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Wednesday December 31 – “New Year’s Eve… “


Wednesday December 31
“New Year’s Eve… “

It’s the day before New Year, so let’s take a chance to be a bit soft and gentle. Let’s think about all that we are grateful for in 2014. Quick. Grab a pen and make a list of the TOP 5 things you’re grateful for this past year. No matter if you have already done it elsewhere. You can never be too grateful! I just did my list now. One of the things on the list is the travel, adventure and fun I had as a part of promoting my book that came out with Doreen Virtue, Angel Astrology 101. That adventure took me around the world and back again and I did talks in London, New York, Boston, Fort Lauderdale and Sydney. The book went to Number 1 in the amazon.com and amazon.co.uk astrology bestseller charts and has so far been translated into French, Turkish, Japanese and German. I am REALLY grateful for this! Thanks to everyone who had anything to do with it, especially, of course, Doreen! And to the angels! You can find out all about it (and get your free Angel Astrology chart) here! Have a great night tonight and go easy!

Today’s Planets: Moon in Taurus
Today’s Moon Archangel: Chamuel
Today’s Moon Goddess: Hathor

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Tuesday December 30 – “A tough year?”


Tuesday December 30
“A tough year?”

If you have had a tough year, I can tell you, you’re not on your own! A lot of people are saying the same thing. I reckon this is because we had that massive Grand Cardinal Cross in April, remember? It definitely made a lot of us sit up and take notice! The thing to remember is that it was part of the on-going story, which started back in 2012 and ends in March next year (2015), about being willing to push through fear to change and evolve your life. It’s all been about bursting through any ties that restrict, about the urge for freedom, about the chance to turn things around and reinvent ourselves. For me, you will see on January 1, that I am making some big changes on my site! I will still be writing tons and tons, but I am bringing other writers in, too, so I can write more! Expect eBooks, chart reports, regular books and more!

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Today’s Planets: Moon into Taurus
Today’s Moon Archangel: Chamuel
Today’s Moon Goddess: Hathor

Monday December 29 – “The year that was!”


Monday December 29
“The year that was!”

So, here we are, nearly at the end of 2014! How was it for you? You might remember that at the start of the year, the theme of relationships and partnerships (personal and professional) was identified as one of the main themes for the year. Can you see how that worked? I can!

I had some pretty amazing times personally and professionally in terms of ‘Important Other People’ in my life. If you have had some relationship or partnership ups and downs these past few months, this is the time to release any dramas.

Take three cleansing breaths now. You might also like to listen to this meditation that I recorded to be listened to early in the year, but will also do the trick now! Best to leave 2014 clear of any upset, resentment or bitterness!

Click here for your 2015 Stars…

Today’s planets: Moon in Aries
Today’s Moon Archangel: Ariel
Today’s Moon Goddess: Athena

2015 horoscope

Your 2015 horoscope

Your 2015 horoscope – click here for the full version with details for your sign

The Year Ahead…

If you’re wondering what 2015 holds for you, here is some good news – it almost certainly holds a lot less stress than 2012, 2013 and 2014 did!

2015 should be a lot easier than the past few years. Reason being, since 2012, there have been some very intense clashing and clanging energies (between Uranus and Pluto) affecting everyone. If you wanted to put a voice to them, they’d be saying “Make changes! You have to do things differently! Evolve or perish!”

So if you’ve felt impelled to change your life these past few years, you were almost certainly tuning into the clashes. Something had to give and hopefully you have already come out the other side, feeling wonderfully liberated.

If you have held back so far, then know that the last of these clashes comes in March. If you still need to take action, do it before then. You will not look back! Ask a friend for guidance if you’re unsure.

Two Archangels guiding this process are Uriel and Jeremiel. Ask Uriel to help release you from the past, and Jeremiel to help you take stock of your present, so you know your next best move!

For “2015 in a Nutshell for your sign” – click here

The 2015 Eclipses

It’s a case of New Year, New Eclipses. This year, the signs under the eclipse spotlight are Pisces, Libra, Virgo and Aries (in that order). So if you are one of those signs or you have one of those signs as your Rising Sign, then you are in the eclipse crosshairs. Click here for info about the eclipses and how they affect your sign…

Venus retrograde

venusAlso this year we have the retrograde cycle of Venus, the planet of love and abundance. Venus retrograde happens about once every 18 months and gives us an important chance to decide what we really value and what (or who) really matters. It’s easy for our values to go sideways in this crazy modern world. Venus retrograde gives us a chance to re-evaluate where we are and what we’re holding dear. Venus will be reversing July 25 to September 26. Also note that when Venus is going backward, relationships can be rather strained. It’s as though we step back from someone, to weigh up how much they mean to us. Click here for info about how that affects you.

Mercury retrograde

Worth knowing about as the New Year starts is where and when Mercury will be going backwards in 2015. Here are the dates for your diary. If you can avoid booking travel tickets during this time, so much the better!

Also be aware that during these times, life can be a tad chaotic but it’s all for the best. When Mercury goes backwards, we get a chance to really think and rethink… finding solutions or getting answers to questions that have long perplexed us

More on what each cycle means for your sign as the year unfolds but in the meantime, here are the Mercury retrograde cycle dates s for your diary.

Mercury retrograde cycle 1 for 2015: January 21 to February 11
Mercury retrograde cycle 2 for 2015:May 19 to June 11
Mercury retrograde cycle 3 for 2015:September 17 to October 9

Jupiter into Virgo

Another big bit of astro-news this year is that the lucky planet Jupiter will change signs and move into Virgo for the first time in over 10 years. This is big news because Jupiter is the planet of good luck so wherever he is in our charts is where we have a boost from Fortuna!

For info re how Jupiter’s move into Virgo will affect you…click here.

Saturn into Sagittarius

And finally, Saturn is up to some sneaky maneuvers this year – for more info about that and to find out what this heavy planet is trying to teach you…click here

Sunday December 28 – “Quarter Moon… “


Sunday December 28
“Quarter Moon… “

We are now in the phase between the New Moon (last week) and the Full Moon (next week). As such, it’s very much time to focus on your goals for 2015. Yes, it’s nearly the end of the year and, yes, you might think it’s better to wait for January to start thinking about the New Year. But, in fact, this really is a good time to get clear on your aims and ambitions. If you haven’t done your Year Ahead lists, it’s the day to do them. You can find instructions here. Also have a think about what you’re letting go of from 2014. As an encouragement to us all, here is a card for you (and, if you’re reading this, that you means YOU!) I am using the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards: Oh, nice one! We got, “The Miracle of Prayer.” In other words, pray for what you want and you might get it. But first, release any resentment you have towards anyone else, especially anyone involved in the situation you’re praying about, and visualise the outcome you desire. Feel it.

Click here for your 2015 Stars…

Today’s Planets: Moon into Aries

Today’s Moon Archangel: Ariel
Today’s Moon Goddess: Athena

Saturday December 27 – “The Year Ahead… ”


Saturday December 27
“The Year Ahead… ”

So, here we are, December 27. There are no major astro-links today, but the Moon is in Pisces and hopefully all is well. We are coming out of a rather wonderful Sun/Neptune link. This is one of my favourite configurations. The Sun and Neptune, when they get together harmoniously, as they are now, are all about getting in touch with our spiritual side. This week I’ve been reading this book Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives. It’s one of those books that can change your life or, at least, your view of life. Essentially, it’s about a doctor who uses hypnosis to take his patients, not just to their past life, but to their life between their lives on earth. Yes, so while they are effectively “up in heaven…” Highly recommended to anyone on the spiritual path and today is a great day to order it! Also, it’s great for other spiritual pursuits such as meditation and yoga. And, if you just want to chill out, this is very lovely Sun/Neptune music!

Wondering about what next year will bring? Download your guide to 2015 here.

Today’s Planets: Moon in Pisces
Today’s Moon Archangel: Sandalphon
Today’s Moon Goddess: Kuan Yin

Friday December 26 – “Connect with the divine… “


Friday December 26
“Connect with the divine… “

There is a lovely link between the Sun and Neptune forming which means we can all more easily connect with the divine. The Goddess of the Moon early on today is Kuan Yin, known for her wonderful compassion. If you didn’t have the Best Day Ever yesterday, this is the day to forgive yourself! Let yourself off the hook. Be kind to yourself and to those around you. Forgive others, too! And, if yesterday was great, it’s still a wonderful day to connect with the divine, including the angels. The Archangel Sandalphon is also strong today – light a candle and talk to him if you’re feeling at all discombobulated or you just want to connect with the divine. Also – a very good day for meditation, yoga and chanting.

Today’s Planets: Moon into Pisces
Today’s Moon Archangel: Sandalphon
Today’s Moon Goddess: Sandalphon

If you love astrology and you love angels, then check out my book Angel Astrology 101, co-authored with the amazing Doreen Virtue and released earlier this year. You can start your Angel Astrology 101 adventure by finding out which Angels guide your chart here, for free, in our no-sign up, no data page!

Thursday December 25 – “Merry Christmas!”


Thursday December 25
“Merry Christmas!”

OK, so here is the Christmas news – there is a SUPER intense clash between the planets today. Put it this way, if someone doesn’t like the present you gave them, chances are they’re not going to be all that delicate about it! If you are spending the day with family and you’re on edge because you know things often get tense between you, go extra easy this Christmas. The energies are very powerful. If you are feeling a bit weirded out today, may I suggest you click here and visit my Moon Club area which is open to everyone for the day for free.

Today’s Planets: Moon in Aquarius
Today’s Moon Archangel: Uriel
Today’s Moon Goddess: Isis

Wednesday December 24 – “T’was the day before Christmas… “


Wednesday December 24
“T’was the day before Christmas… ”

So, it’s the day before Christmas – how are you feeling? Of course, some of the people who read this are not Christian. Many, perhaps! I don’t think of myself as being of one religion or another. I think of myself as “spiritual” and “a meditator”. But I did happen to be born into the Christian tradition, officially speaking, and I do also happen to love Christmas! Talking about religion, perhaps now is a good time for me to open up about something I feel really strongly about; one God/dess. The recent tragic events in Sydney were alleviated if only slightly by the #illridewithyou movement that exploded out of the broken hearts of the people witnessing the scene. If you didn’t hear about it, read about it here. Just as I don’t like to think of myself as one religion, nor do I especially like to think of myself as one nationality. I happen to hold two passports and could apply for a third. But #illridewithyou made me as proud as I have ever been to be (at least part!) Aussie. Have a lovely night tonight. Shower the people you love with love.

Today’s Planets: Moon into Aquarius
Today’s Moon Archangel: Uriel
Today’s Moon Goddess: Isis

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Tuesday December 23 – “Saturn into Sagittarius!”


Tuesday December 23
“Saturn into Sagittarius!”

This is the kind of day that astrologers get all excited about. There is a massive change going on in the heavens. The planet Saturn is making one of his very rare sign changes. Today he is moving from Scorpio into Sagittarius. And while that is extra big news for Scorpios and Sagittarians, it’s actually big new for us all.

Saturn, much-maligned, represents the “hard work” principle. And for that reason alone, he is feared. Why can’t we all just win the lottery? Why not indeed!

But Saturn is far from being ‘all bad’. He is just rather glum. He’s represents the mountains that we have to climb in order to get where we need to go.

Want a better love life or to earn more money? It can be done but you will have to do x or y. And X or Y might not be all that easy.

Saturn is the planet that makes us fear we will never get anywhere and yet who – paradoxically – supports us once we decide that we are definitely willing to work on making a dream real.

Saturn is also about karma and challenges. If you don’t do what you said you were going to do, Saturn will whip your butt! Saturn challenges us in a “what doesn’t destroy me makes me stronger” kind of way.

Saturn is the planet that makes us knuckle down and the planet that we tap into when we plan long-term. Saturn is the planet that shows us what we’re made of.

As Saturn changes signs, make a 12-month plan. Think about what you want for yourself and your loved ones long-term and note down some action points about how to make that happen. Because as Saturn would say, anything is possible if you work towards it with grit and determination and you don’t let the naysayers throw you off course.

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Today’s planets: Moon in Capricorn ° Saturn into Sagittarius
Today’s Moon Archangel: Azrael
Today’s Moon Goddess: Juno

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