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Monday June 30 – Moon in Leo

Monday June 30

Moon in Leo

I had a pretty intense Tarot card experience last week. I asked a question and pulled just one card. I didn’t like the answer I got, so I pulled another and liked that even less! So, then I thought I’d ask the Ascended Masters cards I have, as they are much softer – the card I got was LISTEN – which says, “Your angels and guides are speaking! Are you listening?!” WAH! So, I did listen and started to take the advice of the cards. Once I had made the commitment to listen, I nervously took one last card and got… The World, a perfect conclusion to this intense Tarot adventure! Are you listening to what your angels and guides are telling you?

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Sunday June 29 – Moon into Leo ° Venus square Neptune

Sunday June 29

Moon into Leo ° Venus square Neptune

Today’s Venus square Neptune is an interesting link if you happen to be in a relationship where trust is lacking! I remember, back in the old days, when I was with a guy who was a chronic Bad Boy. I would see a link like this coming and get nervous. Why I was with him is another question, but Venus is about love and Neptune, when negatively aspected, can be about deception and disappointment. So, use today to ask yourself who you are in a relationship with that you just don’t trust and ask yourself WHY you don’t trust that person. Are you being paranoid? And, if not, why are you persisting in a relationship that is clearly not good for you. There is better out there for you. Guaranteed.

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July Stars Video

This video gives you info for the month ahead, no matter what you signs is, as well as some special info for Cancerians who are celebrating their birthday this month. Please share it with your Cancerian friends! Also contains New Moon info and more!

Saturday June 28 – Moon in Cancer

Saturday June 28

Moon in Cancer

Today there are no major links BUT there is a rather wonderful connection building between the Sun and Neptune. This is one of my favourite links! The Sun is at the centre of our solar system and represents the human ego. Neptune is an outlying planet, blue and misty, representing the Divine. When these two planets are together, it’s as though the cosmos is actually setting us up to more easily connect with the Divine. And what is the Divine? In my humble opinion, it’s a huge ball of burning love that pervades all things everywhere!

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Friday June 27 – New Moon in Cancer

Friday June 27

New Moon in Cancer

Making New Moon wishes is one of the best ways I know to start connecting with the natural cycles. Here’s how:

1. If you have a Wish List from last month, read it over, to see which came true – then thank the Universe. If it’s clear one or two wishes are no closer to coming true, consider revising them. What on your list have you edged closer to?

2. Decide on your Top Ten Wishes or Intentions for the coming four weeks.

3. Be as specific or vague as you want to be (and please include World Peace, for the good of the planet!).

4. Write your wishes and/or intentions down – either on a sheet of paper with a pen, or with coloured pens, pencils and so on. The more energy you invest, the better your results are likely to be.

5. Read them out to the Universe then either bury or burn your list, or set it aside so you can check it this time next month, to see how your wishes worked out.

THIS IS THE CRUCIAL BIT: Really, really, FEEL how you would/will feel if and when the wishes come true. Hold those feelings.

6. Get on with your week, safe in the knowledge that you’ve expressed your wishes to the Universe. Do all you can to make them come true.

7. Important: If you wish and wish and wish and your wish doesn’t come true and you don’t actually even seem to be edging in the right direction, then it’s time to contemplate if it’s the right thing for you.

EVEN EASIER: Alternatively, just say “Om Namo Narayani ” three times every New Moon (or as often as you like all month) which means “I surrender to the Divine Mother” in Sanskrit (the world’s oldest language) and implies a trust that God/dess will bring you what is best for you…

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Thursday June 26 – Moon into Cancer

Thursday June 26

Moon into Cancer

OK, so there are no major links in the skies today, so I drew us all a card from this deck and here is our message from the heavens …

It’s … Manifest!

This is a time of great power for you. And, if you’re reading this, then you means YOU.

The Manifest card is here to tell you that anything is possible. You have all the tools at your disposal to create anything you desire! You read it here first!

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Wednesday June 25 – Moon in Gemini ° Mars opposite Uranus

Wednesday June 25
Moon in Gemini ° Mars opposite Uranus

It’s another intense day as the Moon stays in Gemini and the planet of anger, Mars, clashes with the planet of madness, Uranus. Mars/Uranus linking like this is sort of the opposite of the idea you get when you think of the phrase “polite society”. Think of the anarchist who wants to say his or her piece in front of an unruly mob who wants to egg on any dissent against the establishment… sort of thing! In other words, today we need to mind how we go. We could end up being a rabble-rouser, at worse. At best, we could be someone who is powerful enough to use our forces to bring about liberation! It’s actually a fine line and, overall, we need to be careful not to offend people. There’s nothing big or clever about offending people. Get FREE access to the powerful Uranus/Pluto meditation when you sign up for our FREE weekly newsletter here!

Tuesday June 24 – Mercury trine the Nodes ° Moon into Gemini

Tuesday June 24

Mercury trine the Nodes ° Moon into Gemini

The planet of communications, Mercury, links to the karmic Nodes today, while the Moon moves through the communications sign of Gemini. All in all, you would have to say that it’s a day to talk things through, write things down, and generally use your head! If you have a report to write or a tricky conversation to have, you have celestial support for saying or writing what needs to be expressed. Remember, Mercury is still going backwards which means we are getting second chances when it comes to communicating. Meanwhile, the Moon in Gemini is going to mean some people really feel the NEED to talk things through. Humour them! Just be careful to speak kindly – there are some intense energies building up. Get a reading from one of our trusted astrologers, angel card readers or psychics here.

Monday June 23 – Venus into Gemini ° Moon in Taurus

Monday June 23

Venus into Gemini ° Moon in Taurus

So, here comes the Goddess, aka Venus, moving into the sign of Gemini. For one thing, that is good news for Geminis or anyone with planets in Gemini (cast your chart for free here). For another, it’s quite good news for everyone. Reason being that there is nothing more important than communications when it comes to dealing with people. And Gemini is the sign of communications. Therefore, anyone with anything to say about love or money now has the skies on their side. With Mercury still going backwards, you might even be able to say something that you know you should have, ideally, said some time ago. Don’t beat yourself up about it, just start to conversational ball rolling. Yasmin’s book Cosmic Love is all about how to draw love to you. Now available on Kindle here.<

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