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Saturday March 31 2012 – Moon Meditation: “How’s it going so far? …”

Moon in Cancer: Pushing onwards and onwards and ever-forwards, the Moon is moving through her home sign of Cancer today, half way between last week’s New Moon and next week’s Full Moon. (Australians – click here to order your Full Moon bath salts in time for the Full Moon!) If you made some resolutions or wishes at the time of the New Moon, and you have not been working on them, this is the time to get back into the groove. Remember, manifesting our desires is about desire and faith, action and integrity. It really does boil down to that. Balancing our chakras helps us align with our dreams! Click here for our amazing Chakra spray.

What is it with Justin Bieber?

Written by Jo Tracey: Love him or loathe him, when it comes to Justin Bieber there seems to be no middle ground. Regardless of whether you like his music, there is no denying his impact.

What is it about him that inspires such strong reactions? What does he have that (most of) the rest of us don’t?

Looking at his chart, we don’t really need to go much past his Ascendant to see why.

Sure he has that wonderfully romantic Pisces Sun and Venus. Pisces is associated with creative talent and no limitations. Many Pisceans who are successful when young, achieve simply because the concept of failure doesn’t occur to them.

Justin also has Saturn close to his Sun, giving his imaginative Pisces planets discipline and focus, the capacity for hard work and, dare I say it, the ability to “never say never” and “fight till forever”.

His Moon is in Libra, a sign often associated with artists and musicians- and Justin is definitely a serious musician. With the ruler of his Moon, Venus, exalted in Pisces, he is charming, flirtatious and, according to his zillions of “beliebers”, seriously cute.

Looking at his Mercury/Mars conjunction in Aquarius, Justin is in tune with the hearts and minds of his tribe and this is reflected in his music.

It is, however, his Ascendant that draws the attention.

Scorpio Ascendants are notoriously magnetic- intensely so- and impossible to ignore. Justins’ Ascendant is even more Scorpionic than the average Scorpio Rising. He has Pluto, the modern ruler of Scorpio, and the planet of personal power sitting right on top of it.

To make this even more powerful, the North Node, a karmic point that signifies his future, is right there as well. Whatever his talent, Justin was always going to make a mark.

Scorpio and Pluto don’t allow neutrality and also bring with them obsession and jealousy. I would suggest that it is both sides of this that prompts the love him or loathe him mentality.

Me? I’m a Belieber. Yes, I said it. Just don’t tell my 14 year old daughter, or I will lose all my street cred….

Jo Tracey is a Change Manager, Astrologer, Writer, Blogger, Cookbook Queen and Melbourne Tragic- in no particular order. She is motivated by her tummy, her passport and the Stars. Click here to visit her website.

Friday March 30 – Moon Meditation: “A week on from the New Moon! …”

Moon in Cancer: We are now a week on from the New Moon. How are you doing with the wishes that you made? Do you even remember what they were? If you don’t, that’s fine! There’s a lot to be said to making a wish and then forgetting about it. In fact, in some paradigms, it’s said that your wish won’t come true until you’ve forgotten it! I don’t buy that necessarily! However, as we are now a week on since the New Moon, it’s a good time to think about where you are with your wishes. Are they showing signs of manifesting much the same way a little seed planted eventually shows promising shoots? If no, check in with your thoughts. Do you believe it’s possible? Now??? Are you ready to hear profound wisdom from the Ascended Masters? Just click here.

Thursday March 29 – Moon Meditation: “Diffuse the situation…”

Moon in Gemini: There are no major aspects between the planets today, but we will all be feeling a growing link between the Sun and Pluto who are at a hard angle to each other and will already be causing some of us some grief. Have a think about where someone or something is annoying you or, more than that, really driving you up the wall. Whatever is happening now is manifesting for healing. In other words, you can let go of an issue now and be healed. You can work through an issue now and come through it with one less piece of baggage. You can work through an issue now and find a win/win solution. Wondering what else lies ahead? Get a fantastic 12 Month reading with Yasmin’s trusted astrological colleague Kelly Surtees. Just click here.

Yes! Yes! And again, yes!

The problem is we are not eating food anymore, we are eating food-like substances!

As Perez Hilton says, you must watch this!

Inspired and want to know more?> Click here for the Hungry For Change website.

Wednesday March 28 – Moon Meditation: “How do I lift myself up? …”

Moon in Gemini: As the Moon moves through chatty Gemini, it’s triggering an upcoming connection between Mercury and Venus. It seems like a good idea to talk about a question which I am often asked; how do I lift myself up when I am feeling down. I have several go-tos. One of the first things I do is I play this video A LOT! It might be it works for me because it’s my voice set to music I love, but I find it so de-stressing. The idea is that wherever we find ourselves is where we are meant to be. Whenever my hubby hears this on high rotation, he knows I am trying to calm down! I also meditate. Or I listen to some uplifting music such as the Archangel music by Mark Watson or I take a walk or talk to a friend who can help remind me that we create our own reality. It’s worth making a note of these methods now for next time you feel in need of uplifting! Divine music – Kirtans and Bhajans – infused with the energy of the Divine Feminine, from Australian musical couple Edo and Jo. Just click here.

Life’s little instructions…

Tuesday March 27 – Moon Meditation: “Getting better!”

Moon into Gemini: The Moon moves into chatty Gemini today ahead of a lovely link that is coming up between Gemini’s planet, Mercury, and the planet of love and abundance, Venus. If you want to talk more kindly to the people you deal with on a daily basis, you have excellent Stars now. And if you want to talk to yourself more gently, that’s also a blindingly good idea. As I mentioned in yesterday’s Moon Meditation, one of the messages that Anita Moorjani brought back from the other side after she died and came back to life was that we need to love ourselves. In fact, you could almost sum up her take home message (I think) as “Live fearlessly and love yourself.” If you want to read her amazing new book, you can order it here.

Embrace the chaos

If life has been a bit crazy of late, don’t panic.

There is a powerful energy in the skies now as the Sun makes its annual visit to the planet of madness and radical change, Uranus. The motto under these conditions has to be live and let live. Click here to read the whole article.

Oh my aching neck…

I don’t know which is worse; the fact that I have a sore neck or the fact that apparently I am also suffering from unbending bullheadedness!

In the past few months I have embraced the gym – for the very first time in my life. Previously I was one of those people who could only dream of being someone who enjoyed cardio, weights and stretches. A bit like I could only dream of being one of those people who “forgets to eat”. Hey ho!

Then a few months ago, a new gym opened up near me and for some reason, I was gripped by the idea of going. My husband thought I was mad; he knew I was not the “gym-type”, never had been and – so he thought – never would be.

But something inside me said different and against his better judgement, I signed up for three months. The time sped by and I signed up for another three!

Today I went and had a free session with a trainer, to learn a bit more about what I am actually doing in my routines and on their fandangled machines. Ironically enough. after nearly six months of no aches or pains, I now have a sore neck, post our session!

Whenever there is something wrong with me physically, I always turn to Louise L. Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life (which is an international best seller). She works on the theory that every ailment starts in the consciousness and manifests on the physical. Yes, even if it also coincides with a trip to the gym.

So I just looked up “sore neck” and it says “Unbending bullheadedness”! I’ll pay that!

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