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Love and sex – Venus and Mars part 2

How You Can Make The Most Of The Coming Venus/Mars Connection

From the Free Information Department

So are you looking forward to the loving, sexy Venus and Mars connection next week?

When I first discovered astrology, I was going through a rough time romantically. I found the Stars such a great guide, in terms of helping me work out what the heck was going on!

And now that I have been married for almost 10 years, does astrology still count? Of course! If nothing else, it lets me know when there’s an awesome, cosmically ‘loaded’ date night coming up that my hubby and I can take advantage of!

In other words, whether you’re single and looking or attached and you just want to keep things light and bright with your beloved, it’s worth looking to the Stars.

In a few days, the planet of love, Venus, will meet the planet of sex, Mars. There will be love in the air!

My wonderful Aussie astrologer colleague Joanne Madeline Moore has put together a brilliant eBook so you can understand your own Venus and Mars/Love and Sex planets better (and understand them in anyone else’s chart too!)

We will be running a 24 hour 20% off special on this next week but in the meantime, Joanne wrote this post about how we can all make the most of the upcoming Venus/Mars connection… regardless of our sign.


Prepare for a special celestial connection!

In early November, Venus [planet of love and romance] and Mars [planet of sexual desire] link up in the earthy sign of Virgo. So how can you utilize this powerful and positive conjunction to improve your love and sex life?

FYI the Venus/Mars connection peaks on November 3 but it’s the evening of Monday, November 2 which is most passion-filled!

Couples – You’re ready to work hard on the relationship, as the two of you look at any problems you’re having in a reasonable and realistic way. It’s also a terrific time to brush up on your bedroom technique as you study sex manuals or videos, and strive to get an A+ in sexual satisfaction [for you and your lover]. The best aphrodisiac during this time is relaxation, so on Monday night, get out the scented candles and massage oils, as you help each other to wind down, relax, and slip into a steady lovemaking groove. Can’t do Monday? Sunday night will also work.

Looking for Love – If you’ve made some incredibly poor choices in the past, then this connection is fabulous news, as it will make you much more sensible and discerning than usual. Romance is balanced with realism, as you take off your rose-colored glasses and view prospective partners in a more pragmatic and precise way. You’re looking for much more than a steamy one-night stand as you put kindness, courtesy, communication, commitment and self-control at the top of your ‘Qualities to Look for in a Perfect Partner’ list. Sunday night is great for going out with friends and seeing who you might meet and Monday is great for getting online and doing the same.

Happily Single – This special Venus/Mars conjunction will improve your social life in leaps and bounds, as you feel the need to connect with like-minded souls and share common interests. And you’ll find you are much more tolerant of the peccadillos and flaws of your friends [that would usually annoy you]. It’s also an excellent aspect for financial matters, and the more proactive you are about boosting cash flow, the more abundant you’ll feel [and the more prosperous you’ll be].Sunday or Monday night out with friends could be especially fun.

Check back in a few days for one last Venus and Mars / Love and sex post…

Love and sex – Venus and Mars part i

Why next week will offer some crazy, sexy love!

In just over a week, the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of sex, Mars, will meet up.

So it seems like a really good time to have a talk about what it means when these two planets – sometimes called the boyfriend and the girlfriend of the zodiac – get it together.

Astrologer and very good moonology friend Joanne Madeline Moore has put together an amazing eBook which we’re going to run a special on, but for now, here are some thoughts from her about …

The Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Venus’ Meeting With Mars

By Joanne Madeline Moore

In just over a week, the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of sex, Mars, are going to meet up in the sign of Virgo. This is especially exciting news for Virgo and Virgo Rising people, and for Pisces and Pisces Rising people.. But it’s also quite lovely for the rest of us, too.

Reason being, when these two planets get together, there is an extra frisson in the air. If you’re single and you want to meet someone, it’s an especially promising time to put your wishes for passion out into the ethers. It also happens to be a great time to go online and see who you meet, or get out and socialise, and see who takes your fancy.

And if you’re attached? Even more reason to harness this lovely, sexy vibe. All relationships need a boost from time to time.

Love and romance are in the air, when Venus and Mars connect.

Venus and Mars really are the keys to love and sex in the stars, so…

1. Prepare for a special cosmic connection!

Venus is the planet of love and romance, whereas Mars is the planet of sexual desire. Usually they link up every two years however – approximately every 18 years – Venus and Mars join up three times within a nine month period. And 2015 is one of those special years.

On November 3 they conjoin at 24 degrees Virgo, for the last time this year. So it’s a rare and wonderful connection, and signifies the last golden opportunity we have this year to get relationships right. To work on them; heal them; improve them; and finesse them … romantically and sexually.

However note that because the link between Venus and Mars takes place during the day when most of us will be at work, the evening of Monday, November 2 is actually the ideal moment to stage your strike for love!

2. Love and sex will be on your mind more than usual!

This is because the Venus/Mars connection marks the union of the two planets that represent your love nature [Venus] and sex drive [Mars].

If you’re single, you can expect to feel a deep longing to find the perfect partner. If romantic sparks fly with someone special around November 2/3, it’s a very auspicious sign that you are starting a long-term relationship with a true soul mate.

And, if you’re already attached, you’ll want to spend more quality time with your lover, sharing activities [and passions] that you both enjoy.

3. A second-rate partner just won’t do!

On November 3, Venus and Mars link up in Virgo [the sign of precision and perfection]. So you’ll be looking for the Perfect Partner … or trying to improve the one you’ve already got.

Just be careful that your standards aren’t so incredibly high that no mere mortal will be able to meet them!

If a current relationship is not measuring up to your expectations [and is encountering serious problems] then you may decide to end it and look for true love elsewhere.

More Venus and Mars info v soon!

Full Moon alert!



Here are the Full Moon times around the world:

Full Moon 4 degrees Taurus
SYDNEY: October 27, 11.06pm AEDT
LONDON: October 27, 12.06pm UT
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: October 27, 8.06am EDT
AUCKLAND: October 28, 1.06am NZST
PARIS: October 27, 1.06pm CET

If you like to work with angels, the Full Moon Archangel this month is Chamuel, an angel brimming over with love. Chamuel can help us to find what we’re looking for so ask for help if you’re seeking something.

The chakra of the Full Moon is the heart chakra. The affirmation is “I love!” Repeat it to yourself between now and the New Moon in two weeks’ time.

If you like to chant, the chant is “Yum!” – say it out loud or silently during meditation time.

Happy Full Moon!


The lovers of the zodiac Venus and Mars are meeting up this time next week. And the lead up is good for our love life and our sex lives. In particular, if things aren’t what they used to be in the bedroom, pay attention! And if you’re with someone and it’s all new and exciting and you’re smoking up the bed nightly, ditto.

Very soon, the lovers of the zodiac, Venus and Mars, will ‘conjoin’. That means they will be in the same place at the same time – it only happens about once every two years and if you’re interested in your love life, it’s potentially very important for you to know, astrologically-speaking, at least.

If you’re having issues with your partner, or things are on a slow burn and you want to heat them up, or you’re in lust and you just want more, more, more of your beloved, then Venus and Mars will supply you with the energy you need. Reason being, Venus is the love and relationships planet while Mars is the red-blooded sex planet.

Here are the times of the Venus/Mars meeting around the world:

London: November 3 at 1.10am – so focus on it on the evening of Monday, November 2.

Sydney: 11.10am on Tuesday November 3 – the night of November 2 or morning of November 3 will work

New York: 8.10pm on November 2 – perfect!

Click here for your location.

If you and your beloved have been through tough times lately, it could also be a very healing moment for the two of you. This is because the next astro-combination which takes place is a connection from mighty-happy planet Jupiter to healing planetoid Chiron. If you need to talk things through, find someone right to do it with (not necessarily the person you went through the rough time with!)

And if you don’t have a beloved but you would like to, use the Venus/Mars connection to do some ‘cosmic’ work. Start by writing down any hurts from the past that still bother you. Take as much time as you need – write it by hand, preferably. Then visualise the person you feel hurt you before you. Understand that we all have sacred contracts with the people in our lives who touch us. Consider the idea that before you both incarnated, you agreed you would have this upset so that you could learn something. What have you learned? And now see that person in your mind’s eye and forgive and thank them. Send them love and see them floating off into the ethers.

If you can, follow this up with a massage or a candlelit bath at home or whatever feels right. Take time to think about what you want from your next big relationship. Visualise it! How does it make you feel? As the late, great Wayne Dyer noted, the key to manifesting is to ‘feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled’.

We are moving from the Full Moon to the New Moon – a special time when dreams are born.

If you’re not all that interested in romance but you’re curious about money, this Venus/Mars link is great for being proactive about cash. Don’t argue about it though! Next week will bring the New Moon so the more you get clear on what you want now, the more powerful your New Moon wishes and intentions will be.

Knowing where your own Venus and Mars are can be very helpful in terms of understanding why and how you love who you love! If you would like to explore that, start with this brilliant eBook.

Towards the Full Moon



One of the most important things you can do with the Full Moon tomorrow is … just notice it! Keep an eye on the skies from now and watch her swell. This lifts the gaze up to the heavens and from there, amazing things can happen!

The Full Moon is the time to release and let go and in the sign of Taurus, the first things which springs to mind to let go of are unhealthy dietary habits and too much clinginess.

The Full Moon itself is making a wonderful links to the planet of dreams, soulmates and poetry aka Neptune. It makes it a rather extra wonderful Full Moon. The vibe should be very soft. If you want to make the most of it, one of the best things you can do is to consciously, actively harness it! On the night when the Moon is fullest wherever you are, think about something or someone you need to release.

Let’s just say you and friend, colleague, partner or anyone else had and argument or upset. Perhaps all is well now or perhaps it’s not. This is the time to release your attachment to the situation. The way to do this is through forgiveness and a little forgiveness exercise is a brilliant thing to do every Full Moon. All you have to do is close your eyes and visualise them. Wish them all the very best from the bottom of your heart and breathe out… let it all go.

It might help to examine the idea that what you had was not an upset but in fact a set-up. That on some level, you had to have this set-up upset in order to learn something. What did you learn? Be grateful for the teaching and move on.

Taurus is a very stubborn sign (we all have Taurus in our chart somewhere – that’s how astrology works!) So this is a very good Moon to release a toxic or negative emotion or relationship or situation that has been ‘stubbornly’ hard to let go.

Full Moon Report October 2015

full-moon-clouds (1)FULL MOON REPORT OCTOBER 2015

The Full Moon this month takes place in the sign of Taurus – it happens this week. This is a quick rundown of where in your chart it will affect you …

Aries or Aries Rising – your 2nd House – so it’s about cash property and possessions, self-esteem, and your values
Taurus or Taurus Rising – your 1st House – it’s about your whole life!
Gemini or Gemini Rising – your 12th House – so it’s about fears and your deepest darkest self, including your spiritual side.
Cancer or Cancer Rising – your 11th House – it’s all about your friends, as well as your hopes and dreams.
Leo or Leo Rising – your 10th House – you career and ambitions are in focus.
Virgo or Virgo Rising – your 9th House – it’s all about study and travel, internet and publishing
Libra or Libra Rising – your 8th House – sex and money are highlighted for you
Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – your 7th House – your love is in focus
Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius – your 6th House – it’s all about your daily work life and health routines
Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – your 5th House – look to your romantic life, your kids and your creative life
Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – your 4th House – your home and family situation is the topic of the month
Pisces or Pisces Rising – your 3rd House – it’s all about a new cycle starting re the way you think and communicate, also re your siblings and neighbours.

New site coming soon


We are here in labour! Working hard to bring you a new site today – taking in the Venus/Jupiter conjunction that is growing up in them there skies.

So please stay tuned and if at any point in the next 24 hours or so you turn up here and find a missing site, or a site down, or a funny pic saying we are working on the site, well, yes, we are working on the site!

The new-look site is awesome. Just need to iron our the last few wrinkles.

Yasmin x

Friday October 23 – Moon Meditation: Sun into Scorpio…


Friday October 23
Moon Meditation: Sun into Scorpio…

As the Sun moves into Scorpio, it means the spotlight is now in a different part of our charts/lives. The Sun is like a spotlight that goes around our charts and highlights one part of it or another. Here is a quick rundown re where the Sun is for you now… Read your Sun Sign and/or your Rising Sign if you know it:

ARIES: Your sex life and finances.
TAURUS: Your love life.
GEMINI: Your daily work routines.
CANCER: Kids, creativity and romance.
LEO: Your home life and family.
VIRGO: How you communicate.
LIBRA: Your self-worth and finances.
SCORPIO: Your whole life!
SAGITTARIUS: Your inner life.
CAPRICORN: Your friendships.
AQUARIUS: Your career.

PISCES: Travel and adventure, study and religion.

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Today’s Planets: Moon into Pisces
Today’s Moon Angel: Archangel Sandalphon

Moon over London


For any Londonders. This weekend I am doing my very first every New Moon and Full Moon workshop. It’s material OH so close to my heart and I am very excited about it. If you live in or near London or you know someone in London you think might enjoy such a workshop, please do feel free to let them know about it! :-)

The Moon has always been my first love astrologically-speaking, in many ways, and the New Moon and Full Moon in particular. I am still finalising my talk and really want to give participants something really useful to go home with!

Tickets are here – they are just £5 but you do also have to pay to get into the exhibition which I am pretty sure will be worth paying to do! Tickets are here.

Thursday October 22 – Moon Meditation: Don’t drive yourself mad with the wheels of your mind…


Thursday October 22
Moon Meditation: Don’t drive yourself mad with the wheels of your mind…

Don’t drive yourself mad with the wheels of your mind or, as my illustrious publisher Louise L. Hay puts it, it’s time to stop terrorising yourself with your thoughts! This is more applicable than ever today because there is a clash between Mercury (thoughts) and Pluto (terror!).

If you are someone who easily loses your cool, be extra vigilant. In fact, it might serve you to think of today as a 24 hour test; can you get though it without getting bent out of shape at yourself or anyone else?

If and when there is an issue, look for a solution that is win/win. And keep talking things through. The good news is that the stars sort themselves out quite quickly, so hopefully all will be well that ends well!

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Having love issues? Our Love and Sex Signs eBook can help you understand what’s going on better. Take a look here.

Today’s Planets: Moon in Aquarius
Today’s Moon Angel: Archangel Uriel

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