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Saturday June 30 2012 – Moon Meditation: “The Law of Intention…”

Moon in Scorpio: Wanting something and intending to have something are two very different things. Can you see the difference? I want to earn a lot of money, for example, is very different to I intend to earn a lot of money. Wanting is all about a lack. Intention summons the forces of the Universe. As with some of the Universal Laws, this one dovetails very nicely with other laws – in this case, the Law of Clarity, for one. Being clear about what you intend to do is crucial. If you are not sure, sit down with a pen and paper. This is why New Moon intention setting works so well. Once we announce our intentions to the Universe, the Universe responds by crunching the numbers to help us get it. If you are about to have an important meeting or phone call, ask yourself; “What do I intend to have come from this?” Intention is so powerful! As Diana Cooper says; “Intention releases a force which makes things happen.” Where are you about to get LUCKY? Click here to instantly download your Jupiter Report.

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Friday June 29 – Moon Meditation: “The Law of Clarity…”

Moon into Scorpio: There is an old saying – you can’t get what you want until you know what you want. Invariably in our lives, it’s when we know what we want that we work out a plan for how to get it. This invokes the Law of Clarity which is all about sending out a clear message to the Universe about our desires and intentions. If someone has no idea of what you want or what you are thinking, of course, they are far less likely to give it to us. And it works in less direct ways, too. Think about if you were booking a holiday. How can you book anything until you have at least a pretty good idea about your time frame, budget and accommodation requirements, not to mention thoughts on what you want to do – beach, retreat, adventure, city break, etc. Let others and the Universe know what you want. A great time to get clear is the New Moon each month. Buy this amazing and compelling book for more info.

Venus, Neptune, Chiron, wounding and healing…

At the moment I am reading a wonderful book some Facebook friends recommended to me, Ascending Into Miracles by Jennifer Hoffman.

If you haven’t read it, I have to tell you it’s pretty amazing. Jennifer Hoffman is not as well known as some of my favourite authors but she is apparently the purveyor of some fantastic wisdom.

One of the main topics of the book so far is FORGIVENESS. She basically says that forgiveness is the key to … well, everything that we come here to Earth to learn.

She writes about our karmic contracts, the things we decide to experience here on Earth before we incarnate. Most of these involve interactions with someone else that can be as painfully wounding as they can be healing.

She says that when we meet these people, our karmic contracts are activated and we feel we have almost no option but to work through our karma with them. Know that one? I sure do!

She writes: “We continue in these cycles, switching the roles of teacher and student, aggressor and victim, abuser and abused, until one of us decides we are ready to forgive, which ends the karma.”

In my trusty Bill’s Rulership Book, it’s written that Venus rules forgiveness. And I do think that works well. The recent retrograde might have seen you forgiving someone from your past.

However I also think Neptune and Chiron in particular have a strong role to play in forgiveness. Neptune because Neptune is divine and to forgive is Divine. If we are inspired (which is what Neptune does – and which means to be “filled with spirit”) we are far more likely to find it within ourselves to forgive someone.

And when it comes to Chiron, well, here is the thing; Chiron used to be known as “the wound which will not heal”. Astrologers seem to have stopped referring to it as that now – it became unfashionable – but I can’t help wondering if it refers to karmic wounds which need healing. Chiron strikes me as very bound up in forgiveness. And karma.

If you don’t know your chart, then you can’t know where Chiron or Neptune or Venus are. But I can tell you this. Right now, Venus is in Gemini, so it’s a very good time to think about who you need to forgive. Write their name down and burn it saying “I forgive and release you with unconditional love.” This is an abridged version of a wonderful exercise Jennifer Hoffman gives in Ascending Into Miracles and I am hoping she is so genuinely keen for people to forgive that she won’t mind me mentioning it here.

Meanwhile Neptune and Chiron are in Pisces, so we are all more able to access inspiration and forgiveness. If you don’t know how to access that, learn to meditate.

Also keep an eye on your daily Stars because I will be expanding this theme.

If you want to read Jennifer Hoffman’s amazing book Ascending Into Miracles, you can order it here.

Thursday June 28 – Moon Meditation: “The Law of Abundance…”

Moon in Libra: All the Universal Laws tie together, of course, and it’s easy to see how the past few Laws tie in here. What you put your attention on is what you get, as we were reminded with the Law of Attention. So if times are financially tough, should you spend all your time thinking about how to cut corners or rather planning ways to increase your income? And the Law of Flow also applies. Holding on to your cash meanly makes it much harder for more to flow into your life. This is why generosity breeds abundance. When we are sure in the knowledge that our tomorrows are taken care of, they actually are. Abundance visits people who feel abundant (see also The Law of Reflection). Buy this amazing and compelling book for more info.

Wednesday June 27 – Moon Meditation: “The Law of Flow…”

Moon into Libra: The Law of Flow is the law that governs the movement of energy in our lives. You don’t want a constant deluge of something, nor do you want a measly drip. Life is best when it flows easily. The way to make life flow more easily is to pay attention to the other Universal Laws. If your life is in balance, you are more likely to have an easy flow of happiness and love, money and sex, and so on. If there is a blockage, then you need to see what is out of whack. The Law of Flow adjusts itself as we adjust our lives. Feng Shui works well with The Law of Flow because it’s all about getting rid of clutter to allow energy to flow in our homes. Acupuncture and massage allow the flow of energy in our bodies. Generosity encourages the flow of money, and so on. Buy this amazing and compelling book for more info.

Tuesday June 26 – Moon Meditation: “The Law of Attention…”

Moon in Virgo: As more and more people are becoming aware, thoughts become things. Where we put our attention then is a very big decision. If you focus on what you want, you are going to attract it. If you focus on what you don’t want? Ditto! That’s why the idea of positive thinking has been around for so long. Not just because thinking happy thoughts is more enjoyable than not. But, rather, because thinking happy thoughts actually leads to a happier life. And if you don’t believe that thoughts become things, just take a look around wherever you are reading this. All those things were once someone’s thoughts. Amazing! Buy this amazing and compelling book for more info.

Monday June 25 – Moon Meditation: “The Law of Attachment…”

Moon in Virgo: The Law of Attachment teaches us what the Buddhists teach us – that one of the root causes of suffering is being too attached to someone or something. Being too attached to an outcome – eg: will my business be a success? – doesn’t allow for energy to flow. Yes, it’s only human, but part of our gig here on Earth is to overcome our base natures as we move towards mastering the Spiritual Laws. If we are angry with someone, we stay attached to them. If we love someone, we can be too attached. Ask the Angels to help you cut your cords or do it yourself. As Diana Cooper says; “Detachment is a prerequisite for enlightenment.” Buy this amazing and compelling book for more info.

Sunday June 24 – Moon Meditation: “The Law of Projection…”

Moon into Virgo: If you think someone is really wonderful, you are projecting onto them things you love about yourself. As with the Law of Reflection, life is a mirror. We are here on earth to evolve our souls towards enlightenment (or ascension). So everything that happens in our life is – as they say – actually happening for a reason. And one of the reasons is so that we can better know ourselves. If you catch yourself saying to someone; “You should quit your job!” you are almost certainly projecting onto the person you’re speaking to your feeling that you yourself should quit your own job. That’s the Law of Projection. If you catch yourself doing it, think about what it means for you! (Ditto when you don’t like someone!!) Buy this amazing and compelling book for more info.

Saturday June 23 – Moon Meditation: “The Law of Reflection…”

Moon in Leo: A message for you, from the cosmos: Here’s a really annoying Universal Law for you to contemplate. It’s only things you don’t like about yourself which annoy you in others. This is hard to take on board. Am I seriously saying you are THAT annoying? Oh, yes you are; to others and to yourself. Don’t take that personally. I am, too! The Law of Reflection is also about the fact that our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Got a puncture? Are you going nowhere? Milk off? Are you feeling sour? Sore neck? Are you being rigid? Yes, this is one of the most hard to accept laws! Buy this amazing and compelling book for more info.

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