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I am where I am…

Great to turn to if you’re in any kind of turmoil!!

Void of Course

Born under a VOC Moon

Bruce Springsteen – he’s done allright for himself…

Were you born under a Void of Course Moon?

Welcome to a rather exclusive club! The Void of Course Moon club!

I once read an article on the Internet which claimed that people born under a Void of Course Moon tended to drift around and get no where in life. What a load of bad astrology! To set the writer right, I compiled the following list – there are no doubt plenty more famously successful Void of Course Moon people but it’s a start!

Paula Abdul 19 Jun 1962 14:32 +7:00 Los Angeles California 34N03 08 118W14 34
Woody Allen 1 Dec 1935 22:55 +5:00 Brooklyn New York 40N38 073W56
Robert Altman 20 Feb 1925 12:00 +6:00 Kansas City Missouri 39N05 59 094W34 42
Josephine Baker 3 Jun 1906 11:30 +6:00 Saint Louis Missouri 38N37 38 090W11 52
Shirley Temple Black 23 Apr 1928 21:00 +8:00 Santa Monica California 34N01 10 118W29 25
Willy Brandt 18 Dec 1913 12:45 -1:00 Lubeck Germany 53N52 010E40
Rory Bremner 6 Apr 1961 21:05 BST -1:00 Edinburgh Scotland 55N57 003W13
Nicolas Cage 7 Jan 1964 5:35 +8:00 Harbor City California 33N47 24 118W17 49
Michael Caine 14 Mar 1933 10:03 UT +0:00 Rotherhithe, London England 51N30 000W02
Jose Maria Carreras 5 Dec 1946 4:00 CET -1:00 Barcelona Spain 41N23 002E11
Howard ‘Hopalong’ Cassady 2 Mar 1934 6:20 +5:00 Columbus Ohio 39N57 40 082W59 56
Winston Churchill 30 Nov 1874 1:30 +0:00 Woodstock England 51N52 001W21
Billy Connolly 24 Nov 1942 4:30 BST -1:00 Glasgow Scotland 55N53 004W15
Larry Csonka 25 Dec 1946 5:53 +5:00 Akron Ohio 41N04 53 081W31 09
Billy Ray Cyrus 25 Aug 1961 17:52 +5:00 Bellefonte Kentucky 38N29 33 082W41 25
Jeffrey L. Dahmer 21 May 1960 16:34 CDT +5:00 Milwaukee Wisconsin 43N02 20 087W54 23
Dorothy Dandridge 9 Nov 1922 22:35 EST +5:00 Cleveland Ohio 41N29 58 081W41 44
Doris Day 3 Apr 1922 16:30 CST +6:00 Cincinnati Ohio 39N09 43 084W27 25
Princess of Wales, Diana 1 Jul 1961 19:45 -1:00 Sandringham England 52N50 000E30
Christian Dior 21 Jan 1905 1:30 -0:09 Granville France 48N50 001W36
Alexandre Dumas 24 Jul 1802 5:30 -0:12:20Villers Cotterêts France 49N15 003E05
Carrie Fisher 21 Oct 1956 12:49 +8:00 Burbank California 34N10 51 118W18 29
Indira Gandhi 19 Nov 1917 23:11:14 -5:30 Allahabad India 25N27 081E51
Judy Garland 10 Jun 1922 6:00 +6:00 Grand Rapids Minnesota 47N14 14 093W31 48
Billy Graham 7 Nov 1918 15:30 +5:00 Charlotte North Carolina 35N13 37 080W50 36
Alex Haley 11 Aug 1921 4:55 +4:00 Ithaca New York 42N26 26 076W29 49
Arsenio Hall 12 Feb 1956 3:18 +5:00 Cleveland Ohio 41N29 58 081W41 44
Thomas Watt Hamilton 10 May 1952 8:50 BST -1:00 Glasgow Scotland 55N53 004W15
John Havlicek 8 Apr 1940 8:40 +5:00 Martins Ferry Ohio 40N05 45 080W43 29
Goldie Hawn 21 Nov 1945 9:20 +5:00 Washington DC 38N53 42 077W02 12
Jimi Hendrix 27 Nov 1942 10:15 +7:00 Seattle Washington 47N36 23 122W19 51
Katharine Hepburn 12 May 1907 17:47 +5:00 Hartford Connecticut 41N45 49 072W41 08
Benny Hill 21 Jan 1924 8:15 UT +0:00 Southampton England 50N55 001W25
Barbara Hutton 14 Nov 1912 14:25 EST +5:00 New York New York 40N42 51 074W00 23
Chrissie Hynde 7 Sep 1951 10:20 +4:00 Akron Ohio 41N04 53 081W31 09
John Fitzgerald (Jr.) Kennedy 25 Nov 1960 0:22 +5:00 Washington Dist of Columbia 38N53 42 077W02 12
Robert Kennedy 20 Nov 1925 15:11 +5:00 Brookline Massachusetts 42N19 54 071W07 18
Jim Kerr 9 Jul 1959 10:45 BST -1:00 Glasgow Scotland 55N53 004W15
Larry King 19 Nov 1933 10:38 EST +5:00 Brooklyn New York 40N38 073W56
Kevin Kline 24 Oct 1947 9:11 +6:00 Saint Louis Missouri 38N37 38 090W11 52
Pamela Anderson Lee 1 Jul 1967 4:08 +7:00 Ladysmith Canada 48N58 123W49
Patrick Macnee 6 Feb 1922 1:00 UT +0:00 London England 51N30 000W10
Joseph Mankiewicz 11 Feb 1909 1:15 +5:00 Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania 41N14 45 075W52 54
Jayne Mansfield 19 Apr 1933 9:11 +5:00 Lower Merion Pennsylvania 40N02 075W18
Bill Medley 19 Sep 1940 8:18 +8:00 Bell California 33N58 39 118W11 10
Spike Milligan 16 Apr 1918 3:00 IST -5:30 Ahmadnagar India 19N05 074E44
Giorgio Moroder 26 Apr 1940 2:45 -1:00 Ortisei Italy 46N34 011E40
Rupert Murdoch 11 Mar 1931 23:59 -10:00 Melbourne Australia 37S49 144E58
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 28 Jul 1929 14:30 +4:00 Southampton New York 40N53 03 072W23 24
Ryan O’Neal 20 Apr 1941 9:34 +8:00 Los Angeles California 34N03 08 118W14 34
River Phoenix 23 Aug 1970 12:03 PDT +7:00 Madras Oregon 44N38 01 121W07 42
Mary Pierce 15 Jan 1975 1:07 +5:00 Montreal Canada 45N31 073W34
Martha Raye 27 Aug 1916 23:55 +7:00 Butte Montana 46N00 14 112W32 02
Vanessa Redgrave 30 Jan 1937 18:00 +0:00 Blackheath England 51N28 000E01
Della Reese 6 Jul 1931 10:00 EST +5:00 Detroit Michigan 42N19 53 083W02 45
Ian Richardson 7 Apr 1934 22:35 UT +0:00 Edinburgh Scotland 55N57 003W13
Patricia Routledge 17 Feb 1929 0:30 UT +0:00 Birkenhead England 53N24 003W02
Susan Sarandon 4 Oct 1946 14:25 +5:00 New York New York 40N42 51 074W00 23
Bon Scott 9 Jul 1946 23:20 BST -1:00 Forfar Scotland 56N38 002W54
Percy Bysshe Shelley 4 Aug 1792 22:00 +0:01:24Horsham England 51N04 000W21
Cybill Shepherd 18 Feb 1950 19:52 +6:00 Memphis Tennessee 35N08 58 090W02 56
Nina Simone 21 Feb 1933 6:00 +5:00 Tryon North Carolina 35N12 29 082W14 19
Bruce Springsteen 23 Sep 1949 22:50 +4:00 Freehold New Jersey 40N15 36 074W16 27
Donna Summer 31 Dec 1948 21:00 +5:00 Boston Massachusetts 42N21 30 071W03 37
Margaret Thatcher 13 Oct 1925 9:00 +0:00 Grantham England 52N55 000W39
Uma Thurman 29 Apr 1970 13:51 +4:00 Boston Massachusetts 42N21 30 071W03 37
Ted Turner 19 Nov 1938 8:50 +5:00 Cincinnati Ohio 39N09 43 084W27 25
Dionne Warwick 12 Dec 1940 15:08 +5:00 Orange New Jersey 40N46 14 074W13 59
Venus 17 Jun 1980 14:12 +7:00 Lynwood California 33N55 49 118W12 38
Dennis Wilson 4 Dec 1944 22:56 +7:00 Los Angeles California 34N03 08 118W14 34
Jonathan Winters 11 Nov 1925 20:23 CST +6:00 Dayton Ohio 39N45 32 084W11 30
Bobby Womack 4 Mar 1944 8:10 +5:00 Cleveland Ohio 41N29 58 081W41 44
Malcolm Young 6 Jan 1953 14:05 UT +0:00 Glasgow Scotland 55N53 004W15
Cécilia Sarkozy 12 Nov 1957 23:55 CET -1:00 Boulogne BillancourtFR 48N50 002E15

Void of Course Moons all of them. Never ever freak out because you have a Void of Coruse Moon!

Do soulmates exist?

Do soulmates exist?

It’s a lovely idea, but do soulmates really exist?

Some people say we have just one twin-soul we reconnect with every lifetime (a lovely romantic idea!), while others say we have many. But do soulmates really exist? Is there such a think as a twin flame?

Of course, it’s up to each of us to decide the answer to that question. Whatever we think, though, most of us love the idea of soulmates, and hey, we’re allowed to be as romantic as we like. Remember, we create our own reality!

Personally, I believe we have plenty of soulmates. Some will be our parents and children, our extended family, others will be our best friends and lovers.

Some will bring us joy and some will bring us pain. Hang on a minute. Pain?

Sometimes, yes. Soulmates are people we’re connected with on a soul level. Sometimes they have hard lessons to teach us. The lover who feels like a soulmate then who breaks our heart usually teaches us some amazing lessons, for example. Agreed?

It’s been said by sages down through time that we humans incarnate on earth to learn the lessons we need for our soul to evolve to the next level of being, when we’ll no longer need to be born as human, but will exist as an evolved spirit in another dimension. This far-out sound idea is one of the basics of Buddhism. Soulmates are the people we connect with in order to learn those lessons.

And if you’re Christian and wondering if reincarnation is possible, according to many scholars, even the Christian Bible talked about reincarnation until all mentions of it were removed at the Second Council of Constantinople in 533AD.

If you think you have met your soulmate and you would like to see how your horoscope charts match up, that can be done! Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you our soul Mates report. It tells you of where you click and where you clash! Just click here.

Zodiac Love Poetry

Poems of Love and Life by Derek and Julia Parker.

This post was written by astro-publishing legends Derek and Julia Parker. Their latest offering is Poems of Love and Life, a series of sign by sign poetry books, containing poems chosen for each Star sign. Click here to buy it online.

Derek and Julia write: Choosing poems which would appeal to members of one Sun-sign or another was a fascinating task.   These aren’t poems written, say, by Gemini poets for Geminis – they are poems about things or places associated with particular signs, expressing emotions which appeal to them, characteristics they share.   So, for instance, a poem by Alexander Pope draws a perfect portrait of a fastidious, discriminating Virgoan:

I know a thing that’s most uncommon;
(Envy be silent and attend!)
I know a reasonable woman,
Handsome and witty, yet a friend.

Not warped by passion, awed by rumour;
Not grave through pride, nor gay through folly;
An equal mixture of good-humour
And sensible soft melancholy . . .

While the Sagittarian connection with dogs and hunting is reflected in several poems for them – the swagman in ‘Waltzing Matilda’ was surely a Sagittarian?

There are a lot of love poems, and some really strike right to the heart of particular astrological types in love.   Thomas Campion expresses all the passion of Aries:

Fire, fire, fire fire!
Lo here I burn in such desire
That all the tears that I can strain
Cannot allay my scorching pain.

An anonymous – surely Taurean? – Ethiopian poet longs to be a bull: when he is slaughtered, his hide will make a wonderful rug which will be rolled up around a beautiful woman;

Her husband would say: “It’s a dead skin.”
But I would have her love.

There are some splendid characterisations: a scurrying Gemini, for instance, Thomas Moore’s friend Jack, who seems to be everywhere at once – ‘Go when and where you will, he’s there’, so that

A friend of his once evening said,
As home he took his pensive way,
‘Upon my soul, I fear Jack’s dead –
I’ve seen him but three times to-day!’

A few rather winsome babies make their appearance in the Cancer book, and several poems celebrate the Cancerian love of the sea and association with water – and indeed the rose, with Christina Rossetti’s lovely ‘Where shall I find a white rose blowing?’   And Leo? – well, the heart, of course, the true seat of leonine love, as Sir Philip Sydney knew:

My true-love hath my heart, and I have his,
By just exchange one for another given . . .

Several poets compare Aquarian love with winter weather – and was Herrick’s Julia an Aquarian? – in whose cold breast icicles dwell?   Well, Grace Conkling…

Will not give thee all my heart
For that I need a place apart
To dream my dreams in . . .

A Scorpio, as you might expect, takes a different view – an anonymous poet points out that

The night, say all, was made for rest;
And so say I, but not for all . . .

He prefers bright moonlight, so he can find his way to his mistress’s bed.

Boots and shoes make several poetic appearances in the Pisces collection – there’s actually a poem ‘To my mistress’s boots’!   On the other hand a Libran lover has his guitar, to serenade her – rather more poetic, perhaps.

We had the greatest possible fun choosing over a thousand separate poems for these twelve books – all different except for one which ends each selection: Kipling’s ‘Astrologer’s Song’:

What chariots, what horses,
Against us shall bide
While the Stars in their courses
Do fight on our side?

Derek and Julia Parker

Derek and Julia Parker

This post was written by astro-publishing legends Derek and Julia Parker. Their latest offering is Poems of Love and Life, a series of sign by sign poetry books, containing poems chosen for each Star sign. Click here to buy it online.

All About Athena

With Mars in Aries, it’s the ideal time to talk about the Aries Power Goddess Athena…


PALLAS ATHENA, Goddess of Truth

From The Masters and their Retreats

Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth, is a tremendous being of light who ensouls the cosmic consciousness of Truth. The flame of truth is an intense bright emerald green. It combines the flaming blue power of will and the brilliant golden illumination of the intelligence of God. Her presence in the universe is the exaltation of the flame of living Truth. This truth she holds on behalf of the evolutions of earth as a member Karmic Board, where she serves as the representative on the fifth ray of truth, healing, supply and precipitation.


She ministers to mankind from the Temple of Truth above the Island of Crete. Serving directly under Vesta , the Sun Goddess, she focuses the truth of God’s love to the earth. Pallas Athena also works with Hilarion, the chohan of the fifth ray, and other healing and green-ray masters.


Souls come to the Temple of Truth in their finer bodies at night (during sleep) to be instructed in the fine points of cosmic law, the science of healing, mathematics, music, divine geometry and the laws of alchemy and precipitation. Many who come to society today with ingenious ways of opening the doors of higher understanding in these fields have studied under the masters in this retreat.


Pallas Athena was embodied as the high priestess in the Temple of Truth on Atlantis, serving under Vesta. She later kept the Mother flame of truth in ancient Greece as that temple and that temple flame were transferred from Atlantis to that land. She served as directress of the temple virgins and oracles at Delphi, who were messenger of the gods and goddesses who spoke Truth and the wisdom of the Law to the ancients. Pallas Athena and the members of the Brotherhood sought to keep alive the inner mysteries of the retreats. The memories of the gods, the functions of the temple virgins and the oracles of Delphi were the last vestiges of communication from the ascended masters in the Greek culture. After the closing over of those sources due to the discord and rebellion of the people, we begin to trace modern thought reaching and culminating in what manifests today as humanism.


Pallas Athena is the twin flame of the Maha Chohan, the representa?tive of the Holy Spirit to the earth. Together they are an indomitable pair in defense of truth. The Maha Chohan was embodied as the Greek poet Homer, who spoke of Pallas Athena in his epic poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey.


Pallas Athena is one of the most important deities in Greek mythology, and in Roman mythology, she is identified as Minerva. Her influence spans everything from the administration of government and militaristic pursuits to the delicate arts of spinning and weaving. She is seen as the very personification of wisdom who presides over the intellectual and moral side of human life.




Athena was the heart of the spiritual life of ancient Athens. The Greeks adored her as the defender of their cities and honored her with many titles. She is revered as the Goddess of War and Peace, the Goddess of Wisdom, patron of arts and crafts, and guardian of cities. She is also honored as the inventor and protector of culture and as the protector of civilized life and agriculture. She has been called the Counselor-Goddess and Goddess of the Assembly for her role in maintaining law and order in the courts and administering justice. She is also looked to as the Goddess of the Working Woman because of her mastery in spinning, weaving and needlework.


Among the many inventions attributed to her are the plow, the rake, the flute, the ship and the science of numbers. Her emblem is the olive, emblem of peace; and her bird is the owl, representative of wisdom.


Athena is popularly admired as the “martial maiden” who inspires and accompanies heroes in their adventures and battles, yet never succumbs to amorous advances, fiercely defending her virginity. She was one of three virgin-goddesses who could not be stirred by the influences of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love. One of the earliest accounts of Athena appears in the Iliad, where she is a war goddess, inspiring and fighting alongside the Greek heroes. To possess her favor is considered synonymous with military prowess.


According to the traditions of Greek mythology, Pallas Athena was the favorite daughter of Zeus, the powerful father of the Gods and king of Mount Olympus. Her mother was the Goddess Metis, whose name means “thought” or “intelligence.” Metis was believed to be so wise that she knew more than all the gods and men together.


Zeus was warned that if he had children with Metis they would be more powerful than he and would eventually dethrone him. Thus, when Metis became pregnant with Athena, Zeus swallowed Metis in order to prevent the child’s birth. Soon after, Zeus became afflicted with a violent headache. He went to the smithy god Hephaestus, who split his skull with a bronze ax in order to relieve the pain. Out sprang the bright-eyed Athena in full armour, shouting triumphantly and brandishing a sharp spear!




The birth of Athena from the head of Zeus can be seen as symbolic of her rational temperament. Her very nature reflects the triumph of reason over passion, as she is consistently unmoved by the emotions of passion or romantic love. Her father is the most powerful and her mother the wisest of the gods and goddesses. Athena is thus a product of the union of power and wisdom.


To the Athenians, she was known as “Parthenos,” which means Virgin or Maiden. They built the Parthenon in her honor on the Acropolis at Athens. The beautiful Parthenon was one of the largest Greek temples and a masterpiece of Greek architecture. It was the spiritual center of Athens. Built on a high hill, it was visible for miles around and stood as a symbol of Athenian culture, wealth and power. Inside, toward the west end, towered a forty- foot-high ivory and gold statue of the goddess, sculpted by Phidias.


In art, Athena is represented as a stately figure clothed in armour and bearing her breastplate, th aegis, which no arrow could pierce. The aegis is ringed in serpents and is adorned with the head of the Gorgon Medusa. Athena often wears a golden helmet and holds in her right hand a spear to strike at a serpent near her feet. It has thus been said that she wields the spear of knowledge against the serpent of ignorance. To the ancient Greeks, Athena was known as the Spear-shaker. They placed her statue on their temples, and when the rays of the sun would dance on her spear, it looked as if she were shaking it.




Pallas Athena was the muse and inspiration of Sir Francis Bacon, author of the Shakespearean plays, an embodiment of Saint Germain. In her honor, he founded a secret literary society called the Knights of the Helmet. It is believed that he used the name Shakespeare partly in tribute to the goddess Pallas Athena, the “shaker of the spear.”


The one who holds the office of the Goddess of Truth has always given great assistance to the messengers of the Great White Brotherhood. Her scepter of power is the flaming sword of Truth that cleaves asunder the Real from the unreal and keeps the way of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.


On June 30, 1976, in Washington, D.C., Pallas Athena called for the raising of the consciousness of the people of earth by the flame of truth – the Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness.


She said: “I wish you would understand this day that when I say I AM Truth incarnate, I must rely upon your body, your flesh and your blood, your mind and your soul to be the incarnation of the Word of Truth that I AM!… “I AM Pallas Athena. I AM Greek. I AM Roman. I AM freeborn. I AM a member of every nation. I AM an American. From this day and forever-more, I claim you for the cause of Truth because you have made that cause your own. In the living flame of Truth, I am grateful for your love of Truth, of liberty, for your courage and your self-sacrifice. I am grateful, and I bow before the flame of Truth within you. And I will use that flame to light a nation and to light a world!”


As a result of this dictation, Pallas Athena, Saint Germain and El Morya sent the messenger and their chelas throughout the world to bring the truth of the message of the ascended masters.


Whenever you are engaged in a service to the ascended masters, call to Pallas Athena and her legions of Truth to go before you, to be the bearer of the mighty sword of Truth for the binding of the force of anti-truth or Antichrist.


from The Masters and Their Retreats

by Mark and Elizabeth Prophet


Healing Our Lives…

This is a massive week astrologically speaking.

We have the planet of transformation, Pluto, connecting harmoniously to the planetoid of healing, Chiron. Put these two together and you have a chance for healing that happens from the inside out.

“Healing” might be a medical word but it also has strong new-age connotations. In these circles, it is usually accepted that healing has to happen energetically as well as physically. If you’re on the spiritual path, you may have heard of Louise Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life (Hay House).

If not, it’s a good week to be introduced to it, while there is healing energy in the air. In her research, Hay deduced that ailments are connected to mental states. Lower-back pain is associated with feeling a lack of support and eye problems are about not liking what you’re seeing.

This can be a confronting idea at first, but if you’re interested, I recommend the book. And if you have something you want to heal, this is the week to look at the cause of your pain so you can heal from the inside out.

One of Hay’s affirmations that I love, which is perfect for this week, is: “I am where I am and it’s okay.” Repeat this liberally!

Thought for the day

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Feng Shui question

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True Success

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Michael and Estelle

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