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Cosmic Girl

There’s a fine line between ideas which are gorgeous and lovely, and ideas which are just plain off the planet and in the realms of fantasy! [Read more…]

Moon Meditation: “Getting serious”

Moon into Capricorn: So here we are, the last day of January already! There’s a lot of the year to go, of course, but in one way, it’s probably not going to be all that long before we’re asking ourselves where it went! The Moon moves into business-like Capricorn so if you’re one of the people still dragging your feet a little after the Christmas break, it’s time to get back into the rhythm of things! On the double! Absolutely our best Lovers’ Compatibility package yet – Click here to download now!

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You really are in quite a “special” position astrologically-speaking this week. As you know, you now have the planet of good luck, Jupiter, in your sign. But wait there’s more! You also have fast approaching, a New Moon in your Wishing Zone. (For more about this, see here). Put all this together and you have the planet of confidence in your sign at a time when you’re more able than ever to use the Law of Attraction to bring good things into your life. So what do you want and what do you expect to get? Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


The New Moon is taking place in your 4th House – Your Home Zone

What it means: It’s all about … Your home, where you come from and where you belong

Moon Meditation: I know where I belong

What does ‘home’ mean to you? Whatever your answer, it gives you a strong hint about the parts of your life that are going to be in focus over the coming four weeks. The New Moon in this part of your chart often signifies starting again where your home is concerned-it can herald a house move, someone moving in or out of your home, major decluttering, renovating or redecorating. Families often also come to the forefront when the Moon’s new in this part of your chart as well-your mother and father especially could take up more of your time now.

New Moon Ritual: Invite family and/or friends over to your place and remind them of why you love them

Things to do this month:

Have a garage sale

Hug your parents

Cull your photo albums

Invite friends over

Renovate or redecorate so you’re more comfy at home

Sell your home and/or move house or even country

Ask your grandparents about your family history

Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


Start to warm up to the idea of some romance, if you’re attached. Venus, the planet of love, is in your Love Zone, and she’s headed for a link with the planet of soulmates, Neptune. This is great news, whichever way you slice it. Even Geminis involved in relationships which feel about as romantic as a flea bitten dog should find that with a little bit of effort, it’s easier than usual to relight the spark today and over the next few days. Single? It’s a great time to get out there and meet someone, or to try Internet dating. Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


The New Moon is taking place in your 2nd House – Your Cash Zone

What it means: It’s all about … Your cash and property, talents and assets

Moon Meditation: I believe in myself and what I have to offer and will show that to the world

This New Moon is the first one after your birthday. Over the past month, you’ve had a lot of the spotlight, as friends wished you happy birthday and told you how wonderful you are-now it’s time to make sure you really believe it! This New Moon gives you a special chance to take a look at your assets and we’re not just talking about the ones in the bank. It’s deeper, and it’s about you and your self-worth and self-esteem. Love thyself!

New Moon Ritual: Write yourself an imaginary cheque for the amount of $$$ you need to earn to make your dreams come true

Things to do this month:

Start a savings account

Pay your taxes etc.

Hire an accountant, if it’s all too much

Showcase your talents

Get a neck and shoulder massage

Invest in some expensive neck cream

Make love in the countryside

Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


Right now you are going through a cycle whereby you need to do what you can to massage your self-esteem. If you’re not feeling wonderful about yourself, you need to purge yourself of whatever negative emotions are fizzing away inside you. Negative emotions are – of course – simply no good for us. They’re not that far off drinking arsenic. You wouldn’t do that and expect all to be well, would you? So as the Moon triggers Pluto in your 2nd House of Self-esteem, do think about what you can clear from your head re your past that’s not positive. Move on! Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


Other people might be heavy going right now but you need to take it slow when it comes to sorting out your issues with them. The temptation is to bluster in there and say your piece and do your duty, just before you head off to attend to your next piece of business. However no one likes to be treated like a task on your To Do list that needs to be ticked off – least of all you, oh dear sweet and sensitive Piscean. So mind you are not guilty of that! PS Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


The New Moon is taking place in your 10th House – Your Career Zone

What it means: It’s all about … Your career and reputation

Moon Meditation: Hard work breeds long-term success for me

This New Moon is an important one for career-minded folk, because it’s all about your professional life. It’s a great time to start a new business and a time when your past efforts at the office could be rewarded-you have an increased chance of promotion now, if you’ve put in the hard work. Even if you don’t get an actual promotion, you are far more likely to be recognised for your efforts during the coming month. This is also a good time to think about your future and what you want for yourself. Are you headed in the right direction to achieve your aims, ambitions and goals, and if not, what can you do about it?

New Moon Ritual: Tidy your work desk-properly!

Things to do this month:

Speak to your boss about how you’re doing

Help a colleague out of a rut

Check you’ve not become status mad

Start a new business as close to the New Moon as you can

Apply for new jobs with confidence

Take the credit, where you’ve earned it

Plot your next best career move

Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


The Moon is in your sign today and as she goes, she triggers Pluto, also in Capricorn. Without wanting to put too fine a point on it, you could find yourself in one of those emotionally explosive moods you’ve been in more often of late. And we all know that when that happens, things go a little sideways or even downhill. Suffice to say that you are one of the signs that needs to work extra hard to stay cool today, unless you’re willing to blow someone out of your water! Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?

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