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Friday November 30 – Moon Meditation: “We are family…”

Moon into Cancer: As the Moon moves into family-loving Cancer, this is the time to connect with your actual family or people who feel like family. There will be a lot of people who have had a bumpy ride thanks to the Eclipse yesterday. Hopefully you can already see how recent events have been very positive. And, if not, hang in there. There is a lovely link building between the Sun and Jupiter which should help most of us to look on the bright side. Of course, there are some events in life where it really seems there is no bright side. If that is the case with you, your best bet is to count your blessings. Click here to get your 2013 Moon Diary.

Thursday November 29 – Moon Meditation: “I am working with the Eclipse! …”

Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini: The Full Moon Eclipse today is all about letting go and moving on, especially but not only, mentally. Where in your life have you become so stuck in a way of thinking or talking or communicating with someone and you know that change is needed? The eclipse now is your chance to do things differently. Eclipses are like Universal shake ups which allow us to get back on the right path. Sometimes what happens at the time of an eclipse is hard to take, but things usually work out for the best! What does this Eclipse mean for you? Click here for more.

Wednesday November 28 – Moon Meditation: “I am moving with the times…”

Moon into Gemini: The quite explosive energies of yesterday simmer down a little, but not totally! Remember we are in an eclipse week. The next Full Moon will be an eclipse – and this is all taking place tomorrow Aussie time. Also, if you like to wash your jewellery under the Full Moon light, this is the night to do it as the eclipse takes place in the wee small hours of the morning Aussie time. Clearing your jewellery energetically is always a good idea! Click here for the times around the world. Click here for more about this tomorrow’s Full Moon Eclipse.

Tuesday November 27 – Moon Meditation: “I am facing facts…”

Moon in Taurus: As the Moon moves through Taurus, there is a great link between Venus and Saturn forming. If you want to pin someone down to a commitment, this is the time to do it! There are no guarantees of the outcome, but at least under these Stars you can be fairly sure that agreements you make now will stick. If you go into a negative thought spiral about money or love today, get yourself out of it. We create our reality with our thoughts, so it’s beholden on us to choose the good ones! Watch out if you’re in an argument with someone – the energies are quite explosive! Click here for more about this week’s Full Moon Eclipse.

The eclipse… listen in!

Last week I had a chat with the lovely Melissa from body+soul radio – we talked about the Full Moon eclipse coming up later this week.

If you’re wondering what the eclipse means for you and your sign, you’re in luck because we go through them all – to listen, just click here and follow the links to ep 20.

Monday November 26 – Moon Meditation: “I am healing…”

Moon in Taurus: There is a truly divine link between loving Venus and healing Chiron coming up now – if your heart is in need of healing, then this is the day to be open to it. It might be you need to talk to someone in order for the pain to start going away. You might well need to forgive someone. If that’s the case, do the exercise as recommended in Jennifer Hoffman’s book, Ascending Into Miracles – write down who you need to forgive and why and then burn the list, sending that person unconditional love. If you want to read Jennifer’s amazing book, you can get it here.

Sunday November 25 – Moon Meditation: “I am rock steady Eddie…!”

Moon into Taurus: The Archangel for the upcoming eclipse is Zadkiel, the Archangel who is all about learning and will help with any and all issues you’re experiencing in the lead up to the lunation. If you know you haven’t been getting your point across properly of late, then this is the time to work on releasing whatever it is that’s holding you back from making it clear what you want. And if you’re holding onto someone or something that is clearly slipping through your fingers, could it be time to let go? Click here for more about this week’s Full Moon Eclipse.

Saturday November 24 -Moon Meditation: “I am turning the corner…”

Moon in Aries: We are now at the start of an Eclipse week. There will be a Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Gemini on Wednesday night/Thursday morning, depending on where you are in the world. Click here for the times around the world. Eclipses are nothing to fear; however, they ARE all about change and moving on and turning the corner. So, if you know you have been holding off on making changes to your life, this is the time to check to see if you’re holding on for grim life! There is no room for that now! Change is recommended! Click here for more about this week’s Full Moon Eclipse.

Friday November 23 – Moon Meditation: “I am going with the flow…”

Moon into Aries: The Moon moves into Aries as angry Mars prepares to clash with ker-azy Uranus. Put all that together and you get rather a strong vibe-changer when you compare the astro-climate today to the past few days. If you’re getting all worked up about something and you sense it’s doing your blood pressure no good – stop, breathe, relax! There is no point in getting wound up under these energies – it’s too easy for people to lose control and say and do things they regret later. This too shall pass, so don’t get mad, take some time out! Enjoy A Blissful Reiki Session for Inner Peace! Click here.

Thursday November 22 – Moon Meditation: “I am love…”

Moon in Pisces: There is a lot of confusion in the air, as mentioned yesterday, but there is also a lot of room for romance! Actually, Venus moves into sexy Scorpio today and instantly connects with dreamy Neptune, under the romantic Pisces Moon. Talk about setting the scene for romance. If things have gone awry for you romantically lately, this is a good day to get things back on track. Even if you can’t sort everything out, you should at least be able to tell if the connection is still there. Not loved up? The vibe of the day is still very much overall-enjoyable. Allow spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue to help you activate miracles in your life. Click here.

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