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Tuesday March 31 – “Vibe-changers!


Tuesday March 31

There are two major planetary changes today, as comms planet Mercury moves into Aries, and sex/war planet Mars moves into Taurus.

These are atmosphere game-changers!

To start with, the move of Mercury into Aries means we are all going to be that much more likely to say what we mean – no shilly-shallying and sugar-coating under this transit! This is good if you need the courage to say what you think, but less good if you know you have a tendency to shoot from the lip as it is!

As for Mars into Taurus, this is good news for anyone who needs stamina. Mars is the planet that drives us forwards. Taurus is a slow and steady sign. Mars in Taurus gives us what we need to push relentlessly forwards at a slow and steady pace. FYI: Mars is also the sex planet and Taurus is a very sensual planet, so put them together and now, and in the coming few weeks, there is a lot of room for sensuality in the air.

Just saying.

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Today’s planets: Mercury into Aries, Mars into Taurus, Moon into Virgo

Today’s Moon Archangel: Metatron

Today’s Moon Goddess: Ceres

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