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Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol & Theories about 2012

While I was reading Dan Brown’s book THE LOST SYMBOL, I got sort of stuck on the following lines which seem to echo others’ ideas about what 2012 is all about.

They say: ” It’s not the end of the world but the end of the world as we know it.” Will we all discover that the idea that we create our reality with our thoughts is not New Age mumbo-jumbo but rather fact? That’s my hope!

“According to legend, the sages who encrypted the ancient Mysteries long ago, left behind a key of sorts âEUR¦ a password that could be used to unlock the encrypted secrets. This magical password âEUR” known as the verbatim significatium âEUR” is said to hold the power to lift the darkness and unlock the Ancient Mysteries, opening them to all human understanding âEUR¦

“Legend holds that the verbatim significatium is buried deep underground, where it waits patiently for a pivotal moment in history âEUR¦ a moment when mankind can no longer survive without the truth, knowledge and wisdom of the ages. At this dark crossroads,. Mankind will at last unearth the Word and herald in a wondrous new age of enlightenment âEUR¦

“…this prophecy of a coming enlightenment is echoed in virtually every faith and philosophical tradition on earth. Hindus call it Krita Age, astrologers call it the Age of Aquarius, the Jew describe the coming of the messiah, theosophists call it the New Age, cosmologists call it Harmonic Convergence and predict the actual date âEUR¦ December 21, 2012.

– Chaper 111, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.

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