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Thursday October 31 – Moon Meditation: “Returning to balance… “

Thursday October 31

Moon Meditation: “Returning to balance… “

Moon into Libra: Working hard to get some balance back into your life is crucial now as we move through some very intense times. We are still in the eclipse season, Mercury is going backwards, and we’re about to have another clash of the Uranus/Pluto heavenly bells. (If you’re a member of the Moon Club, you get free access to my Heavenly Bells meditation. Now is a good time to access it! If you’re not a member, you can sign up here for the Moon Club – cheap as chips and loads of great things!) The combination of being in eclipse season, AND the Mercury reverse cycle, and now the coming Uranus/Pluto clash is about as intense as it gets! The way to handle is it to meditate and also to look at where life wants you to change and go with it thinking it’s a good thing! Win at life by following the planetary advice. Why go anywhere else? Click here.

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Wednesday October 30 – Moon Meditation: “Don’t be mean… “

Wednesday October 30

Moon Meditation: “Don’t be mean… “

Moon in Virgo: As the Moon moves through Virgo, it’s a great time to ask Archangel Metatron for help with anything that is on your mind. Be aware that there is a clash forming between Mars and Chiron. Mars is the planet of brashness and anger and Chiron is all about the things that hurt and heal us. If someone seems to be intent of digging the knife in (hopefully even only metaphorically!), ask Archangel Metatron for assistance in thinking clearly so you can really work out what is going on. Quite often there is a lot of subtext when someone is being cruel. Don’t let the cruel person be YOU! Who you are as a lover, up close and personal? Click here to find out.

Collette and Saturn

Collette Dinnigan

Here’s an interesting and unexpected turn up for the books. Collette Dinnigan, one of Australia’s most successful designers, has decided to shut up her shops and to dramatically downscale her business. If it was April 1, I’d instantly write this off as April Fools.

According to Wikipedia: Dinnigan was the first Australian to launch a ready-to-wear collection in Paris; she was also the first to be asked to be in the ‘ready-to-wear parade’ in Paris. This is no small potatoes in fashion world. This is HUGE!

What’s fascinating from an astrological point of view is that Collette has chosen to pull the pin on her boutiques, bridal and evening wear just after Saturn made his once every 30 years visit to her Venus, the planet that is about; fashion, riches and love (among other things). She will also no longer do her Paris shows.

And what reason does she give for shutting these parts of her business down? She wants to spend more time with her family. Given what is going on in her chart, it sounds like very good timing to me.

Saturn gets a very bad rap at times. And there is no doubt that having Saturn go over your Venus can be difficult. However Saturn is also all about facing facts. There are surely some facts that Collette has been facing (Saturn) that have led her to make this decision about her very substantial fashion business (Venus).

One of which could be the fact that she is not getting any younger (Saturn) and would like to spend more time mothering her kids and being a partner to her husband (Venus).

Having said all that, she is also making this decision with Mercury conjunct her Saturn on her Venus, so this may be a decision she reverses to some extent later down the track.

Overall though, I would love for others to be able to see that Saturn is not all bad and sometimes we make the wisest decisions when Saturn is active – after all, he is about wisdom as much as he is about anything else. Good luck Collette!

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Moon Meditation: “Draw me a picture… “

Tuesday October 29

Moon Meditation: “Draw me a picture… “

Moon in Virgo: The planet of the mind, Mercury, just met the planet of hard knocks, Saturn. Mercury is going backwards, moreover, and there is no doubt that this link leaves a fair bit of room for negative thoughts and harsh words.

However, it’s also a very powerful connection in terms of the Law of Attraction. What is said today has extra weight. This is the time to get serious in your thoughts. Plan and strategize.

As well, draw a picture of what you want. And, if you can’t draw, doodle or colour in the pic on this post (from milliande.com)! Or make up something on Photo Shop. Looking at a picture of what you want can trick the brain into believing it’s already true.

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Monday October 28 – Moon Meditation: “Have you been healed? “

Monday October 28
Moon Meditation: “Have you been healed? “

Moon in Leo: So, here is some good news, people! I know a lot of us have been through the mill in the past few days and weeks. For some it’s been actual happenings that have caused the upsets and the sadness. For others, especially those who are sensitive to energies, it’s just been the clanging madness of the astrology that’s swirling around at the moment and the Solar Flares that have seen our hairs standing on edge! And today? At least there is some room for healing. It’s coming in the shape of a link between Pluto – he of the Healing Crisis – and Chiron – the planetoid that makes us deal with things so that we can get better. Live consciously today. Look at what life is teaching you. Forgive and forget and move on. If your issues are to do with your love life, click here!

Sunday October 27 – Moon Meditation: “Say what you mean and mean what you say… “

Sunday October 27

Your Week Ahead calendar is up!

Moon Meditation: “Say what you mean and mean what you say… “

Moon in Leo: As the Moon moves through Leo, it’s time to voice what’s on your mind and your heart. This doesn’t mean that you have to yell and shout or anything like that. Rather, it’s all about the idea that you need to let others know how you feel. And once that is done? Move on. Don’t say something expecting to get a certain response. Don’t say something to make someone feel bad or guilty. Just voice your feelings and see what happens. Allowing others to get to know the real you is the first step to knowing that you are loved for who you really are. Discover what you were given when the stars aligned to make you – YOU! Click here.

Saturday October 26 – Moon Meditation: “Loud and proud!”

Saturday October 26

Moon Meditation: “Loud and proud!”

Moon into Leo: The Moon moves back into marvellous Leo today. If you’re not feeling as wonderful about yourself as you need to, then take heart. We are in the phase between the Full Moon eclipse and the coming New Moon eclipse, which will take place next week. It’s a time to let things fall away. Yes, that is HARD to do sometimes, for all us of; but everything happens for a reason – believe it or not! Look at your life as it has unfolded and you will see how true this is. It’s just not always easy to see it at the time. So, try not to allow life’s slings and arrows to affect your belief in yourself. The more you focus on good things, the more you will attract good things to you. I realise I bang this drum a lot, but the older I get, the more I see this is true! Win at life by following the planetary advice. Why go anywhere else? Click here.

Think positive!

If you are going through challenges, this is for you….

The times are quite intense at the moment. So here are some thoughts I hope will be helpful if you’ve been feeling a bit like a rubber ball in a washing machine that’s on spin cycle!

Firstly, three points about the astrological weather.

1. The reason why life is so intense at the moment is that we are still in the eclipse season. We have had one Full Moon eclipse – that was about a week ago. They are hard to take because they often mark endings. And now we are in the lead up to the New Moon eclipse. They are also intense because they promise to launch us into a new reality – whether we are ready or not!

2. What happens in eclipse season can be very hard to take at the tme – and PS it doesn’t always happen at the exact moment of the eclipse. It’s usually a few weeks either side. But if the eclipse hits your chart strongly, it can have a big effect, sometimes wonderous and sometimes seemingly very tough indeed, at least at the time.

3. On top of that we have Mercury going backwards – which is confusing if nothing else! – and another round of those clasing Heavenly Bells Uranus and Pluto – (click here for the meditation I recorded)

So what are you meant to do if you are going through a tough time during this intense astrological cycle?

Mainly, avoid talking or thinking about your issue non-stop. Of course there are some dramas that take longer to move on from. And of course there are some issues that really do need talk therapy, professional or otherwise.

But if you can possibly emotionally detach, well, let’s just say the phrase “the sooner the better” applies here.

While this might seem like common advice to some and as weird advice to others, actually there is a cosmic reason behind it.

If you’ve read Jerry and Esther Hicks’ books about the law of attraction, you’ll know that banging the drum and telling the story of things that went a bit pear-shaped is the LAST thing we should do!

Rather, we should tell the story of what we want to attract into our lives.

And in fact, that is my point entirely. When things do go a awry, as sometimes happens, we have to keep our eyes on the proverbial prize, on the solution, on the best possible way to resolve the issue.

It’s SUCH valuable information. Stay positive.

Funnily enough, when I was feeling a little angst-y myself recently, I pulled a Doreen Virtue oracle card and got Detach From Drama! As in, stop going over and over in your heart and head about the issue at hand. Detach! Move on!

If life is challenging, keep looking forwards to the best possible outcome! Worrying is focusing on what you don’t want – the last thing we should do. Waste of time!

So enough about all this, but I hope it helps, if you are going through tough times. Keep a picture of the best possible outcome in mind. This stuff really works!

Over and out, fellow earthlings!

Yasmin xxx

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Friday October 25 – Moon Meditation: “Nurture yourself… “

Friday October 25

Moon Meditation: “Nurture yourself… “

Moon in Cancer: As we come to the end of the week, the Moon is in the rather cosy sign of Cancer and it’s time to hunker down for the weekend. If you can spend it with your family or people you love, great! But the important thing to do while the Moon is here is to look after yourself as much as you look after others. The sign of Cancer represents the Mother in the chart and we all know how OH so many mothers can be totally selfless to a fault because they are so busy tending their kids. However, the heavenly message today is that you need to look after yourself as much as you look after others today and this weekend. Carve out some time for yourself. Nothing springs to mind re: how to nurture yourself? A swim or a hot bath, depending on the weather at your end, is highly recommended! Win at life by following the planetary advice. Why go anywhere else? Click here.

Thursday October 24 – Moon Meditation: “Pick a card… “

Thursday October 24

Moon Meditation: “Pick a card… “

Moon into Cancer: There are no major links happening today so I thought I would pick a card… So, you know the drill! Think of your question. Hold it in your mind. Know that if you are reading this, then the answer coming is for you… and here we go!

Well, if you asked about a love or relationship matter, personal or professional, you are in luck because the card I drew was Twin Flame. This suggests a very deep connection between you and the object of your desires/the person your are enquiring about! Also – it means you need to stay very positive about your dreams.

Whether you’re single and looking, or attached and wishing things were better, your partner is a cosmic connection and you should keep your mind open about the wonderful way that things can be between the two of you!

If you were enquiring about a work-related person, keep your mind and heart open as the person you are dealing with has important lessons to teach you.

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