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Moon Meditation: “Make a list and check it twice!…”

Moon in Taurus: Have you worked out what you want for yourself yet, in terms of the New Moon eclipse which is fast approaching? “They” say that you can’t get what you want until you know what you want. That makes sense when you think about the Law of Attraction. It’s our “rockets of desire” that bring events into our lives. Make a list today of 10 things you want. Check back here for info about how to use the list. Find out about the New Moon this week – listen via your computer or iPhone. Just click here.


Speaking up for yourself is a good thing in itself, yes? However you have to be aware of your audience – who you’re speaking to and what they are receptive to hearing. If you mismanage that, your words can fall on deaf ears or even lead you into a situation you’re not happy with. This goes triple for you right now as the Moon, Venus and Mars wend their way through your Communications Zone. Think about what you want and ask for it nicely, rather than scaring people away with your Mars-y oomph! Uncover Your Creative Skills Find your real talents and creative skills, financial abilities, the direction you should take in life


Are there some small changes which you know you need to make in your life to make your life overall flow more smoothly? It could be just one thing that you do almost every day which needs tweaking? Or it could be that you know you’ve drifted so far out of alignment with yourself that you need to give yourself a total health overhaul – eg: do a detox (see your GP or naturopath first) or just book in for a massage. This is the time for you to be pampering yourself and thinking about how to boost your well-being. How can you reach your full potential in 2011? Click here to find out!


Oh hallelujah for YOU if you’re one of the Cappies who’s been working too hard but has finally realised that life is too short! Any time you take time out now to have fun, enjoy yourself, enjoy your family and friends and in particular your kids (or someone else’s kids), anything you do to advance something creative you’re working on, and any time you take time out to romance yourself or your lover, that’s the time you’re doing yourself an amazing favour and the Heavens will support you! Don’t delay. Enjoy yourself today! Balancing our chakras helps us align with our dreams! Click here for our amazing Chakra spray


If you’re one of the Leos thinking that your career ship has sailed and there’s no point in trying to do anything brilliant with it, then think again! You’re about to enter one of the most marvellous career cycles you’ve had for 12 years when the planet Jupiter moves into your Career Zone in early June. Jupiter is the planet of expansion so how far you want to take things is up to you! Moreover, there’s an advance guard in there now, in the form of the Moon, Venus and Mars. Go for it. The sky is the limit! What are you really capable of? Identify what you can achieve


When it comes to being open-minded, you are better at it than most. Which is sort of funny as you have a rep for being a bit of a nit-picker and a stickler for details, right? Yes. But one doesn’t cancel out the other. For example, Virgo is all about (among other things, of course) alternative health and you have to be quite open-minded to allow yourself to delve into that area, when Western Medicine ideas are so prevalent. Today, the open-minded part of your chart is being energised. Allow yourself to dream some big dreams! Get your personalised Soul Scope! Download it instantly here.


Your Love Zone is being triggered at the moment – and how! That suggests that if you’re single, you’re seriously thinking about an ex or about finding a new love. And if you’re attached, there are issues galore coming up for you and your beloved. In either case, that’s exactly how it should be. This is the time to ask yourself questions about how pro-active you’re being in love – too much? Not enough? And a great time to shower the people you love with care. Think about what you really want from love. What do you need from your partner? Download your Intimate Love chart instantly here.


Careful what you wish for Cancer, because if you really believe it can be yours, it will be, now more than ever. Humanity is evolving. A lot of people believe that 2012 will see us all more connected to the Divine than we have been for eons. And part of this spiritual evolution is about learning about how we really do create our own reality with our thoughts – and our wishes, and our expectations about whether or not we think that our wishes can come true. Get it? If not, just keep wishing! Is There True Love In Their Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


If you were able to read peoples’ minds, whose mind would you most want to read? What would you want to read in there? What are you trying to work out but you can’t, since so many people are so good at hiding their emotions? Or are they? Actually, they are not! We are just good at thinking we can’t tell what’s going on in someone’s head. But we actually can. You more than most can now, as your 12th House is triggered by Venus and Mars, plus the Moon. Take time out to tune in. Just sit quietly and see what feelings come up as you think about a certain someone or situation. Filed Under: UK & Europe Daily Stars


If home and family are on your mind, then go with it. Get busy organising whatever needs to be done, so that your home and family situation is more to your liking. Families are demanding but we all know, at the end of the day, families are amazing as well! Why do you think people pay hundreds of dollars to therapists to try to work out their issues, so they can love and forgive their parents, for example. Embrace and do the family thing now with gusto. It will be extra rewarding. The best things in life are still free!Get your free horoscope chart and mini Soul Scope here!

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