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Moon Meditation: “Dreams becoming real! …”

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Moon in Gemini: The Moon is on the move from New Moon to Full Moon and is currently squaring the Sun. Traditionally, now is a really good time to have a think about the wishes you made or intentions you laid down at the time of the New Moon on February 22. How are they going? Are you on track? Have you already forgotten what you were aiming for? Or, are you seeing that your aims and ambitions are on the right track and that with a sustained effort, you are going to achieve your aims? It’s really the time to take stock. That is all!  Balancing our chakras helps us align with our dreams! Click here for our amazing Chakra spray.

Moon Meditation: “Take a leap year of faith! …”

Moon into Gemini: So here we are on the Leap Year day of 2012. I had a friend at school whose birthday was Feb 29 – she didn’t mind at all. It made her birthday parties extra funny and special. She ended up being head prefect and a very successful scientist, so it didn’t do her any harm either! So what are you going to do with this sort of extra free day of 2012? You didn’t get a Feb 29 last year and you won’t get one next year! The Moon is moving into Gemini today so the hint from the Universe seems to be about speaking your mind; speaking you truth; just speaking where you have been scared to pipe up. Alternatively, spend some time not speaking, but thinking about all that you are grateful for. It’s always a worthwhile exercise! If there is something that you want, reach out to the Goddess Saraswati who is all about language and knowledge – two very Gemini traits. What’s your burning question? Click here to get a simple answer to a simple question using our Horary service.

Fantastic chant!

Vakratunda Mahakaya – Jagjit Singh

Want more Ganesh, the Elephant God, in your life? Click here!

Moon Meditation: “Reclaim your power! …”

Moon in Taurus: Today, the Sun links to the powerful planet Pluto, who represents the energies of the Goddess Durga – the Goddess with the power to destroy ignorance and evil. Oooh la la, indeed! If you have been living in fear, this is the day to decide that your aim is to live fearlessly. Author Anita Moorjani died and went to the other side and came back with this message, which she wrote about in her soon-to-be-released book, Dying To Be Me, that in order to live and love at peak potential, we need to live fearlessly. We can do it! [Click here to read more about Anita’s amazing book, Dying To Be Me.] PS. Get in touch with your Inner Goddess. We all have one!

Moon Meditation: “Emotionally steady…”

Moon into Taurus: They tell us that there is a season for everything and, if nothing else, following the Moon and the planets around the skies is really useful for working through all the aspects of life and trying to be the best person we can be, making the most of what life has to offer. The 12 signs and houses of the zodiac cover every part of life imaginable. Today, as the emotional Moon moves through the steady sign of Taurus, it’s a really great time to ask yourself how steady you are in your emotions? If you have been volatile lately and it hasn’t paid off, try being a little more “paced” in your feelings. Talk yourself down from whatever perch you’re on. For warmth and comfort while you meditate just click here.

A spiritual department store!

I just spent the weekend at the Bodhi Festival up in Newcastle and wanted to write up a little debrief. For those who couldn’t make it, perhaps it will be an intro to some amazing people and performers you have never heard of.

The festival was organised by Shakti Durga, a former lawyer turned spiritual guru, based in Sydney, I think. Apparently it cost $700,000 to put on – not sure they will get their money back straight away (entry was by donation) but I am sure the trickle down will be long-term.

They took over the old David Jones department store on Hunter St in Newcastle and walking in gave me goosebumps. All the counters usually associated with cosmetics and other “ground floor” departments were being manned by people dressed as Angels selling chakra beads etc!

We mosied around there for a while then headed upstairs to the yoga floor. Unfortunately I don’t know the name of the teacher we encountered but there were about 200 people doing yoga on the cleared department store floor, with awesome sounds and lights more akin to a spiritual nightclub. I know people who have had visions of doing things such as this but here it was, living and breathing.

I threw a few Downward Dogs and eventually we headed up another level. Here we encountered the amazing WA gour One Tribe. These guys were doing a rehearsal but their incredible music had drawn a large crowed and we all sat down and got cleansed by their didges and other far out instruments. Truly a blissful experience!

Later in the day we went to listen to our friends Edo and Jo who were performing on the second floor once the yoga was done. They were in a line up with several friends including the amazing Old Man River. I think pretty much everyone in the entire building ended up on this floor, they were so GOOD!

And the night was capped off by Deva Premal and Miten. Just fabulous.

What Darwin really said…













There is a coming Mercury/Uranus link which will favour those who can stay mentally agile.

Moon Meditation: “Getting serious…”

Moon in Aries: The Moon moves from links between Venus to Saturn today which is like a cosmic message which says; feel the love and let others know about it. Feel the love and make it real. Feel the love and show others how committed you are. Feel the heavenly love and bring it down to earth. The Moon is in sprightly Aries so it’s a great day to tread lightly upon the earth. If there’s something on your mind which is getting you down, cast your cares to the Universe with the Sanskrit mantra: “Om Namo Narayani,” which means: “I surrender to the Divine!” For Divine Music – Kirtans and Bhajans – infused with the energy of the Divine Feminine, from Australian musical couple Edo and Jo, just click here.

What we think we are…

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Moon Meditation: “Don‘t worry, be happy…”

Moon in Aries: The very confident Sun is moving towards a link to happy Jupiter today. Based on the idea that we are all connected to all life everywhere, and the fact that thousands upon thousands of astrologers over thousands of years have said that the Sun and Jupiter are both about confidence, I think it’s not that big a leap to say that – hey – today looks like a really good day to not worry and to be happy. After all, isn’t that true of every day? So today, don’t worry, be happy! Sages over the ages have told us the whole point of incarnating here on earth is to be joyful and to bring each other joy. Need to feel uplifted? How about some NEW, Divine Music channelled by Doreen Virtue’s favourite muso, Mark Watson! Just click herefor The Goddess Series I.


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