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Moon Meditation: “Tell it to me one more time!…”

Moon into Pisces:Mercury starts to go backwards in Aries today. Mercury retrograde is about repetition, and ideas from the past, and words that’ll get said again, so what better excuse than to rerun the little astro ditty…?

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“Why Mercury needs a new PR person…”

When Mercury (planet of communications) starts to go backwards,
Many get all in a tizz.
Expecting conversations, computers and travel plans,
All to go on the fritz
And while that can happen, I’m happy to say
There’s more to Merc retrograde Than life going “the wrong way”
There’s a chance to “re-think”, “re-view” and “re-vise”
A chance to “think again” if you need to
There’s a chance to “reconsider”, “reword” and “re” …anything
Who can say where all that will lead to?!
So do look on the bright side (And just to avoid risk, make sure you
take this astro-chance to back up your computer to disc!)

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Your chart has all the planets stacked up in your 6th House of Daily Work and Health Routines. This part of your chart is all about the way you go about your days and can also point to where and when you need to make small changes to your routines so that your life runs more smoothly. Only you know where those changes are – it’s a great time to think about it. Perhaps you are still doing the same old same old and you’re aware that the times have changed but you haven’t? If so, that’s an area of your life ripe for change. The best things in life are free!Get your free horoscope chart and mini Soul Scope here!


When it comes to relationships now, you have the North Node in your 7th House of Love, meaning that you need to push yourself to connect with others, even if you find it easier to just be on your own. No Gemini is an island! And as tempting as it might be to think of yourself as able to cope on your own without others, the fact is that the way to happiness and fulfillment for you now is learning how to be in a relationship, even if it means that you have to be annoyed by others from time to time! Is There True Love In His Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


You need to really listen to your heart at the moment. If you want to stay home and take things easy, so much the better. Or if you want to run away from home and take things easy, that can work too! The main message, as you might have guessed, is to take things easy. This is the time for you that comes once a year and which is all about laying low and re-evaluating. Have a think over the past 12 months and see where you have gone right and wrong. Who and what do you want to take into the new year – your personal new year which will start when the Sun moves into your sign in just over two weeks. Order your year ahead forecast – just click here.


The good news is that the planet of abundance, Venus, is headed for a luscious link to the planet Pluto who’s currently in your 2nd House of Cash. This suggests that it’s really not out of the question that the end of the week or even the weekend is going to bring you some kind of positive news re money. However the 2nd House is also where you keep your self-esteem and the current planetary line up could easily translate to you managing to love yourself more. Which really isn’t a bad thing, agreed? Actually, it’s life-changing! Order Yasmin Boland’s 2011 Guide and Love Compatibility mini-book – a week by week guide to 2011! Use the coupon code SOUL for a 20% discount.


There’s a rather lovely link forming between Pluto and Venus, the planet of love and abundance who’s currently in your 2nd House of cash, property, possessions and values. This means you’re in the right place at the right time to either benefit from this connection with some kind of financial boost OR you could be about to find that your self-love factor goes up which is actually even better than a financial boost. Why? Because if we create our own reality with our thoughts, then loving ourselves means we believe we deserve a better future! What are you really capable of? Identify what you can achieve


The good news for you Cancerians is that you have great love Stars now and as we go into the weekend. The planet of love, Venus, is shaping up to make a rather lovely link to the planet Pluto, in your Love Zone. This means that if you’re one of the Cancerians who’s been more crabby than usual lately, then you could find the wherewithal to go inside and find the love that you need to show the people in your life. They probably deserve a little bit of loving, non? Single? It’s a good time to meet someone. Where are you going right (and wrong!) in love? Click here for your astrological horoscope love life analysis!


There’s a sense that you’re going back in time to a place or a person or even just to an idea or a feeling that you used to love and which you find you can love again. Or can you? You have the opportunity now to take a look at some of your biggest ideas about life and to work out whether or not you still agree with your old Self. In some cases, you are going to be stronger than ever in your conviction that X or Y is right for you. But in others? Don’t be afraid to change your mind. It’s called evolving! The best things in life are free!Get your free horoscope chart and mini Soul Scope here!


You’re about to get a major injection of energy as Mars prepares to fire you up in a way that you haven’t been fired up in two years. As you prepare to cross this threshold, it might be a good idea for you to have a think about where in your life you need to put in the most effort. Looking at your chart, it’s easy to say; relationships. How come? Because you have the planet of hard work in your 7th House of Love so it’s your once-every-30-years chance to really rebuild not just your relationships but also your relationship skills. Want to get closer to someone? Find out some interesting info about your sexy side!


You are one of the signs set to benefit financially from the current planetary line up. You have Venus in your sign which already inclines you to lushness and financial pleasantness, while Mercury going backwards in your 2nd House of Cash means that you could be due to get paid finally for something you did a long time ago, or perhaps a project you started working on under the previous Mercury reverse cycle is finally going to start to bear some fruit. Think positively now and you could find you end up doing quite well. Good luck! The best things in life are free!Get your free horoscope chart and mini Soul Scope here!

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