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Love and sex – Venus and Mars part 3

Where The Venus/Mars Meeting Is Affecting YOU

Here comes the love!

Venus and Mars will connect very soon! I hope you have enjoyed the Joanne Madeline Moore Venus/Mars series. Below you will find a final post from Jo, with sign-by-sign information about how the Venus/Mars meeting will play out – read your sign and your Rising Sign if you know it!

FYI Joanne’s Venus and Mars eBook “Love and Sex Signs” will go on sale on tomorrow.

You will be able to get it for a 20% discount of $11.60 for the first 24 hours, after which point it will be back to its regular price of $14.50.

Either way, I am pretty sure you will agree it’s great value! See below for the post.

WHERE THE NOVEMBER 3 VENUS/MARS MEETING IS AFFECTING YOU (Remember tonight, Monday night, is the night for a date night as the energies are strongest!)

ARIES – Venus and Mars highlight your wellbeing zone so the fitter and healthier you are, the more you’ll be able to capitalize on this lucky love connection. Best aphrodisiacs? Foods like figs, avocados, oysters and chocolate.

TAURUS – Love planet Venus and sex planet Mars make beautiful music together in your romance zone. Attached Bulls – plan something special with your partner. Singles – a platonic relationship could suddenly take a passionate turn!

GEMINI – Venus and Mars hook up in your home zone. Attached Twins – a delicious home-cooked meal will be all the foreplay you need! Singles – you could meet your soul mate through an introduction from a family member.

CANCER – The secret to capitalizing on the Venus/Mars connection is online. Singles – get your dating profile [and photo] updated ASAP! Coupled Crabs – on November 3, make sure you send your lover a sexy text or an erotic email. Get 20% off our Love and Sex signs eBook here.

LEO – Attached Lions – it’s time to nurture your self-esteem – and make your lover feel extra special as well. Single Cats – if you develop your own feelings of self-worth, then you’ll attract a more confident and caring partner.

VIRGO – Venus and Mars light up your sign and boost your earthy charisma and sexual magnetism. Attached Virgos – your lover will find your charms hard to resist. Singles – it’s time to cast your net wide and flirt up a storm!

LIBRA – Love is definitely in the air! Attached Librans – it’s time to dig deep as you uncover your partner’s most secret desires. Singles – romantic feelings and sexual attraction could be reignited with a mysterious lover from your past.

SCORPIO – Attached Scorpios – November 3 is a night when your romantic dreams really could come true. Singles – draw up a wish-list of all the qualities you are looking for in the perfect partner. Then go out there and get them!

SAGITTARIUS – Don’t be shy about declaring your passion for your partner in a public way. Single? Love, lust and work are linked, as you find yourself drawn to a cuddly colleague, a classy client or a charismatic customer.

CAPRICORN – If you’re attached, make plans to whisk your lover away for a heavenly holiday or an overnight getaway. Singles – love and travel are linked, and you could be attracted to someone from another country or culture.

AQUARIUS – Your libido will be turbo-charged as Venus and Mars stimulate your sexuality zone!
Attached Aquarians – enjoy an exquisitely erotic night with your lover. Singles – get ready for the romantic sparks to fly with a sexy stranger.

PISCES – Venus and Mars hook up in your relationship zone. Attached Pisceans – turn up the romance factor as you tap into your partner’s most passionate desires. Singles – look for love with a tender Taurus or a sensual Scorpio.

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