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Sunday June 30 – Moon Meditation: “Hello, Archangel Ariel!”

Sunday June 30

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Moon Meditation: “Hello, Archangel Ariel!”

Moon in Aries: As the Moon moves through Aries, it’s a great time to connect with the great outdoors and the elements. Even if it’s bucketing down where you live, have a think about the gardens getting all the water they need and freshening up of the air once the storms have passed. If you live somewhere that is currently drenched in sunshine, get out and get some vitamin D and hug a tree! Archangel Ariel is the Archangel of the Aries Moon, so make the most of her lovely outdoor energies! Discover your strengths and weakness with our popular Soul Profile report. Click here.

Saturday June 29 – Moon Meditation: “The start of the new Lunar Cycle… “

Saturday June 29

Moon Meditation: “The start of the new Lunar Cycle… “

Moon into Aries:

There are no major planetary aspects today, so instead let’s have a think about the lunar energies. The Moon moves back into the sign of Aries today, signalling the start of the new lunar month. At the same time, we are in the phase between the Full Moon and the New Moon. Put this together and you have a time when we would all do well to be brave about what we need to let go of. For me it’s currently about clearing clutter. How about you? If you haven’t yet had a full personal chart reading, calculated from your time, date and date of birth, you’re missing out! Click here for your free download.

A note from Priya

A note from Priya Kale who wrote today’s Stars for us.

Dear Friends,

I’ve written your Daily Horoscopes for Yasmin today.

Also, although these horoscopes were written for today, they were written for the chart for Venus’ ingress into Leo.

So they cover your forecast not just for today but for the entire duration of Venus’ transit through the sign until July 22, 2013.

Looking at the sky — we’re past the Capricorn Full Moon, which no doubt signaled the end of a chapter, asking for a deep release. But as Mercury begins to retrace its steps and with Jupiter now in Cancer the sign of its exaltation, there is a suggestion of second chances and resurrection, offering a fresh start by the time of the New Moon about two weeks from now.

But all this Cancer energy and the retrograde Mercury is bringing waves of nostalgia flooding in. As emotional as things have been lately, things are about to get a lot more interesting and fun. And I’ll be back with more astrology on Venus in Leo over the weekend, as well as a recap on the month.

In the meanwhile, hope you enjoy your Horoscopes and your weekend!



Thursday June 27 – Moon Meditation: “Talk to your Angels… “

Thursday June 27

Moon Meditation: “Talk to your Angels… “

Moon into Pisces: Yesterday I briefly mentioned that Mercury is moving into a reverse cycle, so what does that actually mean? You can read about it in your Daily Stars today but, overall, here is the news: Mercury rx (as we astrologers call it) is all about our having the chance to rethink things.

Perhaps you need to somehow go back to your past in order to make sense of your present? Perhaps there is something you know you didn’t get quite right the first time around and now you’re going to redo it. Aussies – can you see how well this applies to Mercury-ruled Virgo Kevin Rudd?

Definitely Mercury rx has it’s plus points, so don’t fear it! Rather expect that you’re about to get a second chance at something. Talk to the Archangel Gabriel if you need help.

On the romance front, what sort of lover are you? Click here for a sexy horoscope report.

And if you’re in LONDON – we’ve just switched up rooms and have more tickets available at my July 16 workshop. Please click here for the details and join me!

Wednesday June 26 – Moon Meditation: “Hello, Jupiter! “

Wednesday June 26

Moon Meditation: “Hello, Jupiter! “

Moon in Aquarius: This is a really action-packed day. For one thing, the planet of good luck, Jupiter, changes signs and moves into Cancer for the first time in 12 years. If you’re Cancerian or Cancer Rising (find out here) then it’s major news; and if you’re not? It’s still major news! Be sure you read your Daily Stars for info about what it means for your sign. I’ll post that today. And tomorrow your Daily Stars will be about Mercury’s reverse cycle, which also starts today as well. He is stopping in the sign of Cancer, too. So, wherever the Cancerian sector of your chart is, that’s where you have a lot of room for action now! Grab our fantastic value Destiny Revealed personal chart report. Just click here.

Jupiter into Cancer

The big astro news this week is the move of Jupiter into Cancer.

Jupiter into Cancer

Jupiter is the planet of luck and this week, he moves into the sign of Cancer. This is obviously big news for Cancerians. In theory, you have the best cosmic support you’ve had in over a decade? Wanna get famous? Now is a good time? To expand? Improve your life? Believe in yourself so others do too? Ditto ditto ditto.

While I am a firm believer that we create our own good luck by expecting the best, here in 3D, Jupiter is the planet who boosts our ability to believe!

Here’s a quick rundown of what the move of Jupiter into Cancer means for all the signs:


Just say Ommmm. OK, so maybe you’re not about to turn into a meditating yogi quite yet, but over the coming year, as Jupiter visits your 4th House you’re far more likely than you have been in ages to find that wonderful thing they call inner peace. It won’t come by itself though, so set up things in your life that you know are likely to promote serenity and calm. This may include reorganizing, renovating or redecorating your home or work environment while Jupiter goes retrograde between November and March. Anything to do with home and family has a lucky and expansive feel to it, thanks to Jupiter’s presence here, starting this week. Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you your Soul Profile report. Click here.


Tauruses have a rep for being strong-and-silent types, possibly because they don’t enjoy talking when they have nothing to say. But it’s worth remembering that some mighty fine wordsmiths are of the Bullish persuasion (e.g., Shakespeare and Willie Nelson). I mention this because you Taurus types are about to have Jupiter transiting your 3rd House of the Mind, starting this week. You may not find that this is the catalyst for finally writing that novel inside you, but it’s likely that you’ll find it easier to get in touch with your more tolerant and understanding side over the course of the next year. At any rate, your expanded communication skills will likely serve you well both at work and off the clock, even if you’re just monitoring your e-mail, or stopping to ask for directions while out driving about. What are you capable of achieving? Discover talents waiting to be awakened Click here.


You Gemini types are pretty clever, so if I tell you that Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is moving into your 2nd House of Finances this week and will stay there for a whole year… Well, you can do the math, and it likely involves additions to your bank account and multiplication of assets. Mind you, the money doesn’t come out of nowhere, but you’ll find that your efforts to find sources of income will be more successful during this time frame, and assets you already have will appreciate instead of losing value. You may also finally get that pay rise you’ve been angling for. You’ll want to keep an eye on expenditures, though- you won’t save money if you spend as fast as you earn! Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you a report outlining the main events in your horoscope in the coming 12 months,. Click here.


Hoo boy! The luckiest planet Jupiter moves into your sign this week for a year’s visit, and there’s no doubt this is good news. Having Jupiter here is indeed a fortunate thing since if something has to go either way, it’s likely to go in your favour while Jupiter’s about. But be warned: Jupiter can breed complacency. You might think you can coast on luck for the next year, but Jupiter really just makes things easier when you’re working hard trying to create your own luck. With Jupiter in your sign, you may be inclined to travel or study overseas, or engage in any activities that broaden your horizons beyond your immediate neighbourhood. Jupiter can encourage you to be open to all kinds of new experiences. Enjoy! Feeling lucky? Grab our fantastic value Destiny Revealed personal chart report. Just click here.


If you already think of yourself as a fairly spiritual type, your engagement with All Things Mystical is about to go off the scale as Jupiter starts a year-long visit to your House of All Things Cosmic. Jupiter is the planet that expands things and in this part of your chart, he’ll raise the intuition levels of each and every Leo, so that even the most cynical and disbelieving will wonder if there isn’t something in this “spooky” stuff. If you’re so inclined, you have a chance to learn oh-so-much about the spiritual side of life, starting this week. On a less esoteric note, Jupiter in your 12th house can also awaken or expand an interest in film and photography. Grab your camera and get creative! Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you your Soul Profile report. Click here.


Even if you think you already have enough friends, Jupiter’s move this week into your 11th House of Friends (for the first time in 12 years) means you’re about to expand your social circle. And that will suit you fine, because under this transit, you’re likely to be in the mood to meet new people and consolidate existing friendships. The people you meet over the course of the next year could just as easily be from far flung countries as close to home. Either way, they will teach you something important about the world beyond your usual stomping grounds and- best of all- they can help make your dreams come true. Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you your Love Life Forecast. Click here.


This week marks the beginning of a year-long visit by the lucky planet Jupiter to your Career Zone. In other words, if you were hoping the Gods and Goddesses would get on your side when it comes to forging ahead with your ambitions, your prayers have just been answered! A consistent effort over the next 12 months should bring tangible results. Librans who have to travel for work now should find it extra enjoyable. One word of warning: Jupiter can be a bit arrogant – be sure you don’t come across like that to colleagues and clients, if you want to make the most of this lucky Jupiter cycle! Questions about your career? Give me your birth details and I’ll send you a comprehensive career analysis. Click here.


If you’ve been feeling a growing desire to do some travelling or studying, then you’re already feeling the presence of Jupiter who moves into your 9th House this week. For some of you, it will be all about teaching and/or getting published. Others may feel the need to broaden their spiritual, cultural or philosophical horizons since the ideas you’ve inherited may no longer be sufficient to your needs. The 9th House is the part of your chart where you see the wider world (as opposed to focusing on your own backyard), and it’s ruled by Jupiter, the expansive planet. Put them together and over the coming year, you have a great chance to enlarge your understanding of the world. Grab our fantastic value Destiny Revealed personal chart report. Just click here.


As Jupiter, your sign’s ruler, goes through your 8th House over the next year, you’ll be in a position to benefit from other people’s resources. That might sound rather dry, but it could actually work out quite well for you. If there’s something you want to do, there’s a very good chance someone else is going to be in a position- and willing- to help you make it happen. For some, it will be as direct as getting an inheritance. For others, it could be that a partner’s financial standing improves and you benefit from a gift or loan. This transit can also herald a time of spiritual regeneration and /or psychological evolution. If that sounds like something you need, seek and you will find! What are you capable of achieving? Discover talents waiting to be awakened Click here.


Rejoice and be glad! Starting this week, Jupiter, the planet of good luck and good times, begins his once-every-12-year visit to your Love Zone, and if you think that sounds promising, you’re darned right it is! Jupiter here is a fine indicator of marriage, actually, so if you think you’re headed that way, watch out, you could be walking up the aisle by next summer. Jupiter here will also give singles more options, bringing potential partners into your life who can help broaden your horizons and share your experiences. All sorts of partnerships should benefit from Jupiter’s transit here- just keep expectations realistic. Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you your Love Life Forecast. Click here.


By nature, you Aquarians are pretty tuned into social trends, and tend to be more altruistic than the average Earthling. Starting this week, along comes Jupiter into your 6th House of Service and you’ll find the Universe is sending you even more reasons to care less about what you can do for yourself and more about what you can do for others. This call to service may intensify activities you’re already engaged in on behalf of your fellow beings, but maybe you’re just now about to get involved with like-minded individuals working for change- perhaps on a global scale. Over the next year, your daily routine and work life may change in a way that broadens your horizons- perhaps involving foreign travel or higher education. What are you capable of achieving? Discover the gifts in your personal horoscope here.


Feeling creative? You probably are, and if you aren’t yet, Jupiter is now arriving in your 5th House, the part of your chart where you can allow yourself to play with ideas with childlike joy. Imaginative Pisceans are already feeling the influence of inspirational Neptune, Pisces’ planetary ruler, in its own sign. Over the next year, you’ll also benefit from Jupiter encouraging your artistic abilities. The 5th House also relates to fun, children and romance so Jupiter’s transit could bring you some amusing new friends. Single Pisceans may meet exotic and/or philosophical potential partners, while some of you may start a family. Jupiter can encourage Pisces’ excessive tendencies, so try not to let the fun and games get out of hand! Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you your Love Life Forecast. Click here.

Tuesday June 25 – Moon Meditation: “B-r-e-a-t-h-e… “

Tuesday June 25

Moon Meditation: “B-r-e-a-t-h-e… ”

Moon into Aquarius: This is the time to go inwards. If you’re pushing against the Moon, trying to start something new now, you might well find it just doesn’t seem to be going your way. I read a really interesting piece by astrologer Michael Erlewine recently. He mentioned that the times in his life where life didn’t seem to be going as he wanted it to go usually coincided with times when he was trying to oppose the Moon phase! So, right now, it’s time to let life show you where it’s leading you and to let go of things which you know it’s time to let go of. Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you your Love Life Forecast. Click here.

Monday June 24 – Moon Meditation: “Let it all away… ”

Monday June 24

Moon Meditation: “Let it all away… ”

Moon in Capricorn: We are now in the cycle of the Moon between Full and New. This phase is all about letting things go, letting them turn to dust, letting life settle. It’s not the time to be forging ahead with new projects but, rather, to be allowing the Universe to show you where your co-creations are going to work and where you need to reconsider your energy investment. If you’re feeling that life is changing now, you’re right. What are you capable of achieving? Discover the gifts in your personal horoscope here.<

Sunday June 23 – Moon Meditation: “Full Moon in Capricorn.”

Sunday June 23

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Moon Meditation: “Full Moon in Capricorn.”

Full Moon in Capricorn: The Full Moon today takes place in the sign of Capricorn. This is an annual event, but it is no less powerful for that fact. The Full Moon is the time of culmination. By now we can say we should have made as many efforts as we can to get things moving in our desired direction. And now? Now it’s time to surrender to the Universe to see where the pieces may fall. Click here for the Full Moon times around the world. Give me your time, date and place of birth and I’ll send you a report outlining the main events in your horoscope in the coming 12 months. Click here.

Saturday June 22 – Moon Meditation: “Getting ready for some big changes… “

Saturday June 22

Moon Meditation: “Getting ready for some big changes… “

Moon in Sagittarius:

The week ahead will bring some big Astro-Action. It’s not a bad idea now to get our heads around it.

For a start, there is a Full Moon tomorrow, in the sign of Capricorn. That means we are all on the verge of a turning point in our lives.

Think lucky. Get lucky.

This is aided and abetted by the move of the lucky planet Jupiter into the sign of Cancer later this month. Moreover, we have another Mercury retrograde about to take place.

All in all, you could say there is a changing of the astrological guard, which means change in our lives down here on planet Earth.

Don’t worry, it’s all potentially good! Find out what lies ahead for you with a personal horoscope generated using your time, date and place of birth and ready for instant download. Click here!

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