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Navratri Goddess Guide – Day 2

Second day of Navratri (15th October) is dedicated to Bramacharni

A day of restraint, good for a fast or detox

Bramacharni helps us with:

• Penance, purity,
• Willpower, leading to ultimate success
• Being single for a while to get the perfect partner we want.

Bramacharni is associated with the sacral chakra, which is to do with desire and its control.The chant for the day is VAM!

Wear royal blue and light a candle or diya light for Bramcharni on this day.

This post was written by Joytish astrologer Adam Smith. You can book a vedic astrology reading with Adam here

September Stars


The nitty gritty…a look at the overall energies for September

If you like to live in harmony with the astrological energies, this is a great month for you. There are some very big things happening; in plain English – sit tight, change and opportunities are abounding. The pressure is coming off you in one part of your life and being applied in another, you can change your life dramatically, transform it even, end something, redo, rethink, revise, love again, make up with someone, open up to something new and be inspired…

(And for those who like to know the astro, Saturn is changing signs and there are not one but two eclipses. Plus there is a great link between Jupiter and Neptune, Mercury goes retrograde and Pluto ends his current retrograde.)

For those who like dates – here’s a handy list of the dates to watch out for:

September 6 – Venus goes direct
September 13 – New Moon eclipse
September 17 – Jupiter opposite Neptune
September 18 – Mercury retrograde
September 18 – Saturn into Sagittarius
September 25 – Pluto direct
September 28 – Full Moon eclipse

Click here to read the Stars for your sign…

It’s all about love (and maybe a bit about money)- Venus goes direct

Venus has been going backwards, as you might know. Remember the aim of the reverse cycle was so you could work out what really matters? So think about it. Over the past month or so, have you realised ‘what really matters’? Where you want to be, who you love, who you can and can’t forgive? Seeing old friends? Realising that some people just don’t mean the same to you as they once did? Falling in love with new people all over again? All that was Venus going backwards, giving us a chance to weigh things up emotionally, to reconsider our values, and to see how we feel about people and places that once held our hearts. As of September 6, this cycle is over and we should have all the info we need. Then Venus will start to go forwards for you again. This is where she is doing that for your sign,

Venus is now going forwards again. But she’s not yet back into a totally normal phase. She has to recover the ground she backtracked over.

Click here to read how Venus is affecting your sign…

New Moon eclipse in Virgo – change abounds !

September 13 brings New Moon eclipse in the sign of Virgo. That’s big news for everyone but especially for anyone who is Virgo or Pisces or has Virgo or Pisces Rising. This means that doors are opening up for you in one part of your life. Here’s a rundown about where that is for all the signs.

Aries – news starts re your daily working life await.
Taurus – it’s all about your romantic life, a child, or a creative issue.
Gemini – a new start at home.
Cancer – it’s all about the way you talk and think and write – you’re on fire!
Leo – a new financial cycle starts here
Virgo – your whole life is up for renewal!
Libra – a new spiritual cycle is dawning for you
Scorpio – your friendships are in focus
Sagittarius – new work doors are opening
Capricorn – travel and study opportunities are in the ethers
Aquarius – sex and money get a boost in your life
Pisces – a new love cycle starts here!

Connect to the Divine – Jupiter opposite Neptune

If you’re on the spiritual path, this really is a month to stay awake and aware. Look at yourself and don’t be afraid to admit where you were wrong. It seems quite obvious that one of the reasons we are here on Earth is to evolve. And part of evolving is accepting that we make mistakes and we learn from them. Click here to read more about this…

Mercury retrograde ahoy!

September 18 sees the start of a new Mercury retrograde. Honestly, is it really August and is there another Mercury retrograde already? Time really does seem to be flying at the moment, right? This one is an interesting Mercury retrograde as it’s taking place in the sign of Libra, which is the relationship sign. So now after the reverse cycle of the love planet Venus, we get Mercury reversing in the Venus sign of Libra.

If you have fallen in love with your partner or ex all over again recently, you have tuned into the heavens. If you know you need to do things differently when it comes to love, ditto. Mercury retrograde in Libra will mean something different to all the signs (see below for what it means for you) but there is an overall, over-arching theme which is “It’s time to have a rethink about our relationships”. Perhaps you realised that you have been taking someone for granted recently. This Mercury retrograde will help you put in place new ways of being to make sure you don’t do that anymore. For some, it’s a chance to reunite with an ex. And here is more info about what Mercury retrograde in Libra means for you specifically.

Click here to read more about Mercury retrograde and what this one means for you sign.

Saturn’s Move – huge news for us all!

And then we come to what is really the headline news of the month (well, alongside the eclipses!) It’s the move of Saturn from Scorpio into Sagittarius. There have been rumblings on and off about this move for some time but this time it’s for real. Saturn is the great teacher of the zodiac and as he goes around our charts, we learn different things about our self and about life. Saturn will be in Sagittarius for the rest of this year and next year and into 2017. Click here to read more about Saturn’s move and what this one means for you sign.

And finishing off with the New Moon and Full Moon times for the month ahead
New Moon Solar Eclipse 21 degrees Virgo
SYDNEY: September 13, 4.42pm AEST
LONDON: September 13, 7.42am BST
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: September 13, 2.42am EDT
AUCKLAND: September 13, 6.42pm NZT
PARIS: September 13, 8.42am CEDT

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 5 degrees Aries
SYDNEY: September 28, 12.51pm AEST
LONDON: September 28, 3.51am BST
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: September 27, 10.51pm EDT
AUCKLAND: September 28, 3.51pm NZST
PARIS: September 28, 4.51am CEDT

Have a great month and make the most of it! It might be a bumpy ride but the thing to remember with eclipses is that while they might be rather tumultuous at the time, they are basically all about getting you on the right path. So whatever happens now is happening for your higher good. And re Saturn, well, he is the teacher of the zodiac. So we all need to be good students!

Click here to read this article in full.


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New site ahoy


I thought it was time to let you know that I am working on a new site. Still Moonology but updated. As much as I loved this design a few years back, it’s time to give it some love!

Apart from the obvious that it’s got too much all over it, I’d love to hear any comments or suggestions for improvements to the site you have. Please could you send me a message from here or leave a comment below. Or please sign up to one of my newsletters to be kept abreast of developments!

Visit to Lourdes

Yesterday my family and I visited Lourdes. We are in France for a few weeks (my hubby is French) and are driving around from one place to another. As we headed west from Hossegor yesterday, my hubby noticed signs saying “LOURDES” coming up.

Knowing me as well as he does, he knew there was no way I’d be happy to miss the chance to drop into this famed healing well! So we took a two hour detour which was MORE than worth it.

Bernadette Soubirous

Bernadette Soubirous

In case you don’t know, Lourdes is a sacred site, famed because Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared 18 times to a young woman named Bernadette Soubirous. This happened in 1858 and Bernadette was 14 at the time. (Bernadette was later canonised by the Catholic church.)

One thing I noticed was that on arriving in Lourdes, we were all very excited, a bit the way we might be excited to visit, say, Disneyland. Hey, this is a very famous place, and actually the second most visited part of France after Paris!

But our tourist-mentality quickly gave way to something far deeper, once we were moving towards the grotto. The keepers of the grounds ask for silence, and in that silence, you do feel something very sacred. As well, you know that many of the other people there have travelled from all over the world to make this very special visit because they need healing.

Lourdes is famed for it’s healing powers and water. As my hubby said, for many sick people, a visit to Lourdes is their last resort, when all other medical avenues have failed them.

So my hubby, son and I queued for the Grotto. I can’t say I saw anyone getting healed on the spot. But I can report that there is a wonderful energy in the grotto. The first time we went in, my hubby rushed us along a little bit. That’s just him! He didn’t want us to slow everyone else down!

So we dispatched him to please go and buy some containers so we could take away some holy water with us and queued again. This time, a kindly woman, seeing my son who is 8, waved us through direct to the front of the queue so we didn’t have to wait too long.

We went in a second time and instead of rushing to take pictures of the Grotto, this time, we took our time. No one minded. They just walked around us. My son and I had a moment to say a prayer for our family and for our friends, in particular for some friends who have health challenges at this time.

The feeling in there was so warm and loving, just as I have experienced the Divine Mother’s love in other parts of the world, most especially in India. I whispered a Divine Mother chant in my son’s ear and we moved on, running our hands along the cool, wet rocks of the grotto and transferring the wetness there on to our heads and faces. Heavenly.

Once we were out of the grotto a second time, we went to the taps where the holy water flows and drank it up, filled our containers, and splashed the water on our faces and our crown chakras until we were fairly drenched!

Lourdes-mapThat done, we made a quick pitstop at the gift shop where I bought two rosary beads, one for myself and one for my mother, and a wonderful Lourdes bracelet, this one for me and one for my sister. I also bought a gorgeous candle, a peace dove pin and a few other trinkets!

Once we were back in the car and on the road, I found I just couldn’t keep my eyes open. This is really unusual for me. We are seasoned car travellers – we go around France for a few weeks nearly every year and usually I entertain the family by playing songs from my iPod, teaching my son about songs from my own youth as well as downloading new ones that he likes. (We also listen a lot to this – it’s awesome!)

But after our visit to Lourdes, I was just spent. For the first time that I can remember, I felt compelled to recline my passenger seat and just doze. I drifted off into a deep sleep for nearly two hours. I told my BFF about this and she said she felt I was getting a healing, and I think she is right.

When I awoke, I felt something which I can only describe as “I now have the ability to make better choices”. This has a personal meaning for me. This is wonderful because for me, it fits so perfectly with my vision of the Divine Mother.

After all, surely one of the purposes of being a mother is to teach your children to make the best choices possible as they go through life…

Yasmin x

Love life sucks?


love-galaxyThe week ahead looks what the Chinese might call interesting! If you’re in love and things are a bit tough, then hang on in there.

Energetically, it’s a potentially tough time ahead – but it’s certainly nothing we can’t handle. And besides, forewarned is forearmed, so please consider this your forewarning!

Coming up on July 14 is a clash between the love planet Venus and the mean planet Saturn. When they get together, it can feel like the milk of human kindness has dried up.

But guess what? Everything happens for a reason (truly, it does) and there is a reason why the Love Gods and Goddesses are sending us these challenges.

Perhaps it’s time for you to face facts about someone you have been involved with? Or perhaps it’s time for you to be a bit nicer to your partner (or ex)? Or perhaps you’re saying good bye to someone you’d rather have around?

Or perhaps you are being tested to show your commitment or test your patience or any number of wild and wacky scenarios.

Basically, life is about us evolving, agreed? We come here as babies and we try to become better people as life unfolds. Something like this week where Venus is clashing with Saturn gives us a chance to overcome obstacles, to surmount challenges and to prove what we’re made of.

The Star signs which will feel this the most are (in no particular order): Librans, Taureans, Capricorns, Capricorns, Leos, Aquarians and Scorpios. So more than half of us! Plus if you have one of those signs as your Rising sign, that goes double. (If you don’t know your Rising Sign, you can find out for free here).

One thing to remember is this; when Saturn is involved, it’s always old news. In other words, whatsoever is happening for you right now is something you almost certainly knew was coming. It’s reality time and the moment to face the music. Whatever happens now, will make you stronger.

A final point, note that Venus is also about cash, so if you have money worries now, the best thing you can do to deal with them is to embrace Saturn; that means be very realistic, do some long-term planning and accept that a slow and steady course is actually usually the fastest way to riches!

If you want to learn about yourself or your lover, check out our Love And Sex / Venus And Mars eBook here.

three three

three three three three ARIES SPECIAL

another test

here we go here we go here we go – aries special



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