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More on getting Neptuned…

I just found this picture on Facebook (click here for my Facebook page…)

I totally love it. Don’t you? What a super simple rule to live by if you want to invoke the Law of Attraction. It seems to me that since the passing of dear Jerry Hicks, there has been less Law of Attraction buzz on the ether.

This stands to reason. Jerry and Esther Hicks were a two-person Law of Attraction broadcasting service and one can only imagine the sadness Esther feels at missing her partner. I am pretty sure anyone who knows of their work joins with me in sending this dynamic duo lots of love and of course, our happiness for Esther to take off any and all the time she needs.

This is exactly the sort of message Jerry and Esther in partnership with Abraham would teach, over and over.

The good news is that the move of Neptune into Pisces will also help pick up some of the slack left by Jerry’s passing. Neptune is the cosmic planet and Pisces is the cosmic sign and the fact that Neptune is in Pisces for the foreseeable future means we are all more able to get a lot more cosmic now, should we so desire.

And where does all this tie into this little bit of advice above? Because the above is where it’s at, man. Whether or have come around to the idea of nor, let me assure you, you are creating your reality with your thoughts. I had a strange vision of this myself, in Paris, nearly two years ago after watching Inception. I am not sure if I have ever written about it at length but I was shown that our lives really our projections of our ideas.

Apart from the fact that Neptune and Pisces are both about films and illusions, cinemas and dreams, they are also about visions and thoughts, inspiration and being at one. If you are one with the Universe, you are already connected to everything you could ever want.

So think about what you want and be grateful for every little bit of proof you get that you’re on the right track. And if you do find yourself dwelling on the negative, be gentle with yourself as your redirect your thoughts. Love yourself.

As Neptune slowly rolls through the waves of Pisces, this is all going to start to make sense.

Close to your heart

This is a great week for communications regarding love and money, or about anything that is close to your heart.

The planets Mercury (communications and trips) and Venus (love and abundance) are linking together on Friday. This means that between now and then is an ideal time for talking about anything you value, be it a friendship or a physical item.

What is extra useful about this link is that it offers a second chance. If there is something you have been meaning to say about, for example, your pay or your love life, now is your chance.

When Mercury links to Venus, Mercury will be going over the same ground it covered recently during the Mercury retrograde cycle. So whatever you chickened out on saying? Say it now.

This week is also the lead up to the full Moon, which will take place next Sunday in Scorpio. Emotions will be running high as we get closer to the weekend. Emotions tend to be more intense around the full Moon and when the Moon is in Scorpio, we are talking serious heat.

If you are angry with someone, your best bet is to use the first half of the week to let it out, rather than allowing it to explode in a full Moon frenzy.

Monday April 30 – Moon Meditation: “I am going with the flow…!”

Moon in Leo: Don’t be too proud today. Look at where you are trying too hard to make something happen, perhaps because your ego is involved; and, perhaps, you don’t need to get your ego involved at all. Perhaps you don’t need to push against the flow. Perhaps it’s time to just let go. Whether it’s a work thing or a personal thing, can you see how the Universe is pushing you one way and you’re pushing yourself another? If you can, this is your message from the Universe to let go and go with the flow. Wondering what else lies ahead? Get a fantastic 12 Month reading with Yasmin’s trusted astrological colleague Kelly Surtees. Just click here.

Sunday April 29 – Moon Meditation: “I am transforming myself every day…”

Moon into Leo: Ladies and gentlemen, please make welcome a lovely and very grounded link between the Sun and Pluto, heralding a chance for all of us to make some changes from the ground up, so to speak. Because Pluto is involved, there is a good chance that what is happening now is all about planting new seeds where other things have withered away. And, on another level, the Stars today are all about the chance for us all to reconnect with our inner power. It’s a very good day to meditate and to remember that when one is harmed all are harmed, when one is healed, all are healed. The Light Workers Companion is a fantastic book for anyone who is interested in learning more about Heaven’s Hierarchy. Click here to get yours.

Saturday April 28 – Moon Meditation: “I am letting it go…”

Moon in Cancer: There’s a tough link forming today between the gentle Moon and tough old Saturn. This brings us all a chance to let go of an emotional hurt. It might not be easy to let it go. It might mean that you have to go through some kind of upset before you get to a “good place” but try to see any issues which come up for you now as a way to release at least one point of resentment that you have with someone. We are often scared to discuss touchy subjects, but this link is quite good for dealing with potentially hot, emotional issues in a very grounded way. There is also a lot of healing energy in the air, so issues now can be released once and for all. If you have negative energy you want to release, try the new and amazing Spirit Bath, filled with energies channelled from the Platinum Angels! Just click here.

Mini Card Reading

OK, so only read this if you’re wanting a mini-card reading. What is your question of the day? Ok. Now read on…!

(As in, really do read on – your answer is below…)

I am going to use Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle deck for your answer.

If you are still reading this, then you are meant to – assume that your Angels brought you here for this message! And here it is …

The message from your Angels today is: “Crystal Clear Intentions”. Be clear about what you desire, and focus upon it with unwavering faith.

This actually works very well with the current astrology, I am glad to say! In a few days, the planet of the mind, Mercury, will link to serious Saturn, the planet that likes to set things in stone.

This really is the ideal time to get clear on our intentions, so Saturn can help us to concretise them. And (as most moonology readers surely know by now, there is nothing as powerful as a clear intention!)

One of the best ways to get clear on your plans and intentions is to write them down. Leave the list somewhere you can see it. You will be amazed at how well this strategy works.

For what it’s worth, I did this at the start of 2011 – ie,I wrote down some pretty big plans on a scrap of paper which I stuck on my office wall. I actually did it so that I would remember my plans, to get clear on them, as much as as a manifesting exercise.

I realised the other day, most have materialised and the ones that haven’t are in the pipeline! Apparently, it’s all about intention! Use Mercury/Saturn now to get “crystal clear” on your intentions.

Please feel free to Tweet this so your friends can also get the reading, if they’re meant to!

Want to know more about your current horoscope? Click here for a report.

Friday April 27 – Moon Meditation: “I am healing, inside and out…”

Moon in Cancer: If you have an illness you want to get rid of, have a think about who you need to forgive. It’s widely acknowledged that holding on to anger is toxic. According to Anita Moorjani in her amazing book, Dying To Be Me, illness can be healed in a very short time, once we believe we can be healed. But Anita is far from the first or only person to say this. It’s a very widely-held belief. If you are struggling with illness, today is a great day to go and buy a copy of Anything Can Be Healed (sorry we don’t stock this right now!) It gives amazing insights into the question of healing and wellness and as Chiron is energised in the skies now, it’s the ideal time to deal with this stuff. Gain insights into the vast and hugely powerful realms of Spirit where Loving and High Beings are working around you with a session with intuitive counsellor Sophie Bashford. Just click here.

Thursday April 26 – Moon Meditation: “I am through the worst of it…”

Moon into Cancer: There were some pretty intense energies around earlier in the week as Mercury clashed with Pluto; however, we are now through the worst of it. In fact, as we head towards the end of the week, the prevailing link is now between the Sun and Chiron (Ky-ron), aka the planetoid of healing. Think about where someone has pushed you RIGHT out of your comfort zone. Was that a marvellous thing? Can you see that you are stronger as a result? That something in you got healed? If you can, congrats! It means you are on the right path to enlightenment!!! (Really, it does – true!) Our 12 month Soul Guide report provides details of your future listed daily, plus significant events that will have both a lasting effect on you. Click here to get it now!

Who do you think you are?

With the new Moon this weekend just gone (click here if you missed our webinar), this is an ideal time to realign yourself with your dreams and ambitions.

Read any spiritually uplifting books such as Dying To Be Me (Hay House) by Anita Moorjani; Wishes Fulfilled (Hay House) by Wayne Dyer; and Three Magic Words (Wilshire) by Uell Andersen. They tell the same story over and over again: we are what we think we are.

So what do you think of yourself? Click to read the full article.

Obsessed, much?

The energies are quite intense at the moment, and a Mercury/Pluto square is surely a lot to do with it.

Have you been feeling like you’re driving yourself crazy with the wheels of your mind? If so, thank Mercury and Pluto who are at odds. (See the Wednesday Moon Meditation for more info, if you missed it.)

The thing to remember this week if you find yourself getting all over-heated is that whenever Pluto is involved, crises can be healing.

Think about where you have been doing your own head in and try to see where that is pushing you to be a better person. Transformation is in the air.

If you have been slightly obsessed with someone, look at why. What is it about them that has you so fascinated?

Are you perhaps under-rating yourself, and putting them on a pedastal? If so it means for sure that you have slipped out of unity consciousness and are living from your ego.

And when we live from our ego, we go nowhere fast! If any of this rings true, try to come back to balance. Who said the tough angles between the planets can’t be useful?

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