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Visit to Lourdes

Yesterday my family and I visited Lourdes. We are in France for a few weeks (my hubby is French) and are driving around from one place to another. As we headed west from Hossegor yesterday, my hubby noticed signs saying “LOURDES” coming up.

Knowing me as well as he does, he knew there was no way I’d be happy to miss the chance to drop into this famed healing well! So we took a two hour detour which was MORE than worth it.

Bernadette Soubirous

Bernadette Soubirous

In case you don’t know, Lourdes is a sacred site, famed because Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared 18 times to a young woman named Bernadette Soubirous. This happened in 1858 and Bernadette was 14 at the time. (Bernadette was later canonised by the Catholic church.)

One thing I noticed was that on arriving in Lourdes, we were all very excited, a bit the way we might be excited to visit, say, Disneyland. Hey, this is a very famous place, and actually the second most visited part of France after Paris!

But our tourist-mentality quickly gave way to something far deeper, once we were moving towards the grotto. The keepers of the grounds ask for silence, and in that silence, you do feel something very sacred. As well, you know that many of the other people there have travelled from all over the world to make this very special visit because they need healing.

Lourdes is famed for it’s healing powers and water. As my hubby said, for many sick people, a visit to Lourdes is their last resort, when all other medical avenues have failed them.

So my hubby, son and I queued for the Grotto. I can’t say I saw anyone getting healed on the spot. But I can report that there is a wonderful energy in the grotto. The first time we went in, my hubby rushed us along a little bit. That’s just him! He didn’t want us to slow everyone else down!

So we dispatched him to please go and buy some containers so we could take away some holy water with us and queued again. This time, a kindly woman, seeing my son who is 8, waved us through direct to the front of the queue so we didn’t have to wait too long.

We went in a second time and instead of rushing to take pictures of the Grotto, this time, we took our time. No one minded. They just walked around us. My son and I had a moment to say a prayer for our family and for our friends, in particular for some friends who have health challenges at this time.

The feeling in there was so warm and loving, just as I have experienced the Divine Mother’s love in other parts of the world, most especially in India. I whispered a Divine Mother chant in my son’s ear and we moved on, running our hands along the cool, wet rocks of the grotto and transferring the wetness there on to our heads and faces. Heavenly.

Once we were out of the grotto a second time, we went to the taps where the holy water flows and drank it up, filled our containers, and splashed the water on our faces and our crown chakras until we were fairly drenched!

Lourdes-mapThat done, we made a quick pitstop at the gift shop where I bought two rosary beads, one for myself and one for my mother, and a wonderful Lourdes bracelet, this one for me and one for my sister. I also bought a gorgeous candle, a peace dove pin and a few other trinkets!

Once we were back in the car and on the road, I found I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. This is really unusual for me. We are seasoned car travellers – we go around France for a few weeks nearly every year and usually I entertain the family by playing songs from my iPod, teaching my son about songs from my own youth as well as downloading new ones that he likes. (We also listen a lot to this – it’s awesome!)

But after our visit to Lourdes, I was just spent. For the first time that I can remember, I felt compelled to recline my passenger seat and just doze. I drifted off into a deep sleep for nearly two hours. I told my BFF about this and she said she felt I was getting a healing, and I think she is right.

When I awoke, I felt something which I can only describe as “I now have the ability to make better choices”. This has a personal meaning for me. This is wonderful because for me, it fits so perfectly with my vision of the Divine Mother.

After all, surely one of the purposes of being a mother is to teach your children to make the best choices possible as they go through life…

Yasmin x

Friday July 31 – “Venus loves to love… “


Friday July 31
“Venus loves to love… ”

Venus moves into the sign of Leo today under the Full Moon. Venus in Leo, you say? Yes! And if you think you have heard about that recently, well, you’re right! The fact is that Venus is reversing BACK into the sign of Leo as a part of her relatively rare reverse cycle.

This means we’re being asked to think about how much we care about someone or something – for some, it’s about getting a second chance in love and, for others, it’s about getting a second financial chance. If you broke up with someone recently and all you want to do is reunite, your best prospects start now. For some, there are dealings with an ex lover now which bring you closure.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon, of course, brings things to a head. If you find yourself getting overly emotional about someone or something, take a deep breath and don’t get Full Mooned! Wondering about the Full Moon and the fact it’s blue? Click here!

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Today’s Planets: Full Moon in Aquarius, Venus into Leo
Today’s Moon Archangel: Uriel

Thursday July 30 – “Pick a card!”


Thursday July 30
“Pick a card!”

Today there are no major alignments, so I am going to pick a card. However, instead of using one of the many awesome decks I have, I am going to pick a Nirvana Card!

The Nirvana Cards, as some people know, are a little thingie on my site where you can ask the Universe a question and get an answer. I invented them more than 15 years ago… They have been on my site since Day-Dot and are always in the Top 10 most visited pages.

If you already know and love the Nirvana Cards, you might be happy to hear we are about to turn them into a very simple app! But for now, they are a web page… So, here we go… Think of your question and click here to get your answer!

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Today’s Planets: Moon into Aquarius
Today’s Moon Archangel: Uriel

Don’t believe the Blue Moon hype!


I have been asked quite a few times, both by personal friends and professional contacts, to write something about the Blue Moon this month. But guess what? There is really nothing all that special about it, astrologically-speaking.

It’s just the second of two Full Moons in the same calendar month. So for my cosmic dollar, this Blue Moon is not really any different from any other Full Moon this or any other year.

Confused? Read on…

As you probably know, every 30 days or so, there is a Full Moon. So mostly there is one each month. One in January, one in February, one in March and so on.

This time around, though, two Full Moons in a row happen to ‘bookend’ July, rather than falling across first July and then August, as they usually would. But really, it’s a case of so what? It doesn’t make the Full Moon any more powerful or interesting – it’s just two Full Moons happening to take place within the same month of the man-made construct known as the Julian calendar.

So why is the internet full of posts about it? That’s a very good question. One writer called it “unprecedented”. Another called it “potent” and “magical”. I’ll leave you to Google around to find those articles, if you so desire.

For me, the words “beat-up” and “what the heck?” spring to mind!

At best I suppose you could say it makes the (man–made) month of July extra special but I don’t think we mere mortals are going to feel anything different.

Full Moons are all about climaxes and letting go. So two Full Moons in one month mean there is more of a chance to release the past than we usually get within one calendar month. However they are still about the same distance apart as non-Blue Moons are so, for me at least, it’s a very tenuous argument!

Just to be clear, this is a very different thing to a Blue Moon which is so-called because there are two Full Moons in the same astrological sign. That’s possible and for me, a totally different story (and one for another day!)

So instead of trying to turn this Blue Full Moon into something it’s not, here’s an idea; let’s look at what this week’s Full Moon has to offer us, blue or not.

As mentioned, it’s taking place in the sign of Aquarius. For a start, here is a quick rundown of what that means for each sign. If you know your Rising Sign, read that as well – your Star sign will give you a ‘quick fix’ but your Rising Sign is far more likely to hit the Full Moon nail on the head for you.

Once you have read about what it means for you, please do scroll down as there’s a final bit of info there as well.

Aries or Aries Rising – As the Full Moon takes place in your 11th house, it’s time to look at the things you’ve been hoping and wishing for. Either it’s going to become clear how you can make it happen or it might be about to become clear that it’s a pipedream you’d do best to move on from. As well, while the past few weeks have almost certainly been about you, the fun you can have, your romantic life, your self-expression, a child you’ve been indulging and/or a creative project you’ve had on the boil – but the skies now suggest that you think less about that and more about if you are carrying your weight where the groups you belong to are concerned.

Taurus or Taurus Rising – The Full Moon in your 10th house of suggests you may well be feeling a tug of war between your home life and your career. More than likely you have spent the past few weeks thinking about your personal life, you home, family, and where you feel you belong. Now though, the skies are reminding you that all of us have to crawl out from the safety of our nests from time to time. If you know you’ve been neglecting your professional obligations because of what’s been going on at home or with family, the skies suggest now is the time to redress the balance.

Gemini or Gemini Rising – The Full Moon brings about tension as the Moon takes the exactly opposite position in the skies to the Sun. The Sun is where our focus has been – for you for the past few weeks, this has been on Your Own Backyard – your neighourhood, aunts, uncles and sibling, little tasks, quick trips and lots of chats. Now the Full Moon asks that you shift your focus a little and that you step back and look at The Bigger Picture. If life is a cosmic quest, how are you doing? Do what it takes to expand your mind. PS If you’re thinking about taking up some kind of study or starting to travel, you have heavenly support.

Cancer or Cancer Rising – The Full Moon is taking place in your 8th house. For you, it’s partly all about joint finances – that means where you get paid by someone else or where you pay them and also about loans and debt. It’s a time to be thinking about what’s yours, what’s someone else’s and where the two may or can or even should meet. You may find that you’ve been thinking too much about someone else’s needs but now comes a time when you start to focus more on feathering your own nest. There really is nothing at all wrong with that – in fact, with the Full Moon in your 8th house, it’s pretty much what you should be doing. Sexually, the coming month is emotionally charged. If things are good, they should get better. If they’re not so good, it’s time to address the issues. Sex is not always easy to talk about but this Full Moon brings makes it easier.

Leo or Leo Rising – Lately, it’s been all about YOU. And guess what? That isn’t likely to change overnight. But the Full Moon in your 7th house of Other People and of Romance means it’s time for you to think less about yourself and what you want, and more about others and what they need. The Full Moon in your Love Zone (which this is) also marks the natural conclusion for relationships which have clearly reached their Use-By date. Compromise is crucial now, if you’re in a good relationship which is going through temporary troubles and delays. For some, closure on an ex is possible at last.

Virgo or Virgo Rising – Now is the moment to take a good long hard look at yourself and where you are self-sabotaging yourself. If you know you are clinging to unhealthy habits (eg: smoking) which are doing you no good physically, now is the perfect time to give that habit away. If it’s some other unhealthy behaviour which is scuppering you again and again – eg: acting jealous, drinking too much – again this is the ideal time to bin the behaviour. If you’ve recently reformed (eg: started exercising properly) this is the time recommit to your new regimes. Meanwhile an important work project could come to fruition now.

Libra or Libra Rising – The Full Moon in your 5th house of fun suggests that there is likely to be some kind of tug of war going on in your heart – you have hopes and dreams that you know you have to work hard to make come true. But you also wish you could have more fun. And honestly, that is your challenge right now. You do need to work to make your dreams come true but you need to balance that out with having time out for good behaviour. For some, this month will be all about learning to be a great friend to other people while also allowing yourself the quality Me Time that we all need.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – The last few weeks have most likely seen you giving Number One priority to your career. If that’s the case, you can expect your personal life to start demanding some more of your attention now, as the Full Moon takes place across your career and family zones. It’s all very fabulous doing brilliantly at work and getting kudos (or at least managing to hold your own). But don’t let your ego lead you into thinking that that’s the most important part of life. Because it’s just not. Sure, there will be time to start to focus again on your professional life, but right now, if you listen to the Stars, you will hear them reminding you to take care of your personal life.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising – Over the past few weeks, you’ve hopefully allowed yourself the luxury of caring less about the details and more about seeing The Big Picture. With any luck, you now have a much clearer sense or either where you are going (in a metaphorical sense) or where you want to go (in a literal sense). There has been mind expanding going on – via travel, dreams of travel, talk with someone with connections far away or study. Now, though, as you might have guessed, it’s time to rein yourself back in and check out what’s going on in your own backyard. There are little tasks and chores which need to be attended to before you head off for the wild blue yonder.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – Intimacy, power struggles and questions about who has the upper hand, cash, control and joint finances have been a focus for many of your for the past few weeks. This Full Moon suggests that you shift your focus a little. Instead of worrying about who owes and owns what, worry about what you have, and what you have to offer someone else. It’s as though the Universe is asking you to think less about what someone else can do to make you happy, and to worry more about what you can do to make others comfortable. Rediscover the pleasure of giving.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – The Full Moon takes place in your sign which is a sure message from the skies – it’s time to stop thinking so much about someone else, and time to start investing some emotional energy into your own well-being. This is a potentially highly emotional time so don’t be surprised if life feels extra intense. The trick is not to loose your cool, and to stay mindful of the fact that what happens now can be a path to your future. The Full Moon is definitely a marker for you – it can also be a turning point. If you’re not happy about where you life is headed, it’s time to turn and face a new direction.

Pisces or Pisces Rising – The emphasis has been on the Everyday – the routines in your life, your daily work and health schedules, what you do for others. The click click click of life. The Full Moon suggests though that it’s time for you to think less about that and more about the hidden parts of life. Spare a moment for the esoteric. Spend some time alone in quiet contemplation rather than throwing yourself onto an endless treadmill of life where you don’t get a chance to think about anything much. There is a lot which has been swirling beneath the surface – and it’s time to allow it up for air.

To sum up, it’s worth noting that the Full Moon is always an intense time, whether it’s a silver, blue, pink or any other coloured Moon.

Astrologically, the Moon symbolises our emotions and when She swells to fullness once a month (or twice in one month as per this case) our emotions often do as well. So try not to lose your cool under the Blue Moon. The Full Moon (Blue or not) is always a great time for us all to deal with emotions… but not to allow them to overwhelm us! One of my favourite things to do under the Full Moon is to make a list of any upsets from the past four weeks (or from the past fullstop, if you have yet to deal with them). Stop for a moment and send love – yes love! – anyone who has upset or hurt you or done anything negative to you. Forgiveness releases the karma so you don’t have to keep dealing with it in this or future lifetimes! And then burn the list, so that you transmute the emotions into the ethers.

The Full Moon is also an awesome time to cleanse things – the brightness of the Full Moon washes over anything and everything you leave out overnight. Jewellery in particular can be cleansed at this time; just leave it somewhere safe overnight – it’s like giving it an energy recharge so that any negative emotions it has absorbed from being worn in the past are cleansed.

The very good Blue Moon 2015 news is that the first major planetary aspect after the Full Moon takes place on August 2 between communications planet Mercury and turnaround planet Uranus.

So if you do end up going a bit ‘loony’ at the time of the Full Moon, as people sometimes do as emotions swell, chances are you can turn things around a few days later.

Enjoy the Blue Moon!

Wednesday July 29 – “Get serious…”


Wednesday July 29
“Get serious…”

The Moon is in Capricorn, which is a wonderful thing. It means it’s a time when we can get really serious about our emotions, in a really good way!

The Moon is the Queen of emotions and Capricorn is the Very Serious Sign, so when la Luna makes her monthly move through this sign, it’s a great time to get down to sorting out any relationship issues you might be having with your partner or ex. The fact that the love planet, Venus, is currently reversing means all this goes double!

If you’re involved in financial negotiations right now, it’s a good time for it, but don’t be too tough! Some negotiations agreed to now could be renegotiated later, which could be a good thing!

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Today’s Planets: Moon in Capricorn

Today’s Moon Archangel: Azrael

Tuesday July 28 – “Moon into Capricorn… ”


Tuesday July 28
“Moon into Capricorn… ”

We are at the start of the current Venus retrograde. Right now, Venus is in Virgo – at 0 degrees – but very soon she will reverse back into Leo where she will spend most of this reverse cycle.

Venus retrograde is a time when we can step back and quite coolly consider how much someone or something means to us. It’s a time when, if we have been taking someone for granted, we can get a bit of a reminder of why that’s never a good idea!

If you and your partner are feeling slightly more detached than usual, try not to panic. It’s just reappraisal time as you both work through your feelings. The outcome can very much be that you realise you do still adore each other and will work hard on your love!

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Today’s Planets: Moon into Capricorn

Today’s Moon Archangel: Azrael

Monday July 27 – “Uranus madness… “


Monday July 27
“Uranus madness… ”

Yesterday, the planet of chaos and madness, aka Uranus, started to move backwards in the skies. This is the start of rather a long cycle.

When Uranus starts to go backwards, it can be a time of chaos, so do try to be patient today if things are going a little haywire. Overall, though, the good news is that today and in the coming weeks, whatever madness you’re dealing with is madness you have dealt with before!

It may well be that a relationship or situation that went through some ups and downs is going a little cray-cray again… In which case, your lesson is almost certainly to live and let live!

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Today’s Planets: Moon in Sadge
Today’s Moon Archangel: Raguel

Sunday July 26 – “Back-tracking… ”


Sunday July 26
“Back-tracking… ”

Yesterday was rather intense as Venus started a rare reverse cycle, and Mars and Uranus clashed. Today there is healing in the air. In other words, if you know you over-stepped the mark with someone and you want to make things good, you might well be able to.

Sometimes all you need is a simple word: Sorry.

On another note, if you did yourself an injury yesterday (the skies were rather chaotic!) then ditto – there is healing in the air, so hopefully you will be able to get some. Anything that manipulates the body like a massage or a chiropractor is especially well starred.

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If you want to find out what makes you and your partner tick, our Venus and Mars/Love and Sex book, by the wonderful Joanne Madeline Moore, really can help! It’s here.

Today’s Planets: Sun/Nodes, Mars trine Chiron, Uranus retrograde (more on that tomorrow) and Moon into Sagittarius
Today’s Moon Archangel: Raguel

Your thoughts, please!


We are currently working behind-the-scenes on updating Moonology’s look. There are not likely to be any drastic changes, just a general spruce up.

We will be uploading the new look in a few weeks, at an astrologically-auspicious moment, of course!

I wonder if you would take the time to let me know if there is anything you really would like to see added or removed, anything which drives you mad about the site or anything you would not like to see changed!

We are going to simplify the menu, using some fan dangled tech called geo-lcation. That will make it so that you will see the RIGHT stars for your location when you log on without having to choose your country or time zone. So that’s one thing…

Any ideas, complaints or general comments you have will be OH so well received, if you could take the time to let me know your thoughts. Just send an email to redesign@moonology.com and we will read it with relish!

Thanks and best wishes,

Yasmin x

Saturday July 25 – “Love backwards… ”


Saturday July 25
“Love backwards… ”

The planet of love and abundance, aka Venus, starts a relatively rare reverse cycle today. (She does this about once every 18 months… and as she goes, she makes a wonderful pattern in the skies!)

When Venus is going backwards, the order of the day is to work out what really matters to you. For example, is it all about lifestyle or opportunities? Work or fun? Friends or study? And so on.

Once you know what really matters, then you can live your life accordingly. Sounds simple, and it really is! Click here to download a FREE Venus mandala to meditate on!

Overall, take it easy today. Due to some other alignments, things could be quite tense!

Are you incompatible or is it just your planets clashing? Find out here!

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Today’s Planets: Moon in Scorpio, Venus retrograde, Mars square Uranus
Today’s Moon Archangel: Jeremial

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