why) as though we were not fully in the Third Dimension, but floating above it. I didn’t really know what that even meant, I just felt it. I also felt that astrology didn’t apply in this place. It was as though astrology happened in the Third Dimension and we were in the Fourth. And people made great manifestations in that place, which now also makes sense, if the ashram is in the Fourth Dimension, since the Fourth is the home of manifesting. The Fourth is where we are when we are in The Zone or living fully consciously or meditating deeply.

And now here was a conversation which backed all that up and made perfect sense. Some of you might read this and feel like there are a few crucial details missing. Some readers will totally get it, I hope.

So a few pieces of the cosmic jigsaw fell into place for me today, thanks to JC’s flying visit! Thank you Jonathan.

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