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Sunday May 31 – “Strangeness in the air…”


Sunday May 31
“Strangeness in the air…”

If you’re picking up a bit of weirdness in the air, you’re not imagining it. There is a hard clash between the Sun and weird Neptune today.

In other words if you’re not sure which way is up or what you should do, if you’re confused or feeling like life is a mystery, now you know why.

Under these conditions, the best thing is to aim to hold off on any major decisions and just breathe through the day.

It’s a classic case of “things will be easier tomorrow…” A good day to meditate, rather than trying to go at life in a logical manner.

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Today’s planets: Moon in Scorpio, Sun square Neptune

Today’s Moon Archangel: Jeremiel

Today’s Moon Goddess: Kali

Saturday May 30 – “Talking it through…”


Saturday May 30
“Talking it through…”

Here’s the link you need if you want to talk through an issue with someone. Perhaps you are in the right or perhaps you are in the wrong? No matter.

The point is that today, as the Sun and Mercury meet, communications are high on the agenda.

Moreover, they are meeting while Mercury is going backwards, so if you need to talk about an upset that happened not all that long ago, it’s possible now.

If you know it’s up to you to extend the hand of reconciliation, do it. Think of the good karma and happier life!

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Today’s planets: Moon into Scorpio, Sun conjunct Mercury

Today’s Moon Archangel: Jeremiel

Today’s Moon Goddess: Kali

Friday May 29 – “Keep talking…”


Friday May 29
“Keep talking…”

Just looking at the stars for today, and over the next few days, and the theme seems to be a lot about communication.

Mercury, the planet of chat, is quite active as it goes backwards in the sign of Gemini, which is all about communications.

So, as you go into the weekend, keep the idea of “keeping the lines of communication open” front of mind. And talk things through if and when you get a chance, especially if things are confusing for you.

The other thing is that all this Mercury energy is good for social events, so hopefully we are all in for a fun and chatty weekend that is busy in all the right ways.

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Today’s planets: Moon in Libra, Mercury square Neptune

Today’s Moon Archangel: Jophiel

Today’s Moon Goddess: Lakshmi

Angels at Stonehenge


Do you see feathers a lot where you go?

* Yes? Then you probably already know your angels want you to feel their presence.

* No? Then try this; ask the angels to show you that they are around you. Ask them from the bottom of your heart. And wait and see – pretty soon you will have more and more angel feathers in your path.

I just got back from a trip to Stonehenge in England and it was amazing. And wherever I looked, there were angel feathers. Obviously I took this as a strong indication that the angels were around me on this trip.

And why wouldn’t they be? Angels are divine beings and I chose to go to Stonehenge because I wanted to connect with the divine energies around that part of the world. Apart from anything else, there is the (Archangel) Michael/(Mother) Mary ley line down that-a-way.

If you’re new to angels but you already know your astrology, then here is some really basic Angel Astrology info for you… It’s a list of which sign goes with which angel. If you know which sign rules your rising sign (1st House), love life (7th House) or your career (10th House) then you can work with those angels too.

Here is the list, as it appears in my book Angel Astrology 101, co-authored with the divine Doreen Virtue.

Aries – Archangel Ariel
Taurus – Archangel Chamuel
Gemini – Archangel Zadkiel
Cancer – Archangel Gabriel
Leo – Archangel Raziel
Virgo – Archangel Metatron
Libra – Archangel Jophiel
Scorpio – – Archangel Jeremiel
Sagittarius – Archangel Raguel
Capricorn – Archangel Azrael
Aquarius – Archangel Uriel
Pisces – Archangel Sandalphon

If you would like to know more about which angel guides your horoscope, click here for a free, no-sign-up chart.

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Thursday May 28 – “You and me…”


Thursday May 28
“You and me…”

The Nodes are in Aries and Libra right now, which is interesting for all of us. For one thing, it means that the Aries/Libra axis is still a hotspot for eclipses. For another, it means there is a lot going on connected to when we think of others versus when we think of ourselves.

It was very interesting to watch the fallout post the UK election recently. Many people noted that a vote for Labor was a vote for everyone, while a vote for the Conservatives was a selfish vote. I’m not wading in here to say what I think politically, but I did find this perspective very interesting and it fits perfectly with an election held now.

So, today, look at when you are being selfish and when you’re doing things for others. See if you have the balance about right…

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Today’s planets: Moon in Libra

Today’s Moon Archangel: Jophiel

Today’s Moon Goddess: Lakshmi

Wednesday May 27 – “Words can heal…”


Wednesday May 27
“Words can heal…”

The skies are still as sweet as can be. There is OH so much potential for healing something that has come between you and a friend or lover or colleague or anyone. Moreover, Mercury is going backwards, which aids and abets the whole process.

Note, also, that Mercury is meeting feisty Mars again. This is good if you are feeling motivated to talk through an issue you have had with someone (again).

On the subject of Mercury retrograde, someone asked me recently if it was a good or bad time to get a computer fixed. For me, it’s a good time. Anything you re-do, including to get a machine working again, is good under Merc rx. The key is in the word ‘again’.

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Today’s planets: Mercury conjunct Mars, Venus trine Chiron, Moon into Libra

Today’s Moon Archangel: Jophiel

Today’s Moon Goddess: Lakshmi

Just say “Ommmm…”

meditation1How meditation changed my life and taught me to know myself so much better…

You know how people say ‘It was the best money I ever spent’? well for me it was the £200 I spent on a meditation course about 15 years ago. Talk about life-changing.

I became interested in meditation after a particularly troublesome period at work in 1997. I was working as a producer on a late night music TV show on and it was a really difficult working environment, really toxic. The office was filled with people overloaded with stress, ambition and – quite often – cocaine. Cut throat, ruthless and back stabbing are three words which could characterize my experience!

I realised I needed a tool to cope with stress because I felt constantly anxious, which is how I came upon meditation. I honestly can’t remember how I came around to this conclusion but one day I found myself looking it up in the phone book. I went and did a course and that was the start of the rest of my life!

I always say that learning to meditate was like being introduced to myself, like saying ‘Yasmin, hi, meet Yasmin.’ When you meditate, you gain an insight into who you are and what you do. For example, about two weeks into meditating (twice a day every day for twenty minutes), I noticed my anxiety levels plummeted while I was driving. Whereas before I would go from relatively relaxed to red-faced with road rage in 10 seconds, now I could step back and see that getting angry with bottlenecks or other drivers was pointless and the only thing to do was stay calm.

Even just writing about it is calming. Meditation is like the big sigh of relief you give once you realise you are safe and all is well, to paraphrase Louise L. Hay.

For a while I was so passionate about meditation that my late beloved Dad (a psychiatrist) worried that I had actually joined a cult. To me now, that seems like a silly thing to think. But he was not a silly man by any means. Apparently I evangelised so long and hard about the difference meditation was making to my life that he just couldn’t help but wonder if I had been brain-washed!

In an effort to appease his fears, I did some proper research, regarding how and why meditation made me feel SO much better than I had ever felt. Even my mother could tell if I had missed a few days, because I was more antsy with her.

Setting aside time to meditate daily is like saying “I’m worth it.” “I care enough about myself to do this” is the message we give ourselves.

In a nutshell, I think meditation helps partly because when you meditate, you set aside at least 15 minutes a day that is dedicated to your own well-being. That in itself is a big thing. It’s really like saying “I’m worth it.” We all have such busy lives that many of us never take time to put ourselves first. But meditating is “Me Time”. “I care enough about myself to do this”, is the message we give, when we turn off our phone for 15 minutes to just say Om.

More than this, though, I was able to tell my science-loving Dad some actual facts about the benefits of meditation. Because the practice has been mainstream for so long now – thanks to the 1960s hippies – medicine can actually measure its benefits based on long-term studies of regular meditators.

For example, an 1970s study of health insurance statistics on over 2,000 people practicing a form of meditation known as Transcendental Meditation program over a 5-year period found that the devotees of Transcendental Meditation consistently had more than 50 per cent fewer trips to the doctor than did other groups with comparable age, gender, profession, and insurance terms. The same study found that these meditators had 87 per cent less heart disease and 55 per cent less cancer than their non-meditating counterparts.

And all this from simply sitting down once or twice a day to breathe.

The mantra I’ve totally adopted in my daily life was given to me by my Indian spiritual teacher Narayani Amma. You can use it too, if it feels good. It’s “Om Namo Narayani” (pronounced na-RY-an-ee).

It’s Sanskrit for “I surrender to the Divine” or even more specifically “I surrender to the Divine Mother”. It doesn’t mean “I give up!” It means “I trust that the Universe has my best interests at heart.” It’s very life-affirming! Ideally I sit and silently recite it every day before starting work. I usually say it 108 times, but if I’m really pressed, I just say it nine times. The idea is to connect with Spirit.

If you want to meditate but you don’t know how, ask around. Word of mouth is always best!

Tuesday May 26 – “Mercury retrograde check-in…”

mercurySo we are now one week into Mercury retrograde, how is it going for you?

Mercury retrograde gets a heck of a lot of bad press but there are actually lots of good things about it.

For example, if you had harsh words with someone recently and you would like to take them back or just say sorry, it’s a great time to do it. If you’re writing someone, it’s a great time to stop and do an edit. If you have a contract you want to renegotiate, the time is now!

PS Did I mention that the skies are getting softer and sweeter, so it’s a great time to kiss and make up?

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Today’s planets: Mars square Neptune, Moon in Virgo
Today’s Moon Archangel: Metatron
Today’s Moon Goddess: Ceres

Monday May 25 – “Things that make you go OUCH!”


strong>Monday May 25
“Things that make you go OUCH!”

There is a clash today between love planet Venus and insane Uranus. I wish I could tell you in full detail about the night I had years ago, under a similar planetary alignment, just as I was breaking up with a cheating boyfriend.

Oh, how we shouted. I am sure all my neighbours were alarmed. When I later found out that Venus had been clashing with Uranus, it all made sense.

Had I known in advance, I might have drawn breath before letting rip, so here is your heads up to that today, especially if you’re getting upset about either a love or money issue.

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Today’s planets: Moon into Virgo

Today’s Moon Archangel: Metatron

Today’s Moon Goddess: Ceres

Sunday May 24 – “Changeable emotions…”


Sunday May 24
“Changeable emotions…”

Now here’s some good news for you if you have been through the emotional mill lately; things could be about to change for the better in the feelings department.

If you wish you could reverse something that happened between you and a VIP, then see if you can make it happen today. As the Moon connects with turnaround-loving Uranus, anything is possible.

If you have love or money on your mind, this goes double. Things are going to get more tense before they calm down, so do what you want now, to get your love or money ducks in a row!

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Today’s planets: Moon in Leo

Today’s Moon Archangel: Raziel

Today’s Moon Goddess: Medusa

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