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Mr Cainer speaks…

Fascinating comment about writing astrology from the amazing Jonathan Cainer, taken from an article on BelieverMag:

“I believe that the future is rather like a pencil drawing. And when an artist takes a pencil drawing and they paint it, then it becomes a reality.

My job as the astrologer is to divine the pencil drawing of your future—the probabilities and possibilities of what await, and to help you see them, so you can go, Yep! That’s good. I’m going to fill that in.

Or to say, I don’t like the look of that. I’m going to see if I can redraw that. [laughs] I’m sure that as time goes by, we’ll get a deeper understanding of our relationship with time.

“Also, there’s always the possibility that when you perceive what’s coming up in the future, the very fact that you’re perceiving it effectively means that you’re changing it.”

Read the whole article.

Something we should all read…

Have you heard of Anita Moorjani? I like to think of her as one of my own personal discoveries – I wrote about her for New Idea and my site long before she had her book deal for Dying To Be Me – a brilliant book everyone should read.

Anita died, went to the other side, and came back with a message. Here is a summary of it or click here to read her book.

Today she posted this on her Facebook page – I am pretty sure she won’t mind me sharing it here. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the amazing Anita Moorjani. No one could ever say the gift of her otherworldly experience was wasted on her!!!

“Many have said to me that they know people who were always very positive thinkers, but they still got sick, how do I explain that. My point has always been that it’s not just about positive thinking, or wishful thinking, or about being in denial, or even just hanging with positive people. Although a positive disposition and hanging with positive people really does help a lot!

“But what I’m talking about is more like a complete shift in the way we view illness, our physical bodies, and our physical existence here. It’s about no longer viewing the illness as some external event that just happens to you, or is attacking you. It’s about no longer seeing yourself as the victim here. It’s recognizing that your internal state is the true you, not your physical body.

“It’s recognizing that your body is communicating with you at all times, even through presenting an illness, and it’s about working TOGETHER with your body to get to the root of what it is trying to communicate, and becoming aware of what your spirit/soul really needs right now, in order to heal your body.

“No doctor can heal a wounded, sad, or unfulfilled soul. Only YOU can.”

(Click here to order Dying To Be Me – we have it back in stock.)

Thursday May 31 – Moon Meditation: “I am kind and I am nice…”

Moon in Libra: There is a word in French that I really love – “gentil”. As far as I am aware, it means sort of a combo between “nice” and “kind”. And it has none of the negative connotations of “nice” which is considered a sort of lazy word, oui? So today, if you use the Moon Meditation as an actual meditation, think about this; what’s so wrong with being nice? And if you don’t want to meditate on being “kind and nice” you could always go French and meditate on “Je suis gentil” or “gentille” if you’re a female. You pronounce both words like this; jon-tee. Being nice and kind is called for more than ever today. Want to learn more about meditating? Click here to learn more with Moonology’s new meditation teacher, Mercy Wolf.

The love you lost…

By http://passiontocreate.deviantart.com/art/Unrequited-Love-4-204044453I just had a call from a lovely friend of mine, who I will call Lisa. Lisa is in her 30s, and going out with a wonderful man called Michael.

Lisa’s ex – a cheater called Ed – is still on her mind. Today, more than ever.

In fact, today when she called me, Lisa was crying very hard. She was hurting. She had just found out her ex, Ed, is seeing someone else. Someone he cheated on Lisa with many years ago.

You would think this wouldn’t matter to Lisa. She and Ed broke up more than four years ago. She has been with the lovely Michael for more than two years.

Lisa’s friends are so happy that Lisa finally broke away from her dirty, rotten cheating rat of an ex-boyfriend, after holding on for way too long.

So why? Why does she care about her ex? Why is she crying from the bottom of her heart?

Is she (a) stupid? Why does she still care?

Or is she (b) in fact in tune with the cosmos?

I’m going to go with (b) and not just because she is my friend.

The fact is that now is the IDEAL time to cry over your ex, to feel the pain, to let it come up to the surface and then to let it go.

Venus is retrograde and we’re headed for an eclipse. Venus retrograde is partly about looking at our love past, getting rid of old connections which no longer serve us, cutting ties with people we have to move on from.

I am not kidding when I say that I think Lisa and her ex, the cheating rat, have a karmic connection. And if she doesn’t cut it off this lifetime, she will only have to deal with again next lifetime. They both have karmic lessons to learn from their dealings with each other. One can only guess at what Ed’s must be.

Meanwhile, the Full Moon eclipse cometh. We are all naturally more on edge. That’s eclipse life. And the Full Moon eclipse brings the scum to the surface to be washed away. That is what is happening to my friend.

If you are feeling sad and low, or like your emotions are erupting, remember (b). You are in tune with the cosmos and you are a step further down the track to letting it go, letting it flow, so your present can take you in a new direction.

If you want to know a little more about Venus Retrograde, click here.

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Wednesday May 30 – Moon Meditation: “I am healing my ego…”

Moon into Libra: Are you aware of your ego? It’s the part of you that thinks you are separate from the rest of the world and the Universe, as opposed to connected to all life everywhere. It is the part of you that wants to win, to be the best, and who doesn’t mind knocking over the competition if and when needs must. Sometimes our ego goes out to play and gets a bit bashed around. If yours has taken a pounding of late, this is the time to talk things through. Healing is possible! If you have negative energy you want to release, try the new and amazing Spirit Bath, filled with energies channelled from the Platinum Angels! Just click here.

Full Moon Meditation

To mark the Full Moon eclipse this week, I have recorded a meditation for New Moon Club Members, to say thank you for supporting our new Members Area!

I found it quite powerful to record this meditation and I hope you find it powerful the listen to.

It aims to help the listener to get the most out of the eclipse … it’s all about letting go!

It’s designed to be listened to as close to the Full Moon eclipse as possible. Here are the times around the world:

The June 2012 Full Moon Eclipse takes place in Sagittarius on:

Sydney – June 4 @ 9.11pm AEST
Auckland – June 4 @ 11.11pm NZT
New York – June 4 @ 7.11am EDT
London – June 4 @12.11pm BST

Click here to access it if you’re a New Moon Club member.

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June 2012 Full Moon Eclipse Meditation

A special meditation recorded by Yasmin for the Full Moon eclipse.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

It’s designed to be listened to as close to the Full Moon eclipse as possible. Here are the times around the world:

The June 2012 Full Moon Eclipse takes place in Sagittarius on:

Sydney – June 4 @ 9.11pm AEST
Auckland – June 4 @ 11.11pm NZT
New York – June 4 @ 7.11am EDT
London – June 4 @12.11pm BST

Tuesday May 29 – Moon Meditation: “I am healing my hurts…”

Moon in Virgo: The wee small hours bring a rather tough clash between the planet of the mind, Mercury, and Chiron, the wounded healer. Although Chiron is involved in healing, sometimes the processes that we have to go through when he is being energised are rather rough. I feel as though he makes us draw a line in the sand re: what we will and won’t put up with. If you have had an upset with someone in the past day or three, this is the moment to decide to let it go. Holding on to resentment is not the way to a happy life. Allow spiritual teacher Doreen Virtue to help you activate miracles in your life. Click here.

Here comes the eclipse!

The Full Moon eclipse on Monday will mark the end of the current eclipse season. So how has it been for you? I have had quite a big cold…And guess what? For me, this is actually perfect.

OK so maybe I am creating getting a cold every time there’s an eclipse but you know what? Colds and flu are all about getting rid of the RUBBISH! All that … mucus … (sorry to have to use the M word!) is actually a vehicle for expressing the crud out of us.

And eclipses in general and the Full Moon eclipse in particular, are perfect for expressing the past.

If there is someone who has upset you, someone you know you need to say goodbye to, if there has been sadness or upset which has plagued you so far this year … breathe in deep and as you exhale, let it go.

Eclipses are turning points. We all have someone or something in our past we want to forget about or wipe away. It could be something like being an over-protective parent or an over-suspicious lover…. If you’re trying to get pregnant, it could be past disappointments that you need to leave behind … if you’re in a job which makes you unhappy, it could be the job itself.

The most important thing is to invoke the Law of Attraction and the Law of Attention as you move towards the life you want.

The law of attraction states that “like unto itself is drawn” – so for example, if you want a new lover who is kind, be kind. If you want a job which will make you happy, be happy in your job while you look for something new, safe in the knowledge you will be guided.

And the law of attention reminds us that where we put our attention is where we manifest matter. So for example, if you are trying to conceive, hold a vision of yourself and your partner with a baby in your arms. If you’re wanting to go and see the world, Google a pic of where you want to go, then cut and paste a pic of yourself on to it and print it out.

To get more info about the skies, sign up for our New Moon Club now and you will receive FREE a special eclipse video message from me, to be played at the time of the eclipse. It’s about letting go and forgiving. Click here to read about the other member benefits of signing up – for as little as $1.90 a week.

Monday May 28 – Moon Meditation: “I am going with the flow…!”

Moon into Virgo: No, it’s not an illusion, it really is nearly June which means we really are nearly half way through the year (OK, a month off…). We are told that time is speeding up by the sages – and I have to admit that sometimes it feels like it! I was reading a great book by Diana Cooper the other day (A Little Light On Spiritual Laws) and she said the purpose of human life is to become enlightened. Perhaps time is speeding up so we can all get there faster? Whatever the case, today should move speedily as the Sun prepares to trigger the planet of electrics, Uranus. Go with the flow for best results. Wondering what else lies ahead? Get a fantastic 12 Month reading with Yasmin’s trusted astrological colleague Kelly Surtees. Just click here.

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