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Saturn in Libra – good news for women!

Saturn in Libra, let’s say it again … Saturn in Libra!

Saturn’s move into Libra (which happened briefly a few weeks back and will happen for real in July) is good news for women because Saturn (reality) will sort out the madness in the beauty industry (Libra).

Here’s a great example!

Australia to force magazines to carry ‘airbrush warning’

Australian magazines could be forced to carry disclaimers on any images that have been airbrushed after the government unveiled a new strategy to tackle body image and eating disorders. Click here for the full story.


There are a few small changes which need to be made in your daily life if it’s going to flow along as smoothly as you’d like. And the sooner you sort all this out, the better frankly. Once this cycle is over, your personal life will be taking up a lot more of your attention so focus on what you need to (especially but not only at work) while you still have the headspace. Today and the next few days are especially good for talking through any scheduling changes – stay calm!

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With abundant Venus in your sign and Mars being triggered in your Cash Zone, the scene is set for some developments where money is concerned. What do you want financially? Financial freedom? To pay off your debts? To buy or sell your home? Some of these things will take more than the current line up of planets to swing, however, there is no doubt that if there’s someone in a position to help with your financial plans, now is a very good time to talk to them. Also a very good time to make a list of your financial goals.

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Your ruler Mercury connects with Mars in your sign today which means you’re in the right place at the right time to start to make some real progress in just about any part of your life you can think of. Mars is about action and action breeds success. You just need to remember that Mars is also a particularly angry and aggressive planet and when it comes to getting what you want, most Virgos don’t need me to remind them that we can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. So get your honey out and go for it!

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Some of your friends have been very demanding and you’ve been very demanding of some of your friends. As you probably have read by now, this cycle is slowly but surely coming to an end. It may be time for you to do some clearing up with your friends. Where were you so hard on them? Too hard on them? Because they didn’t see life as you do, for example? It’s a very good day to see the bigger picture of where they were coming from. That done, do you owe an apology?

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Sex and money are two of the most interesting parts of life, agreed? Or not? For many of us, sex and money are an endless source of pleasure … or pain. Which category do you fall into? If you’re getting more pain than pleasure from either of these two parts of your life, then something’s not quite right. You could even say that something’s not flowing properly and needs your attention. You need to change the way you’re thinking. Find at least one positive in your situation. Then focus on it for a while and another will appear.

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It’s an ideal time (today and over the next few days) to clear the air with anyone if you feel you need to. Mars in your opposite sign is making you particularly good at speaking your mind. The good news is that as a Piscean you’re less likely than some signs to fall victim to the possibility of speaking your mind and losing your temper. Say what you need to as undramatically as you can and you could find that whatever has been annoying you actually goes away, leaving you free to focus on more positive things.

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You’ve been working so hard of late. In fact despite a few weeks respite a few months back, there are actually plenty of Taureans who feel as though life has been about work, work and nothing but work, pretty much all year. WRONG! It’s not ALL about work, it’s also about having some fun, especially right here and right now. If you want to have some fun, then you need to be pro-active about making it happen. Make the first move towards fun and fun will make a move towards you!

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You have an amazing chance to do some advance pre-Saturn work now, as Mercury links to Mars in your Fear Zone. Make a list of your top three fears, leaving plenty of space between each listing. Go and do that then come and read the rest of this forecast. OK. Done? Now write down what you would LIKE in each situation, to replace your fear. Don’t think it too hard. Just write it down. Then tear up the list and throw it away. It’s as simple as that. It won’t (necessarily) work miracles but it will plant the seed.

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If there’s something going on in your personal life which needs sorting out, don’t delay – have a chat today! The Stars are brilliantly aligned to motivate you towards saying what you need to a partner or an ex or even to a would-be lover. If you’ve been a bit shy to say what you needed to, you should find the alignments today and over the next few days bring you the courage your need. Try not to get angry. That won’t help. It will just take you out of the Zone of Attraction where you manifest your desires.

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