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Tuesday April 30 – Moon Meditation: “Emotional intensity…”

Tuesday April 30 – Moon Meditation: “Emotional intensity…”

Moon in Capricorn: As the Moon moves through Capricorn today, she meets powerful and passionate Pluto. That sets us all up for some very intense times.

If you know you need some kind of emotional detox – EG: If one emotional connection has been toxic of late – this is the day to work on it. How? My favourite method is to get in a bath with high grade Epson Salts.

Meditation and drinking lots of water can also help. No kidding. So much of what’s needed now is intention.

You can choose to live life following habitual patterns and taking the easiest options, or you can decide that you have a meaningful destiny and something unique and of value to contribute to the world. Your Personal Outlook Profile is designed to stimulate your interest and give you a deeper understanding of your motivations, challenges and strengths.

Jupiter into Cancer

Jupiter into Cancer London workshop

Jupiter into Cancer is good news for everybody!

Jupiter into Cancer is a once-a-decade event. And I’m talking about it in London in July!

So Londoners … may I say, you’re famous for having a stiff upper lip and getting through all kinds of tough times with a brilliant attitude. But wouldn’t it also be great if you could have luck on your side? Use the move of Jupiter into Cancer next month to make this your way of being.

Before you screw your nose up in big city disbelief at this being possible, listen!

In astrology. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, fun, good times, travel and adventure. Knowing all about him increases your chances of having a marvelous time. It’s that simple. We all have Jupiter somewhere in our chart and knowing where he is helps us to know where we are most likely to get lucky.

So come and find out where you’re getting lucky for the rest of 2013 and well into 2014. Find you out what Jupiter into Cancer will bring you.

So please join me on July 16 in London for my one-night-only workshop. Please click here to reserve your ticket.

Monday April 29 – Moon Meditation: “Letting go of the old…”

Moon into Capricorn: There is past life stuff coming up for many people now. How cool is that? Well, it sounds cool to me, anyway. Issues that you are dealing with related to love or money could well be related to your previous lives (or parallel lives).

If you and your beloved are in dire straits at the moment, remember we are in eclipse season. That means it’s not the time to stay in your romantic comfort zone.

What do you actually want from your relationship? Knowing that is a very good start! If you want to check your astro-compatibility, we have a free Soul Mates snapshot chart here.

Astrology 101


Astrology 101: Three Things You Should Know About Your Natal Chart

This Astrology 101 post was written by astrologer Kelly Surtees of www.kellysurtees.com. Kelly offers insightful personal horoscope readings here.

While your natal chart is full of all kinds of insights about you, most astrologers agree that the three most important things are:

– Your Sun
– Your Moon
– Your Ascendant

Together, the Sun, Moon and Ascendant are like three keys that can help unlock your potential. Discovering their signs, houses and phase (in the case of the Moon) helps reveal some of your truths and talents.

Your Sun
Your Sun shows your light and essence. The Sun’s Sign – including its element and modality – shows your basic way of being.

The four elements are fire (competition), earth (security), air (knowledge) and water (feeling). Your Sun’s element reveals your motivations.

The three modalities are cardinal (goal oriented), fixed (steady) or mutable (adaptable). Your Sun’s modality shows how you do things.

Also, based on your time of birth, your Sun is placed in one of the 12 Houses. The House of your Sun shows an area of life where you can shine.

Your Moon
Your Moon shows your emotional self. Your Moon sign reveals how you handle your feelings, or even if you’re emotional at all! Fire and air sign Moons are less emotional, while water sign Moons are most emotional. Earth sign Moons can be practical about feelings.

As well as your Moon sign, your Moon phase is also important. Health, how emotional or intuitive you are, as well as your comfort level in the public eye are all influenced by your Moon Phase. The 8 Moon Phases include new, crescent, first quarter, gibbous, full, disseminating, third quarter and balsamic.

Your Ascendant
Your ascendant, also known as your rising sign, shows the way you meet the world. Your ascendant sign also reveals what leads you forward in life.

This sign is like your mask, or, if you think of the layers of your personality like an onion, the ascendant is the outer or most visible layer. Sometimes your ascendant sign is more obvious than your Sun sign. Your ascendant sign is determined by the time of day at which you were born.

Discovering these three key astro factors helps you access the insight and guidance astrology can provide about you! If you would like to instantly download your Soul Profile based on your time, date and place of birth, please click here.

Kelly SurteesThis post was written by astrologer Kelly Surtees of www.kellysurtees.com. She covers all these features – and more – in her live astrology chart consults. Curious? Book one today! Just click here!

Cosmic Column

Cosmic Column for April 28: We are now in the weeks between the eclipses, so it’s a chance to draw breath. This can be a very stressful period for people as eclipses are times of change.

Think of a time in your life when you wanted things to stay the same but were swept up by life-changing events. That’s the energy that is hitting many people now. Read the whole column here.

Sunday April 28 – Moon Meditation: “Setting boundaries… !”

Moon in Sagittarius: You might think that after the madness of the eclipse the skies would cut us a break; but you would be wrong! Not meaning to freak anyone out, but hot off the heels of the eclipse in Scorpio comes a clash between the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. There are certain lessons being driven home to us via the skies. What keeps upsetting you and upsetting you and upsetting you? That’s one of the places where you can learn a ton! If you want to understand yourself better, give me your birth details and I will send you your Soul Profile report. Click here.

Saturday April 27 – Moon Meditation: “Being spiritually pro-active …”

Moon into Sadge: Here we are now after the Full Moon eclipse. Hopefully you are feeling OK. Are you OK? If not, try to accept that you are in the middle of a process and this process will pass soon enough.

Today comes a link which is actually very useful to all of us. It’s between Mars and Neptune. Mars is all about being pro-active and Neptune is very spiritual, so it’s a very good day to check in with yourself regarding how you feel (spiritually-speaking) about where you are.

As some of you know, I go to an Indian ashram where the chant is “Om Namo Narayani” which means, “I surrender to the Divine”. If you can surrender now, things may improve for you quite soon, perhaps in unexpected ways.

Understanding your astrology chart can help you to make sense of things. Give me your birth details and I will send you a Soul Profile report that could help you gain spiritual insights. Click here.

Detox Spirit Bath

24 hour deal – 15% off our Detox Spirit Bath!

If you’re feeling low, it could be time to take a Detox Spirit Bath. There’a good reason this is consistently the number one selling product on our website. It’s GREAT! People order and reorder.

This Pure Balance Crystal Detox ‘Spirit Bath’, is made of pure crystalline structured minerals from the earth. The Mineral bath supports the cleansing and purification of your aura, chakra’s and meridian system. By simply relaxing and bathing in the minerals you can gain clarity in mind, emotion and personal energy. Each time you use the mineral bath you feel refreshed, light and calm.

Spirit Bath assists your spiritual alignment as it supports detoxification of the subtle energies. Baths also have an effect on your body, skin and even help cellulite, due to the minerals drawing action which pulls heavy metals, metabolic and environmental toxins and even draws drug residue from the cells via the skin. It also has a calming and soothing effect on irritated, itchy skin and has been known to help relieve psoriasis. Click here to access the Detox Spirit Bath in our 24 hour 15% off Full Moon special!

Friday April 26 – Moon Meditation: “Eclipse! … “

Full Moon in Scorpio: If ever there was a day to just let go of upsets and resentments, this is the day. Seriously. We are all on a spiritual journey. As they say, we are not really humans. We are spiritual beings having a human experience! And we are here in 3D where astrology seems to guide us. As the Full Moon eclipse takes place, it’s time to let go and move on. If you’re a Scorpio, or Scorpio Rising, this goes triple. Things can change now. One cycle is ending so that another can begin. Let go and the Universe will take you where your soul wants you to go so you can fulfil your potential of this lifetime! There’s more about the Full Moon Eclipse and your sign, here.

Thursday April 25 – Moon Meditation: “Letting go of the pain… “

Moon into Scorpio: If you’re reading this in Australia before 8am, it’s a great time to do a meditation. The celestial connection energies will be extra easy to access.

If you’re elsewhere or you’re reading it after 8am, all is far from lost! There is some amazing healing energy to tune into today. Forgiving the past lets it go into the past.

And when we are not carrying around baggage from the past, life is more productive. It’s much easier to be the people we want to be when we can let go of upsets from the past. Use the healing energy to do that. Just sit down and mentally forgive the people who have hurt you.

As we head towards tomorrow eclipse, it’s time! There’s more about the Full Moon Eclipse and your sign, here.

Yasmin Boland in LondonFor UK readers: We all have natural, in-built luck, thanks to Jupiter. Find out where yours is at my London workshop in July. Click here for info!

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