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Love and sex – Venus and Mars part i

Why next week will offer some crazy, sexy love!

In just over a week, the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of sex, Mars, will meet up.

So it seems like a really good time to have a talk about what it means when these two planets – sometimes called the boyfriend and the girlfriend of the zodiac – get it together.

Astrologer and very good moonology friend Joanne Madeline Moore has put together an amazing eBook which we’re going to run a special on, but for now, here are some thoughts from her about …

The Top 3 Things You Need To Know About Venus’ Meeting With Mars

By Joanne Madeline Moore

In just over a week, the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of sex, Mars, are going to meet up in the sign of Virgo. This is especially exciting news for Virgo and Virgo Rising people, and for Pisces and Pisces Rising people.. But it’s also quite lovely for the rest of us, too.

Reason being, when these two planets get together, there is an extra frisson in the air. If you’re single and you want to meet someone, it’s an especially promising time to put your wishes for passion out into the ethers. It also happens to be a great time to go online and see who you meet, or get out and socialise, and see who takes your fancy.

And if you’re attached? Even more reason to harness this lovely, sexy vibe. All relationships need a boost from time to time.

Love and romance are in the air, when Venus and Mars connect.

Venus and Mars really are the keys to love and sex in the stars, so…

1. Prepare for a special cosmic connection!

Venus is the planet of love and romance, whereas Mars is the planet of sexual desire. Usually they link up every two years however – approximately every 18 years – Venus and Mars join up three times within a nine month period. And 2015 is one of those special years.

On November 3 they conjoin at 24 degrees Virgo, for the last time this year. So it’s a rare and wonderful connection, and signifies the last golden opportunity we have this year to get relationships right. To work on them; heal them; improve them; and finesse them … romantically and sexually.

However note that because the link between Venus and Mars takes place during the day when most of us will be at work, the evening of Monday, November 2 is actually the ideal moment to stage your strike for love!

2. Love and sex will be on your mind more than usual!

This is because the Venus/Mars connection marks the union of the two planets that represent your love nature [Venus] and sex drive [Mars].

If you’re single, you can expect to feel a deep longing to find the perfect partner. If romantic sparks fly with someone special around November 2/3, it’s a very auspicious sign that you are starting a long-term relationship with a true soul mate.

And, if you’re already attached, you’ll want to spend more quality time with your lover, sharing activities [and passions] that you both enjoy.

3. A second-rate partner just won’t do!

On November 3, Venus and Mars link up in Virgo [the sign of precision and perfection]. So you’ll be looking for the Perfect Partner … or trying to improve the one you’ve already got.

Just be careful that your standards aren’t so incredibly high that no mere mortal will be able to meet them!

If a current relationship is not measuring up to your expectations [and is encountering serious problems] then you may decide to end it and look for true love elsewhere.

More Venus and Mars info v soon!

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