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Friday October 23
Moon Meditation: Sun into Scorpio…

As the Sun moves into Scorpio, it means the spotlight is now in a different part of our charts/lives. The Sun is like a spotlight that goes around our charts and highlights one part of it or another. Here is a quick rundown re where the Sun is for you now… Read your Sun Sign and/or your Rising Sign if you know it:

ARIES: Your sex life and finances.
TAURUS: Your love life.
GEMINI: Your daily work routines.
CANCER: Kids, creativity and romance.
LEO: Your home life and family.
VIRGO: How you communicate.
LIBRA: Your self-worth and finances.
SCORPIO: Your whole life!
SAGITTARIUS: Your inner life.
CAPRICORN: Your friendships.
AQUARIUS: Your career.

PISCES: Travel and adventure, study and religion.

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