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Your ruler Venus is headed for a link to Mercury who is currently going backwards. This suggests some kind of ” Back to the future” experience. Perhaps you’re back in touch with someone for the first time in a long time, or you’re thinking back over the past and working out where you went right and wrong. Any time you see you’ve gone wrong, that’s where you opportunity to learn lies – and with Saturn in your sign, the quicker you learn, the less painful and drawn out the lessons are going to be. What is the Universe teaching you? Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


You’ve probably read in the past that Leo is the allegedly self-centred sign, right? I mean, your symbol is the Sun, centre of our galaxy? Whaddyawant us to say?! And you’re also symbolised by Kings, and in the animal kingdom, by the King of the Jungle. Yep. Pretty special! So it’s odd that right now you’re having to work on your self-esteem. But it’s a good thing to do. Make it all about you for a bit. You deserve it, oh Regal One. Take some time out to remember how manifest you are and life will flow more smoothly. Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


So how are you dealing with all the energies right now Virgo? You’ve got Mercury going backwards in your sign, for one thing. The best way to use this is to say something to someone that you should have said some time ago. It could be anything from “I’m sorry” to “Will you marry me?” The worst way to deal with it is to allow all the mayhem and madness going on to get you down. You have to keep your sense of humour, even when it feels like life is spinning off its axis and into a madder dimension. Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


Even if things have been a little tough of late, do stay cool, calm and collected if you can. The next major link your ruler Venus is going to make is a harmonious one to the planet of dreams and poetry, soul mates and imagination, Neptune. And if you think that sounds rather marvellous, you’re right! It can be as dreamy as it is romantic for you now, even if life does have a habit of getting in the way and reminding you of the mundane things you also have to do. No moaning! Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


You are no longer one of the signs in the celestial firing line and you haven’t been for sometime. Hopefully you’re starting to feel a lot more like you can just go about your daily business without the weight of the world and the inherent pressure also bearing down on you. At work, there is a slightly increased chance for mix ups, but nothing too major and hopefully nothing you can’t sort out with a bit of your famous Sadge humour. If you need to talk money but the time doesn’t feel right, hang on for a better moment. Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


Soon enough you will have the planet of love Venus in your sign, so if you’re feeling at all anxious, sad, lonely, blue or otherwise lacking in love, try to hang on in there. Venus in your sign (soon enough) will help bring your reserves of love back up to brimming, In the meantime, the best thing you can do is what you do for others – build up some good karma Brownie Points. It’s the exactly right time to do things for people you love, and to barely even expect a thank you. Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


You’re actually in a fabulous position to meet some great new people now or to reconnect with old friends you already know you love. This is a year-long cycle so even if you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders some of the time, you should also be feeling fairly optimistic about life a lot of the rest of the time. The people you meet now or spend time with should lift your spirit. Be sure that you do your best to return the favour. Also try using cheer and humour at home/with family, if there are mix-ups. Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


You’ve been under such a lot of pressure for so long now that you may well have dropped the odd ball and the odd spinning plate. No one can keep all of the balls and plates in the air all of the time, no matter how determined they are to do things right. If you’re trying to change your life, you’re already doing exactly what the celestial doctor ordered so don’t be too hard on yourself. The current Mercury reverse cycle gives you a chance to go back and fix things up from the past now, anyway, if need be Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


If you feel like you’re being asked to rewrite the rules when it comes to your sex life or your finances or both, then you’re quite right. Do go easy on making big announcements and decisions. If you feel like you need a bit more time before you give your final opinion or verdict, that’s fine. You have at least another couple of weeks up your sleeve. In particular today, if you’re feeling bamboozled, confused and not in the mood to make any decisions at all, cut yourself some slack and tell others you’ll get back to them.
Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!


If life is pretty good but a bit tough in parts, do try to focus on the positive. You don’t have to have a graduation certificate from the School Of The Obvious to know that the more we focus on the good things, the more they come to us. Many Aries are doing it tough now because Saturn is slowly grinding his way into your Love Zone which means that other people are teaching you lessons about yourself you may not have wanted to learn. But trust the skies. It’s all good! Click here for the Ultimate Lovers Guide!

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