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Full Moon Report October 2015

full-moon-clouds (1)FULL MOON REPORT OCTOBER 2015

The Full Moon this month takes place in the sign of Taurus – it happens this week. This is a quick rundown of where in your chart it will affect you …

Aries or Aries Rising – your 2nd House – so it’s about cash property and possessions, self-esteem, and your values
Taurus or Taurus Rising – your 1st House – it’s about your whole life!
Gemini or Gemini Rising – your 12th House – so it’s about fears and your deepest darkest self, including your spiritual side.
Cancer or Cancer Rising – your 11th House – it’s all about your friends, as well as your hopes and dreams.
Leo or Leo Rising – your 10th House – you career and ambitions are in focus.
Virgo or Virgo Rising – your 9th House – it’s all about study and travel, internet and publishing
Libra or Libra Rising – your 8th House – sex and money are highlighted for you
Scorpio or Scorpio Rising – your 7th House – your love is in focus
Sagittarius Rising or Sagittarius – your 6th House – it’s all about your daily work life and health routines
Capricorn or Capricorn Rising – your 5th House – look to your romantic life, your kids and your creative life
Aquarius or Aquarius Rising – your 4th House – your home and family situation is the topic of the month
Pisces or Pisces Rising – your 3rd House – it’s all about a new cycle starting re the way you think and communicate, also re your siblings and neighbours.

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