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The New Moon is taking place in your 2nd House – Your Cash Zone

What it means: It’s all about … Your cash and property, talents and assets

Moon Meditation: I believe in myself and what I have to offer and will show that to the world

This New Moon is the first one after your birthday. Over the past month, you’ve had a lot of the spotlight, as friends wished you happy birthday and told you how wonderful you are-now it’s time to make sure you really believe it! This New Moon gives you a special chance to take a look at your assets and we’re not just talking about the ones in the bank. It’s deeper, and it’s about you and your self-worth and self-esteem. Love thyself!

New Moon Ritual: Write yourself an imaginary cheque for the amount of $$$ you need to earn to make your dreams come true

Things to do this month:

Start a savings account

Pay your taxes etc.

Hire an accountant, if it’s all too much

Showcase your talents

Get a neck and shoulder massage

Invest in some expensive neck cream

Make love in the countryside

Is There True Love In His/Her Kiss? How well do you really get on and will it last?


  1. Its very surprising as our house has just been sold due to me being unemployed for the past 6 months and wish something good could happen and yes went to the accountant today to see what we could do and all that you have said like believe in yourself might just give me a lift as terribly depressed at the moment . You are very talented with what you can see for this star sign. Thank you have a great day

  2. Somehow I cannot wait to see the March ones, since the great change is coming with Uranus finally chaning signs. Yasmin, when are we getting them?

  3. Somehow, I did it most of the things you said this morning… unbelievable!!! Yes I have a lot of thing to take care off and it seems that everything is going fine. Of course I need more time for myself and look into to get better things for myself.

    I don’t know really why I have to think about others first, I am annoyed about it because I see so many people- easy going, with no worries, and they don’t care what happend around them??!!! so I admired something that kind of personalities unfortunately I cannot do it. don’t ask me why I have tried. Now I am more calm. and I feel better but sometime I am feeling exploding… lest see what is going on this year, I hope to much trouble zone!! I want a nice ride, like the life in the Paradise, but where is the paradise? for me relaxing on a tropical island with my husband.

    And about your list to do: Yes I got massage to go,expensive cream I guess you read that I am getting old!! I need one though. practically your read my mind woman.

    thanks and have sunny wonderfull days

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