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Cosmic Girl May 30

HereâEUR(TM)s an interesting thing. This week the planet of hard work and tough lessons, Saturn, starts to go forwards again. Saturn is in the very last degrees of Virgo, and has been doing a final retrograde through this sign. And now this final âEUR~Virgo flingâEUR(TM) could impact PM Kevin Rudd. [Read more…]

Moon Meditation: I work my way slowly towards my destiny

Moon in Capricorn: As the Moon moves through Capricorn today, the planet of hard knocks and hard lessons, Saturn, starts to do a turn around, ready to move forwards again, about to make this last and final journey out of Virgo for the next 30 years. It’s pretty much GAME OVER for all of us re the One Very Big Life Lessons we were supposed to learn in the past two and a bit years. Lessons re health and fitness have been extra important, as Virgo is the sign that frets most over having a good diet and exercise regime in place.

Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul

Alternative medicine guru Chopra, author of more than 50 books, argues that the bond between body and soul has been severed; it’s his hope that humankind is about to embark on a restoration project that will give the soul the attention it deserves. Chopra presents five breakthroughs that address the body and five that address the soul. He also walks readers through a fascinating discussion of how energy affects spiritual and physical health, and includes a scored personal energy efficiency quiz. Buy now!

Moon Meditation: Another era endeth..!

Full Moon in Sagittarius: One era endeth and another begineth! As Uranus moves into Aries, the Full Moon takes place. Big news! The Full Moon is always a super exciting time because peopleâEUR(TM)s feelings come to a head, and when that happens, well, we all know weâEUR(TM)re in for something a bit different. Add to this the Uranus action and this particular Full Moon is super-charged. It also has some lovely communications assets âEUR” half of the Full Moon is in Gemini (the communications sign), and Mercury (the planet of communications) is linking harmoniously to Venus, the planet of relating. All in all, a very good time to say what you need to re love or money with a smile on your face âEUR” and then move on! If the past few days have been tough, it’s time for some cleansing forgiveness. Click here for the Full Moon times around the world.

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An interview with … me!

Sharni Montgomery is a blogger I met on Facebook – apparently she reads my Stars because she asked me for an interview and I of course said yes!

Sharni writes: I asked Yasmin if she would be a guest on Sharnanigans because, well frankly, IâEUR(TM)m fascinated. I have days where I am as looney as wheel and you can bet your bottom dollar a full moon is lurking. Click here to read the interview!

Moon Meditation: Take it lightly…

Moon into Sagittarius: The times are a-changing and we need to be changing with them too. Even if youâEUR(TM)re not feeling very different to how you felt a few days or weeks ago, how about if you compare yourself to a few years ago? If you feel the same now as you did then, then watch out! We all need to evolve and if youâEUR(TM)re not letting it happen naturally, it can happen âEUR” er âEUR” in a way that feels less than natural and comfortable! Are you meant for each other? Click here to find out with our Compatibility Chart!

How The Mid Year Eclipses Will Affect Your Child (Or Inner Child!)


Mid Year eclipses occur in Capricorn at 9.30pm on 26 June and in Cancer on 5.40am on 12 July. By Aussie astrologer Kelly Surtees. Please click here to read.

Karunesh – Flowing Bamboo. Wonderful Chill Out music

Moon Meditation: Something has to change!…

Moon in Scorpio: Where in your life do you feel that someone or something is cramping your style? Be warned, itâEUR(TM)s OH SO easy to blame others for making us feel fenced in. However, we all have free will. Blaming others is just another way of avoiding responsibility! If you feel hemmed in by your circumstances, it could be an attitude change you need âEUR” or it could be you need to speak to the Powers That Be about whatâEUR(TM)s going on and how you envisage that things could improve. Over to you. Are you meant for each other? Click here to find out with our Compatibility Chart!


Catherine Ponder

Along with forgiving others, it is also necessary to forgive yourself. Self-condemnation leads to dire results in matters of health and finances. Sometimes we are unforgiving of circumstances; an unhappy childhood, the loss of or neglect by parents, the loss of some material blessing. Sometimes we are unforgiving of God, blaming our losses, ill health and other problems on Him, instead of realizing they have been self-inflicted. [Read more…]

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