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No Need to Worry – 24.12.2005

If the divine decides to give, no one can stop it. If our wish is not in the divine’s plan, no one can change it. So, you need not to worry about the things which are not in the materialized form.

Lots of people have plans, that they need this or they need that. If it does not happen, most people get upset. Everyone will find a reason for why it isn’t happening such as, “This is the reason. He is the reason. She is the reason.” When you think like that, it creates unwanted results like jealousy and anger. It disturbs you. It is best if you can put in the efforts for your wishes and your needs but not worry about the results.

If it is in the divine’s plan, if Amma wants to give something to you, no one can stop it. It is not possible to stop it, even if someone tries to. It will not stop. It will come in front of your door. If it is not good for you, the divine does not want to give it to you. Therefore, you cannot have it. When things that you wish for do not materialize for you, don’t worry about it. Just understand it as the divine’s wish for you. That way you will have more peace.

If you start to try and find a reason for these outcomes it will disturb your soul and it will create things in you like jealousy and anger. With these types of emotions you may then find the need to take revenge in some way. That is why it is better to accept what is happening. Know it is because of your karma. All the things that come are from the divine so there is no need to worry about anything.

The problems that humans face are not really coming to the humans by way of nature’s will. It is created by the human. If there is something small that is encountered, just by worrying about it, it grows into something very big. If you keep worrying about this thing, just the worry itself will create another problem. When you say, “I am surrendered,” just live by it. This is a quality of surrender. You should not worry about anything no matter what the result.

At first, this might seem hard but when you are closer to the divine, more and more you will feel that it is very easy and very comfortable. You will have peace and you will not lose any joy in your life. So, accept whatever may come and at the same time put in the effort for your needs without worrying about the result. Sometimes, by searching for why something is not happening, the exercise of searching may help you to reconnect on the path of doing good. Just don’t worry about anything in the process.

Amma blesses you all.


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