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I am where I am…

Great to turn to if you’re in any kind of turmoil!!


  1. Fenux Rizn says:

    I am where I am and it OK!

    I’ve been struggling with sustaining work for too long. The constant rejection has made me feel unimportant, poor (in money and spirit) and depressed.

    I am now taking the steps to launch my own web site development and social networking management business, Mine-Your-Data. My business cards are printed and my website is under development. I now approach interactions with others in a service frame of mind.

    I agree…I am where I am and it’s OK!!!

    Thank you for this mantra on the first new moon of 2013!

  2. I always love to get recommendations on healing material. Thank you Yasmin.

  3. How am I doing. I just lost my Mother Nov 13. Worried about workplace.

    • Hi Pamela, I am sorry for your loss. I hope you are ok. You might find comfort in the book An Enquiry Into The Existence of Guardian Angels – it’s an amazing book. xox

      • Thank for this information, I just noticed your reply. Your website is very helpful. I am worried about my mentally ill child’s future. Thanks for your help, Pamela

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi pamela, i also lost my mum on dec 1st, i miss her so much.

      • Good Morning Yasmin, I am just noticing your reply. Thank you for replying. I will try to get this book ASAP. I gain a lot of knowledge through your horoscopes. Please pray for my mentally ill child and my well being. God Bless you.

  4. Yasmin I listened to this a few months ago when you first posted it on your site!!! and I really needed it at the time, I was going through a lot of changes and it helped me to refocus and centre myself!!! it was very positive!!! Loved it and still do!!!!! Thanks for the helping hand <3 <3 <3

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