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Eclipse mania!


Last Easter saw a Blood Moon – some people predicted it heralded the end of the world. And yet … here we all are!

1. What makes an eclipse? A lunar eclipse occurs at the time of a Full Moon, if and when the Sun and Moon align with Earth between them. The Earth’s shadow falls on the Moon. A solar eclipse take place at the time a New Moon, when the moon passes between the Sun and Earth

2. Historical eclipses which changed the world…

• The Crucifixion of Jesus was said to have taken place at the time of a Solar Eclipse – hence why the sky went dark after Christ died.

• According to the Koran, an eclipse preceded the birth of Mohammed – it’s believed to have been a total solar eclipse that lasted three minutes and 17 seconds in 569 C.E.

• King Henry I, the son of William the Conqueror, died in 1133 at the exact time of a solar eclipse that was later described by 12th century historian William of Malmesbury as a “hideous darkness”.

• In 1919, scientists used a six minute solar eclipse to test and prove Einstein’s theory of relativity.

3. The New Moon eclipses of 2016

• March 9 – brings a New Moon eclipse in the sign of Pisces. It’s a very healing lunation. If you want to heal any part of your life – from your love life now to healing any hurt from any time, work on yourself around this eclipse. In particular, forgive anyone who you feel has done you wrong. Forgiveness is healing!

• September 1 – marks the second and last New Moon eclipse of 2016. This one is in the sign of Virgo. If you are starting something in your life and it’s proving problematic, don’t panic. This New Moon urges us to be mature about life. Learn the sometimes tough lessons and the lessons will go away.

4. The Full Moon eclipses of 2016

• March 23 – sees the Libra Full Moon eclipse. Full Moons in Libra are always important for relationships and eclipses are that times three! If you and your partner are having issues, it’s time to address them. If you’re getting over a split from someone, this eclipse will help you to move on. Work partnerships are also highlighted. Talking things through is recommended for everyone.

• August 18 – can be seen as the lucky Full Moon of the year. It’s taking place in the sign of Aquarius and linking to the planet of good fortune, aka Jupiter. If you want to do something with Lady Luck on your side, do it on the night of March 22 or on March 23 before 10.26am BST!

• September 16 – brings a super action-packed eclipsed Full Moon in the sign of Pisces to end the last eclipse season of the year on. It has a flavour of ‘anything can happen and it probably will!” It’s definitely a time to surrender to the Universe!

5. Will there be blood? Will there be more Blood Moons this year? Probably not. Total lunar (Full Moon) eclipses see the Moon taking on a reddish colour during totality. This happens because of something called “Rayleigh scattering”, the same effect which makes the sky look blue… but the Full Moon eclipses in 2016 will not be total. So, no blood!

6. Did you know?

• A solar eclipse can last for a maximum of 7 minutes and 40 seconds if it is total (at the equator)

• The most solar and lunar eclipses that can happen in one year is 7.

• It takes about an hour before total day light is restored after a total solar eclipse.

• The next total solar eclipse visible from the UK will be on 23rd September 2090.

7. People used to be scared of eclipses in ye olde days – and who on earth can blame them? Today we can plot eclipses as far into the future as you want. But in the old days, no one knew they were coming. Imagine the scene; you’re a peasant tilling the fields and all of a sudden, the dogs start howling and the birds stop singing and the skies grow dark!

8. It’s OH so worth marking the eclipses on your calendar now. Think of them as when the Universe will be ‘changing gears’. If you want to make big changes in your life, there is no better time than during the eclipse season. It’s as though it becomes easier to jump from one reality to the other. Get very clear on what you want for yourself in the lead up to the New Moon eclipses. And in the lead up to the Full Moon eclipses, get clear on what you need to release and move on from.

9. You wouldn’t read about it! Princess Diana’s life within the Royal family was very closely linked to eclipses. She was married two days before an eclipse, on July 29, 1981. Around a year later, she gave birth to Prince William on June 21 1982, the very day of a solar eclipse. The palace announced her separation from Prince Charles on the day of a lunar eclipse, December 9 1992. Tragically, Princess Diana died on August 31, 1997, just hours before a full moon eclipse. Meanwhile, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, was born the day of a total lunar eclipse! And as a PS Prince Charles married Camilla Parker Bowles on April 9, 2005, the day after the April 8 2005 solar eclipse.

Your Lucky 2016 Moon

Your Lucky New Moons in 2016


A look at when the New Moon will be in your sign in the year ahead. Be sure to harness the energies!

Your Lucky New Moons in 2015

February 8 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. Make a note of your top ten intentions for the year ahead and read them out to the Universe at sunset. It’s an especially good year to wish to have a really enjoyable working life, and for better health.

March 9 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. Think about what it is you would love to happen and make a list of your top ten. Leave it under your pillow before you go to bed. Then when you wake up, read the list out to the Universe, then wait and see!

April 7 2016 is your lucky New Moon. Your best bet to tap into it is to make your wishes around midday. Write down your resolutions for the coming year and read them out loud. You can burn the list or keep it somewhere safe to reread later.

May 6 2016 is your lucky New Moon. At sunset, decorate a piece of paper with some coloured pens or pencils. Then write a list of your top ten desires for the coming year for yourself and your loved ones. Keep it somewhere you can refer back to it.

June 5 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. It’s actually an especially good one if you have dreams related to love or money. If you happen to up past midnight, around 00.35am will really harness the energies! Otherwise, make your wishes as soon as you wake up.

July 4, 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. It’s great time to get really clear on what you want for your year ahead. Mercury in the New Moon mix will help you, so write down your aims during your lunchtime and read them out loud to the Universe.

August 2 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. Ask for whatever you intend for yourself in the coming 12 months. However do also include a wish to “train my brain to focus on the positive!” The ability to do that is one of the main gifts of 2016.

September 1 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. It’s also an eclipse which means your wishes are going to be super-charged. Make the most of this by getting really clear about what you want and writing your goals down as soon after 10am as you can.

October 30, 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. Except that as a Capricorn, you’re better off doing a 12-month plan. Have a proper think about what you want for yourself personally and professionally that evening. Write it down. Do a spreadsheet if it helps you get clear!

November 29, 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. If your working life needs help, this is the time for you to lay down your intentions for the coming year. Ditto if you have a relationship which needs a cosmic boost. Focus, and then write down your dreams.

January 10 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. This is a potentially life-changing New Moon eclipse. Be honest with yourself if your life goals have changed. Let them go so something else can come in. Set your intentions for the year ahead by writing them down on waking.

Eclipses in 2016

Doors are opening!

Opening Doors in 2016

The Solar Eclipses in Pisces and Virgo mean there will be doors opening for us all!

Life can be as different as you want it to be. Never mind what you did for a living in the past, for example. You can change that in the coming 12 months, if you want to. You can also access far deeper levels of inner peace. Just say “Ommm…”

It’s all about having fun this year for you. And that’s not just because Saturn is no longer bothering you. Rather, the New Moon eclipses this coming year are lighting up your Friendship and your Fun Zones. And if that’s not a cosmic recipe for a good time, nothing is!

With Saturn in your opposite sign, you know that 2016 is going to be a lot about hard work and ambitions. Happily there are professional doors opening up to you as well, thanks to the eclipses. So all that hard work isn’t going to be for nothing. Just as well!

If you want to get out and see the world, you have wonderful Stars for that this year. Publishing and study are also both really well starred for you in the coming 12 months. Change your thoughts and life will open up to you. (Tip: Thinking positively can be life-changing!)

Your finances are due for some changes this year, thanks to eclipses in not one but both of your Money Zones. The first step is to believe (deep, deep down) that you’re worth it. Once you get your head around that, an substantial increase in your income really can follow.

It’s a big year for you with the eclipse fireworks in your sign and your Love Zone. If you’re single, it’s a wonderful year to meet a long-term or even life partner. Attached? There is change afoot and it’s likely to herald the start of a memorable new phase.

A new cycle starts for you this year; your daily life is going to be different. Harness the energies by deciding what you really want to achieve and then dedicating yourself to it. What do you want so much for yourself that you’re willing to work really hard for it?

After the hard slog of the past few years, the cosmiverse is sending you message after message to remind you to enjoy yourself. If you have become a bit of a work-a-holic in recent years, the celestial activity in 2016 should shake you out of that! Let it go!

It’s a very big year for you and change is forecast at work and at home. Remember that with all the karma around you now, your actions in 2016 will have a major impact on your life in the years to come. New possibilities should open up personally and professionally.

There is a school of thought that tells us that ‘our word is our wand’. In other words, what we say is what we get. This year, your life will blossom if you decide to eradicate moaning and complaining from your life. Instead, talk about what you want.

Whether you’re keen to make it on your own or you’re dreaming of teaming up with someone else on a collaboration, you have great financial Stars in the year ahead. Forget about whatever happened in the past. This really is a year when things can change for you re cash.

If you’re single and wondering if and when you’ll meet someone, hang in there; this could be the year, as a New Moon eclipse triggers your Love Zone. (But first you have to move on from the past). Attached? Use this year to reinvigorate your relationship. Bring back the romance.

New Moons 2016

Your Lucky New Moons in 2016

A look at when the New Moon will be in your sign in the year ahead. Be sure to harness the energies and make some wishes!

Your Lucky New Moons in 2015

February 8 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. Write down your top ten intentions for the year ahead.

March 9 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. It’s a very healing Moon – talking will really speed healing.

April 7 2016 is your lucky New Moon. This explosive New Moon suggests you can turn your life around, if you want to.

May 6 2016 is your lucky New Moon. A conversation could turn things around so talk about whatever is on your mind.

June 5 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. It’s such a romantic New Moon – make the most of it!

July 4, 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. Get clear on what you want and you might get it!

August 2 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. Ask to “train my brain to focus on the positive!”

September 1 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. It’s also an eclipse which means your wishes are going to be super-charged.

October 30, 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. This is the time for you to make a sold 12-month plan.

November 29, 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. It’s a great Moon to get clear about your professional life.

January 10 2016 is your lucky New Moon for making wishes. This is a potentially life-changing New Moon. Decide what you want.

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Venus and Mars / Love and Sex eBook special

mini-HA 24 hour offer!

For those of you wondering when Jo’s Venus and Mars / Love and Sex eBook will go on sale and the answer is – now!

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PS Even if you don’t want to buy the book, you might find some of the free information about Venus and Mars on this page here interesting!

Love and sex – Venus and Mars part 3

Where The Venus/Mars Meeting Is Affecting YOU

Here comes the love!

Venus and Mars will connect very soon! I hope you have enjoyed the Joanne Madeline Moore Venus/Mars series. Below you will find a final post from Jo, with sign-by-sign information about how the Venus/Mars meeting will play out – read your sign and your Rising Sign if you know it!

FYI Joanne’s Venus and Mars eBook “Love and Sex Signs” will go on sale on tomorrow.

You will be able to get it for a 20% discount of $11.60 for the first 24 hours, after which point it will be back to its regular price of $14.50.

Either way, I am pretty sure you will agree it’s great value! See below for the post.

WHERE THE NOVEMBER 3 VENUS/MARS MEETING IS AFFECTING YOU (Remember tonight, Monday night, is the night for a date night as the energies are strongest!)

ARIES – Venus and Mars highlight your wellbeing zone so the fitter and healthier you are, the more you’ll be able to capitalize on this lucky love connection. Best aphrodisiacs? Foods like figs, avocados, oysters and chocolate.

TAURUS – Love planet Venus and sex planet Mars make beautiful music together in your romance zone. Attached Bulls – plan something special with your partner. Singles – a platonic relationship could suddenly take a passionate turn!

GEMINI – Venus and Mars hook up in your home zone. Attached Twins – a delicious home-cooked meal will be all the foreplay you need! Singles – you could meet your soul mate through an introduction from a family member.

CANCER – The secret to capitalizing on the Venus/Mars connection is online. Singles – get your dating profile [and photo] updated ASAP! Coupled Crabs – on November 3, make sure you send your lover a sexy text or an erotic email. Get 20% off our Love and Sex signs eBook here.

LEO – Attached Lions – it’s time to nurture your self-esteem – and make your lover feel extra special as well. Single Cats – if you develop your own feelings of self-worth, then you’ll attract a more confident and caring partner.

VIRGO – Venus and Mars light up your sign and boost your earthy charisma and sexual magnetism. Attached Virgos – your lover will find your charms hard to resist. Singles – it’s time to cast your net wide and flirt up a storm!

LIBRA – Love is definitely in the air! Attached Librans – it’s time to dig deep as you uncover your partner’s most secret desires. Singles – romantic feelings and sexual attraction could be reignited with a mysterious lover from your past.

SCORPIO – Attached Scorpios – November 3 is a night when your romantic dreams really could come true. Singles – draw up a wish-list of all the qualities you are looking for in the perfect partner. Then go out there and get them!

SAGITTARIUS – Don’t be shy about declaring your passion for your partner in a public way. Single? Love, lust and work are linked, as you find yourself drawn to a cuddly colleague, a classy client or a charismatic customer.

CAPRICORN – If you’re attached, make plans to whisk your lover away for a heavenly holiday or an overnight getaway. Singles – love and travel are linked, and you could be attracted to someone from another country or culture.

AQUARIUS – Your libido will be turbo-charged as Venus and Mars stimulate your sexuality zone!
Attached Aquarians – enjoy an exquisitely erotic night with your lover. Singles – get ready for the romantic sparks to fly with a sexy stranger.

PISCES – Venus and Mars hook up in your relationship zone. Attached Pisceans – turn up the romance factor as you tap into your partner’s most passionate desires. Singles – look for love with a tender Taurus or a sensual Scorpio.

Welcome to November! Click here to read the Monthly Stars for your sign.

So here we are towards the end of the year. But it’s too early to do a end of year retrospective, correct? We have November to think about first!

It’s a relatively peaceful-looking month with no major dramas to speak of. Looking at the end of year stars, I have had this strong feeling that we are all being given time out for good behaviour. A lot of this year has been quite intense, even though in theory it should have been less upsetting per se, than the previous years.

Overall, though, November seems quite calm, as does December. Click here to read the Monthly Stars for your sign.


The first big astro-moment for November is a lovely link between Jupiter (planet of plenty) and Chiron (healing planetoid) in the first week of the month.

This is a super healing connection. It’s crucial to let go of our emotional baggage, on a day to day basis even.

Every day brings little moments of madness, doesn’t it? And this link will make that easier to do.

The best way I know to release tension is – you guessed it, meditation! If you don’t know how to meditate, learn.
And if you do know how to meditate, practise! Click here to read the rest of this post and the Monthly Stars for your sign.

A few quick ideas for how to make the most of the healing energy in November:

• If you can, set up a small area in your home to have a candle and a place where you place some devotional items, like pictures of a saint or angel, so much the better, if you are that way inclined.
• Light a candle every day (don’t leave it unattended!!) and connect with the Universe and sit and breath or meditate or do some yoga in your living room!
• Or go to a yoga class and make connecting with the Divine the intention of your class.
• Or go for a run or a walk in the park or whatever floats your boat.
• And as you exercise, summon up gratitude for all the good things in your life.
• This is NOT the time to think about your cares and worries!
If you do this around November 3 in particular, it will tune into the Jupiter/Chiron link. Click here to read the rest of this post and the Monthly Stars for your sign.


Venus moves into the sign of Libra. This is great news for lovers, since Venus is in a great state when she is in Libra. However as she moves through Libra, she is going to smash up against Pluto, the planet of power and paranoia. If you find yourself going a bit weird in relation to love or money around November 21, breathe in and try to see what is REALLY going on. All the strange things that happen to us are a part of our evolution so try and see which lesson Venus is trying to teach you. Because it’s a clash with Pluto, some kind of jealousy or fear or obsession could be involved. Release! Release! The way to work with Pluto is to act with 100% integrity and to look for a solution which suits as many people as possible! Arguably the signs most affected will be Librans, Scorpios, Taureans, Aries, Cancerians and Capricorns, in no particular order. Click here to read the rest of this post and your Monthly Stars for your sign.


Love and sex – Venus and Mars part 2

How You Can Make The Most Of The Coming Venus/Mars Connection

From the Free Information Department

So are you looking forward to the loving, sexy Venus and Mars connection next week?

When I first discovered astrology, I was going through a rough time romantically. I found the Stars such a great guide, in terms of helping me work out what the heck was going on!

And now that I have been married for almost 10 years, does astrology still count? Of course! If nothing else, it lets me know when there’s an awesome, cosmically ‘loaded’ date night coming up that my hubby and I can take advantage of!

In other words, whether you’re single and looking or attached and you just want to keep things light and bright with your beloved, it’s worth looking to the Stars.

In a few days, the planet of love, Venus, will meet the planet of sex, Mars. There will be love in the air!

My wonderful Aussie astrologer colleague Joanne Madeline Moore has put together a brilliant eBook so you can understand your own Venus and Mars/Love and Sex planets better (and understand them in anyone else’s chart too!)

We will be running a 24 hour 20% off special on this next week but in the meantime, Joanne wrote this post about how we can all make the most of the upcoming Venus/Mars connection… regardless of our sign.


Prepare for a special celestial connection!

In early November, Venus [planet of love and romance] and Mars [planet of sexual desire] link up in the earthy sign of Virgo. So how can you utilize this powerful and positive conjunction to improve your love and sex life?

FYI the Venus/Mars connection peaks on November 3 but it’s the evening of Monday, November 2 which is most passion-filled!

Couples – You’re ready to work hard on the relationship, as the two of you look at any problems you’re having in a reasonable and realistic way. It’s also a terrific time to brush up on your bedroom technique as you study sex manuals or videos, and strive to get an A+ in sexual satisfaction [for you and your lover]. The best aphrodisiac during this time is relaxation, so on Monday night, get out the scented candles and massage oils, as you help each other to wind down, relax, and slip into a steady lovemaking groove. Can’t do Monday? Sunday night will also work.

Looking for Love – If you’ve made some incredibly poor choices in the past, then this connection is fabulous news, as it will make you much more sensible and discerning than usual. Romance is balanced with realism, as you take off your rose-colored glasses and view prospective partners in a more pragmatic and precise way. You’re looking for much more than a steamy one-night stand as you put kindness, courtesy, communication, commitment and self-control at the top of your ‘Qualities to Look for in a Perfect Partner’ list. Sunday night is great for going out with friends and seeing who you might meet and Monday is great for getting online and doing the same.

Happily Single – This special Venus/Mars conjunction will improve your social life in leaps and bounds, as you feel the need to connect with like-minded souls and share common interests. And you’ll find you are much more tolerant of the peccadillos and flaws of your friends [that would usually annoy you]. It’s also an excellent aspect for financial matters, and the more proactive you are about boosting cash flow, the more abundant you’ll feel [and the more prosperous you’ll be].Sunday or Monday night out with friends could be especially fun.

Check back in a few days for one last Venus and Mars / Love and sex post…

Love and sex – Venus and Mars part i

Why next week will offer some crazy, sexy love!

In just over a week, the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of sex, Mars, will meet up.

So it seems like a really good time to have a talk about what it means when these two planets – sometimes called the boyfriend and the girlfriend of the zodiac – get it together.

Astrologer and very good moonology friend Joanne Madeline Moore has put together an amazing eBook which we’re going to run a special on, but for now, here are some thoughts from her about …

The Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Venus’ Meeting With Mars

By Joanne Madeline Moore

In just over a week, the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of sex, Mars, are going to meet up in the sign of Virgo. This is especially exciting news for Virgo and Virgo Rising people, and for Pisces and Pisces Rising people.. But it’s also quite lovely for the rest of us, too.

Reason being, when these two planets get together, there is an extra frisson in the air. If you’re single and you want to meet someone, it’s an especially promising time to put your wishes for passion out into the ethers. It also happens to be a great time to go online and see who you meet, or get out and socialise, and see who takes your fancy.

And if you’re attached? Even more reason to harness this lovely, sexy vibe. All relationships need a boost from time to time.

Love and romance are in the air, when Venus and Mars connect.

Venus and Mars really are the keys to love and sex in the stars, so…

1. Prepare for a special cosmic connection!

Venus is the planet of love and romance, whereas Mars is the planet of sexual desire. Usually they link up every two years however – approximately every 18 years – Venus and Mars join up three times within a nine month period. And 2015 is one of those special years.

On November 3 they conjoin at 24 degrees Virgo, for the last time this year. So it’s a rare and wonderful connection, and signifies the last golden opportunity we have this year to get relationships right. To work on them; heal them; improve them; and finesse them … romantically and sexually.

However note that because the link between Venus and Mars takes place during the day when most of us will be at work, the evening of Monday, November 2 is actually the ideal moment to stage your strike for love!

2. Love and sex will be on your mind more than usual!

This is because the Venus/Mars connection marks the union of the two planets that represent your love nature [Venus] and sex drive [Mars].

If you’re single, you can expect to feel a deep longing to find the perfect partner. If romantic sparks fly with someone special around November 2/3, it’s a very auspicious sign that you are starting a long-term relationship with a true soul mate.

And, if you’re already attached, you’ll want to spend more quality time with your lover, sharing activities [and passions] that you both enjoy.

3. A second-rate partner just won’t do!

On November 3, Venus and Mars link up in Virgo [the sign of precision and perfection]. So you’ll be looking for the Perfect Partner … or trying to improve the one you’ve already got.

Just be careful that your standards aren’t so incredibly high that no mere mortal will be able to meet them!

If a current relationship is not measuring up to your expectations [and is encountering serious problems] then you may decide to end it and look for true love elsewhere.

More Venus and Mars info v soon!

Full Moon alert!



Here are the Full Moon times around the world:

Full Moon 4 degrees Taurus
SYDNEY: October 27, 11.06pm AEDT
LONDON: October 27, 12.06pm UT
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: October 27, 8.06am EDT
AUCKLAND: October 28, 1.06am NZST
PARIS: October 27, 1.06pm CET

If you like to work with angels, the Full Moon Archangel this month is Chamuel, an angel brimming over with love. Chamuel can help us to find what we’re looking for so ask for help if you’re seeking something.

The chakra of the Full Moon is the heart chakra. The affirmation is “I love!” Repeat it to yourself between now and the New Moon in two weeks’ time.

If you like to chant, the chant is “Yum!” – say it out loud or silently during meditation time.

Happy Full Moon!

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