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Make no mistake, you are still very much under the influence of the recent New Moon Eclipse in your sign. Even if you are looking around your life and wondering where on earth there are supposed to have been any big changes, hold the idea that you can start again in any part of your life you so desire now- because you really can. The Universe is intent of reminding you that we are the masters and mistresses of our own destiny. You really do need to go forward, knowing that knowing what you want is the first actual step to getting it. Wondering what else lies ahead? Get a fantastic 12 Month reading with Yasmin’s trusted astrological colleague Kelly Surtees. Just click here.


If recent events in your personal life left you or your family members in a bit of shock, the good news is that those events can now be transmuted into something more positive. Have a look at what came out of it and see if you can work out where you have somehow risen from the bad stuff like a phoenix from the ashes. For some it’s just about learning not to worry so much. For others, it’s much bigger stuff. Your personal life has so much room for change now; you just have to keep facing the direction you want to go in! Never used an astrology reading to find out more about love before? Now is the time to get your own personal Lovers Guide report. Click here.


Tread carefully if there is an old, slow-burning issue related to money that is somehow still a problem for you. Over the next few days, you could feel anger about this rising and the longer you leave it, the more angry the situation could become. Your best bet by far is to be as soft and gentle as you can be now and to sort things out before they get to boiling point. Ditto if the issue you have is connected to sex or intimacy. It’s the right time to tackle these issues. Need to feel uplifted? How about some NEW, Divine Music channelled by Doreen Virtue’s favourite muso, Mark Watson! Just click here for The Goddess Series I.


Your ruler Venus is still headed for that lovely link with passionate Pluto. This is a link which happens but once a year (more-or-less) and it’s a time when you start to plug more into the passion and power in your heart. If you have been through some tough times of late and felt a lot of anxiety, try to breathe and remember that life is all about cycles. You are through the worst of the last cycle. The recent eclipse served to demarcate the old and the new. Try to remember that the best thing any of us can do is to keep our eyes looking forwards. Wondering what else lies ahead? Get a fantastic 12 Month reading with Yasmin’s trusted astrological colleague Kelly Surtees. Just click here.


There are some issues coming up for you now with at least one of the most important people in your life. They are coming up because you didn’t really deal with them the last time they raised their head. And as you can probably guess, they will keep coming up until you do! It’s all very well being a lovely, gentle Piscean who wants to avoid conflict, but you do also have to face things head on from time to time, if you want to clear the air. And this is the ideal time to clear it, before the tensions get higher and higher, as they are going to over the coming few days. Have you found a soul mate? Click here to find out!


So how is your brilliant career going? I am aware that there will be some Leos out there who are struggling because your working life is not all that you want it to be. And yet, in the face of it, you have astrologers like me telling you that your career can really soar right now. Because guess what? It really can! Jupiter is affecting you strongly and boosting you professionally and now there is a short-term link between Venus and Pluto forming which is also great for your working life. If your working life isn’t working, look within! For Career Coaching via Skype from anywhere in the world, just click here.


If you have any issues with someone in your life, this is the time to sort them out. Before too long, your ruler Mercury will be headed for a link to angry Mars and when that happens, even the most mild-mannered of you might find it hard to contain your temper. And even if you do contact your anger, will that actually do you any good anywhere? Sometimes anger is better out than in but, of course, it’s best released slowly but surely in a way that doesn’t leave people feeling shattered! Got a bone to pick? Pick it now! If you’re doing it tough, this Heart Soothe Oil can really help.


So here is some interesting news. If your sex life is already on high sizzle, get the fire extinguisher because it really could be about to ignite. And if it’s dead as a Dodo, actually you have good Stars for things to pick up in the boudoir department, so be sure you make your desires known to your partner. And if you sexy but single and looking for love, it’s a great time to meet someone new – and if that doesn’t happen, the Venus/Pluto action might give you an idea about what has to change for you to connect with the right person. For singles wanting to find love, may I humbly recommend my new book Cosmic Love – it’s all about drawing love to you!


I’m very happy to report dear Cancer reader that you have excellent love Stars building up today and over the coming few days. There’s a link between loving and caring Venus forming with Pluto, the planet of passion and power who right now is – and will be for some time – in your Love Zone, aka Just A Very Sensitive Part Of Your Chart. If you have been in a struggle with someone about love or money, try to look for a win/win outcome now and you could come to an agreement. And if you owe your beloved some love, it’s a great time to start repaying! What does your love need from you? And vice versa. Find out here with a fantastic relationship horoscope chart.


The planet of love, Venus, is drawing ever closer to a meeting with Pluto, her secret lover and your modern ruler. You can expect to feel anything from a whole lot sexier, to reborn, to loved up, to cashed up, to lots of other good things. If you need to speak to someone about money, this is a great time to do it. As long as you think in terms of a “win/win” outcome, all should be well. If you want to tell someone who much you love them, ditto. You could come up with some very powerful words of love now! Never used an astrology reading to find out more about love before? Now is the time to get your own personal Lovers Guide report. Click here.

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